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Do you agree with WikiLeaks' decision to release sensitive documents?

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What WikiLeaks does is dangerous in extreme and naive in its quest for truth but I agree with it in the way I agree with hacking Pentagon and similar websites to show they're not protected well enough. Once something is leaked it practically doesn't matter whether it appears online or not.

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yeah. I think it is a great thing. Look at all the people lying and leading secret lies. I think it is GREAT to find out how china REALLY feels about North Korea. How the Middle East REALLY feels about Iran. I am glad to find out that Afghanistan government is worth its weight in dog food. You must REALLY love being lied to and living in a veil of secrecy and mis truths. bahhhhhhh. go back to your herd.

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agree & disagree . good to find out things about certain countries & or governments, but personal comments about someone should be kept just that, personal.

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I also think it's great to be able to see what's really going on in backstage of international diplomacy.

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well, if someone thought that politicians speak their mind and China REALLY liked North Korea, Middle East liked Iran etc they must be living in their own world.

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Yea, right. Having the world know how a country REALLY feels has got to be great for diplomacy.

Next time your girl asks if that dress makes her look fat, you go on with your big bad "great thing" self and make sure to tell her "No, it's yoru ass that makes your ass look fat".

See.... sometimes diplomacy is GOOD. There's a REASON this crap happens off the public grid.

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It's silly email banter. Gee, these officials are simply agreeing with how we all feel. Who cares as long as the military lives aren't endangered. Move on with your lives. This is nothing more than page 6 gossip.

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Reminds me of that Bernie Madeoff, or Enron BS. Both were the greatest thing since sliced cheese, then they were outed for the scoundrels they really were. It's just sad that some people can't stomach the truth that needs to be told, or the hypocrisy they will use to bring someone down for telling the truth.

Look it's a website that posts info that has been passed on to them. How many of you were screaming for Erin Brockavich to be hung for her outing the truth.

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This from Twitter: It's not wrong to lie, cheat, steal, corrupt, and torture. It's wrong to let people know about it.

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People are not cheated. Wikileaks is good. Even,if there is no wikileaks,is hard to trust much of the things,that people report in news.

News just don't let the people know enough.

There is too much news of importance not known by public.

People need to know about the reality of problems and woes facing nations and leaders.

Citizens of world,need to empowered ,to get people to know reality of things and news.

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America behaving like China, not wanting it's dirty laundry known to the world, so is crushing this guy, forcing companies to comply with the state rather than with the rule of law, and in the end America dies in the process. Land of the Free... gone

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or maybe the "freedom" of America was a facade all along and it has taken Wikileaks to show how much of a lie it really is. Should Wikileaks continue it's possible that it may help redeem America if Americans can redeem their own sense of what government is and why it's there. Not to torture, cheat and corrupt. Wikileaks has an account of what has really been going on, and no one wants that public.

But with a rightists and hate-based population increasing, America is increasingly not the beacon of freedom anymore. The death threats to Wikileaks just proves it.

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not just death threats from people, but from politicians themselves who should be reducing the hyperbole rather that fanning the flames of hate and getting government agencies to work out their hate for them. Ugh

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WikiLeaks are intersting, insightful and sometimes funny; however, they're also disruptive in terms of candid communication and a deterioration of trust.

The information regarding Libya, Britain and the release of a terrorist, who was responsible for murdering hundreds of PanAm passengers, for economic reasons was quite disturbing. It was suspected at the time of his release, and WikiLeaks confirmed that it was, in fact, true.

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There will be no problem to me if and when every single country on this planet plays the same game of honesty, no cheat ,no lie,no secret...until that day comes, bashing only America is simply wrong , very wrong,extremely wrong.

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Here's a question.....

How are you sure you can trust Wikileaks?

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but I agree with it in the way I agree with hacking Pentagon and similar websites to show they're not protected well enough

PleasureGelf, this is a common misunderstanding. The people behind Wikileaks do not hack any sites. They obtain their documents from people inside the respective organizations - not just the US government, by the way. But I have to agree that the recent publishments expose the large security holes in the access procedure to classified documents. I'm pretty sure that when Wikileaks could obtain such a large number of documents then other nation's secret services could get them as well. That is the real scandal and that there are no heads rolling among those who are responsible for IT security. And the way how the US is staging a witch hunt against Wikileaks and Assange will finally create much more damage to the image of the US - and possibly not just the image - than all the leaked documents together.

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I like the idea of knowing whats going on in the government but when they released info on the war in Afganistan. and Iraq about the who the informants are. That to me is taking it to far, I read that the that the Taliban and the Al Qaeda were forming a death panel on those who were informing on them. People are going to die because of what he did, to me you should at least hid that names of those innocent people who want to help their country.

P.S. might of misspelled of Al Qaeda so sorry on that

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I don't know. Do they have anything about Tancredo Neves?

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A whole lot of the stuff released was absolutely useless, like the "Canada is a staunch ally and trading partner" article. Is that a surprise? What's more, as has been discussed in other media, such articles are kept 'concealed as security secrets' for like 10 years, at a MAJOR cost. Why? I can see actual secrets, but seriously?

As for the embarrassment caused to some governments (US in particular), perhaps they simply shouldn't be saying such things if they don't want to be embarrassed. As I said yesterday on a related thread, if someone commits a crime and is caught by the police and imprisoned, they can't rightfully blame the police for the end result (jail). It was the crime that put them in that spot, not the 'messenger'.

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Of course I do!

Talking behind someone's back has never been acceptable. Why should it be different for governments? We have a right to know what is really going on, not just what they want us to know!

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Question: if honesty leads to a war, is it worth it?

Think how many times you have lied so as not to escalate into a fight. ("You were really looking at that angry dude's cute girlfriend, weren't you?")

If it was found out that the US truly believes that Taiwan is a separate country and would definitely include Taiwan in the US' sphere of protection, thus causing China to take Taiwan by force............. would such a scenario be preferable?

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"sensitive documents"? What does that mean? Crimes? Yeah, go ahead and publish them. Personal opinions or embarrassing information that has nothing to with crimes? Obviously not.

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gonemad - this is a common misunderstanding. The people behind Wikileaks do not hack any sites.

Can you prove that? Assange was previously arrested in Australia for illegally hacking websites. Who says that Wilileaks doesn't hack websites? Assange?

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