Do you believe North Korea will launch missiles toward Guam?

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Obviously like everyone else outside of Fat Boy and the Kimets, I do not know what the hell they will do, but he has a history of continuously pushing the boundaries of what he can get away with.

Lets just hope he doesn't take the band on an Asian tour!

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Even if he does, so what? State-of-the-art technology and defensive measure can take those rockets down even before they get to Japanese borders. End of the story. Kim Jong-Un loses the rockets that cost them fortunes to produce, loses capability to intimidate the simple world and that is it. End of the story. If only the "world leaders" were level-headed, peace desiring people, they would take the missiles down and forget about this little land of haunting past. North Korea can't do any harm with its missiles neither to Japan nor to America. But his childish behaviour sure does a lot of harm to the world by justifying rising militarists' insanity.

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Neither Kim nor Trump understand diplomacy; that's the real problem. I'm voting "no" but doesn't mean I'm not concerned.

Many lives at stake here and I worry about the people above us (various "leaders") deciding our fate.

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I'm voting no because no-one would tell the other side what they are going to do. I mean you don't tell another person you will punch them on the nose and not expect them to defend their nose... likewise, NK will know that any missiles launched at Guam will be taken out before they get anywhere near the island.

I'm more worried about Trump attacking NK for Kim playing him like a fiddle.

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Exactly the problem, "Thunderbird2". North Korea does not bolster such defenses to render any second rate missile attack worthless. Any such foolish move from Kim would simply justify any offensive, destructive move against North Korea, which is already devastated as it is. But some simply do not care. Producing missiles with the sole aim to keep producing them...

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North Korea has limited resources, They will shoot one Nuclear Tipped ICBM at Guam that will range for a Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which will take out all electronics and power grids. It is a wide dispersal explosion which, if situated correctly will take out the bases in both Yokohama and Guam. The second ICBM will be targeted to go off over Canada to take out Continental U.S.A. (2/3 or 4/5), only states that get away from it are the southern parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. The Third ICBM will be targeted north of Scandinavia and will take out Europe. The fourth ICBM will go off over North Korea (North Korean forces have vehicles that have been hardened against EPMs since the Soviet Era) it will take out South Korea, Japan, and Northern to mid China.

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David, are you OK? You start with this:

North Korea has limited resources

And then go on to basically suggest that NK will then go on to take out most of the world.

Is that a reasonable argument to make, do you think?

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David, you are assuming that NK really do have small warheads which can be fitted to ICBMs, which at current estimates have the range to get to Alaska... no way could they reach Scandanavia... also, any launches will be tracked and either shot down by interceptors or SAMs designed to destroy missiles in flight. No missile will reach its target

My worry is that Kim does the unthinkable and launches missiles at Guam. SAMs based in South Korea, Japan or Guam itself, and also ship based systems will shoot them down, but then America will launch an attack on NK... and knowing America it won't be a matched response (like in the film Fail Safe) but, to quote Maximus, they will "unleash hell". We saw what they did with Baghdad, we saw what they did with the recent missile attack on Syria... Trump won't want to be made to look weak so he will no doubt order bombers and cruise missiles to attack...

So basically both of these idiots need to be removed from their posts, locked up in a rubber room together and for things to settle down.

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Here's the latest from Kim-


While he's going to have the missiles 'ready to fire at any time', he's going to 'watch the situation' for a little longer.

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Yes, but they will fall short of the island and Trump will have to decide if he wants to escalate things or not.

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As I just mentioned on another thread, Trump has forced Kim to back down. The only talk that animals like NK respect is the kind that Trump used to back them down.

But go to the CNN homepage and theres barely a mention of NK after a week straight of doomsday hoopla.

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NK has been threatening for decades. I for one would like to see them try. But Kim is too gutless.

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I didn't vote because the buttons don't seem to be working. I clicked 'Vote' with no option chosen and it brought up the bar graph. Ho hum.

If I cudda voted, it would have been a Dunno. Who knows what's going on inside Lil'Fatty's head.

Kim is too gutless

What it takes to fire missiles, nuclear or otherwise, at innocent people is not 'guts'. Definitely the wrong word you got there.

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I think you have to ask: What does Kim Jong Un really want? His family have run NK since, what, the 50's? I imagine it's a very lucrative position. I guess he is fabulously wealthy.

They maintain this by convincing the people of NK that they are under imminent threat, and that they are the right people to handle the situation as it is presented. Those that don't believe them, or don't at least pretend to, are eliminated one way or another.

The world, for whatever reason, allows this to just carry on without really doing anything about it. Has done for 70 years. Sadly, for the poor North Korean people, there aren't huge crude oil fields around Pyongyang, so countries like the US aren't going to intervene on some other pretext (weapons of mass destruction, anyone?). So, it will just continue as a status quo, because they haven't proven themselves to be truly a threat. Yet.

What is the one thing that will bring it all undone? The US, and war. Kim Jong Un must know, that even what he is producing at the moment is nearly 50 year old technology. The combined forces on the US, Japan, North Korea and Australia with their refuelling plane, will end it all in the blink of an eye. Trump is a whacko, but he is right about the fire and fury bit.

So, unless he has a death wish, I don't think Kim will attack anywhere.

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He's gutsy, but not a dummy. Just saber rattling. No first strike, nukes or conventional from Kim.

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