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Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning and at night after you return home?

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In the old country waiting till the Monday morning to deal with work emails and stuff is OK, preferred, maybe even normal.

Here it is permissible though not OK, preferred though not as preferred as avoiding a bad relationship, certainly not normal

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Days off?

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When I was working I most certainly did, had to, as head office was in the UK and global HQ was in the US. In that situation you have to be available 24/7 and I'm sure the same is true for many here. Conference calls and video meetings at the crack of dawn or very late at night was normal; PITA but it went with the job.

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I had such a job once and could not handle that constant stress.

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It all comes to my iphone so I have no choice but to check it.

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Aly RustomToday  09:47 am JST

It all comes to my iphone so I have no choice but to check it.

I simply leave my work iPhone at the office. Could you do that?

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Unfortunately, yes..........

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I usually read them, but rarely reply unless it's something that absolutely cannot wait until after the weekend. I'm pretty clear with our clients about this as well, that we have a work/life separation/balance.

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Never check. Thoughts of work leave my head the second I step out of the office on Friday. I find it the only way to be able to enjoy my weekend.

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I don't check . . . don't have access to my company's e-mail unless I am in the office.  However, if I remember something . . . or wish to send a note for future, I send it to my office from home.

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Due to my nature of works, sometimes. I do get text from our support team in case of problem and my boss sometimes call me or text me even when I am on vacation for some issues. Not too often now after it took me some time to train the support staff to handle thing.

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Rarely as it's in the company's best interest to get as much work out of an individual for the least amount of money and in the individual's interest to control 'employment leak', especially in a country where the companies encourage their workers to look busy.

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I work in an IB school - I pretty much have to.

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