Do you expect changes in the U.S.-Japan alliance no matter who wins the Nov 8 U.S. presidential election?

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No, if Hillary Clinton wins and Yes, if Donald Trump wins. Why.... Hillary will continue to pursue old and ingrained alliances with little change. Now if Donald wins.... the whole world could actually be thrown into a very new set of alliances. Donald admires Vlad Putin... he likes how he rules. So you might actually see Donald giving Putin leeway in his agenda in Eastern Europe. Also.... trade. If Donald finds a way to slap China with heavy tariffs.... he may also do the same with Japan and other Asian Nations. There is no way Japan, Taiwan, and S. Korea, will sit by and let him hit them with trade fines while continuing a cozy military relationship.... if anything it would probably push said countries to a closer alliance with China and the U.S. would be on its own with their new friend Russia.

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Trump's stance on Japan and having them pay more for the defense alliance will more than likely not amount to anything. If he wins, there is no way that Congress would allow any bold moves to change the status quo.

Being that Hillary was the Secretary of State, I also doubt there would be any moves for change from her direction either.

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It will be subtle but whether it be Republican or Democrats, the US has initiated an exit strategy in which US will decrease her involvement in the international area. This is due to the decreasing reliance of the US dollar as an international transaction currency. Without the US dollar utilized around the world, there is no incentive for the US to maintain global stability and the US can act like the rest of the nations only concerned within their own borders.

GB leaving EU is just one of the signs of nations around the world considering self-centered isolationism for their advantage wanting preferential economic ties but not the various burdens that comes with it and we will see more of it in the not so distant future.

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If Hillary goes into the cabinet, of which I am against since more wars worldwide is not a virtue, she will insist that Japan changes their old good but too peaceful article so that she can use Japan's assests in prolonging conflicts worldwide. If Japan refuses to abide, she will keep ceasing economical and international cooperation. If Trump goes into the cabinet he will probably start doing anything about Japan after someone tells him they actually have some ties with Japan, Otherwise, he will remove army bases, cease unneeded seas "protection" with patrols and constant Asia bashing.

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I feel like if Trump wins, and sends a huge bill to Japan for protection, Abe would be the type of guy to bow down and implement a tax hike.

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Yes, if Trump is elected Japan will move away from the US, and towards China.

It is that simple.

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Yes, if Trump is elected Japan will move away from the US, and towards China. It is that simple.

Never happen in a million years.

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There should be another option:



I don't know


God I hope so!

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Do you expect changes in the U.S.-Japan alliance no matter who wins the Nov 8 U.S. presidential election?

Why? Does my opinion somehow matter? What influence could my response possibly have?

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I always expect change where this sort of thing is concerned. It's not just a matter of who becomes POTUS; there's all sorts of other things that need to be addressed.

I certainly believe that a Trump victory would possibly alienate more than one country, Japan included, but Japan has its own agendas which need to be thrashed out. The whole Okinawa business comes to mind, for example. Would Trump or Clinton consider changing things there?

The thing is that there are too many "what ifs" to make a conclusive judgement call, IMHO.

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Japan is capitalistic. They will come to like or love Trump. No one likes professional politicians who are ATTORNEYS. They are never real. They are LLC's.

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