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Do you see any hope for politics in Japan?

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It is a joke.

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Do you mean that Japanese politics is a joke?

If so I don't get it.

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It is a joke

But then again, the original question doesn't make much sense either. Just a bit of topical rabble-rousing I suppose.

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">It is a joke

But then again, the original question doesn't make much sense either. Just a bit of topical rabble-rousing I suppose."

Just how is that off-topic? The moderation policy here becomes more childish every week; one little bit of criticism and it's - my toy, I decide who can play - pathetic.

Moderator: Please post something pertinent, such as answering the question.

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Unless the citizens stand up and say stop your foolish internal bickering and squabbles, Japanese politics will continue to fail them and will continue to do best for politicians and their cronies.

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tideofironAug. 30, 2011 - 12:54PM JST People here have never really bought into democracy because the current political and economic system was forced upon them.

Unless you are talking about the Meji restoration, democracy has been established in Japan since the end of the 19th century. The problem with the today's system is 1. the bureaucracy organization is too strong withholding information to themselves through complicated sectioning and politicians believes that the prime minister can be changed through internal party disruption creating groups within parties hijacking the system. The voters had of the present government elected against tax hike before reformation of the bureaucracy organization and this should be carried out. I believe they should pass a law prohibiting replacing the prime minister due to internal party affairs and should place a mandate to initiate a national election to replace that position.

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Ultimately, you get the govt. you choose/elect/deserve. Sigh (look misty-eyed while abandoning hope as I have no voting rights, only the "right" to pay higher taxes.)

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Nope! No way! No how! So sad. I wish it would be different but first you need to clean out Nagatacho of all politicians and diplomats and than start all over again from scratch. Anyone's relative who was a politician before should not be allowed be allowed to have a public office.

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Most politicians in Japan are interested only in their own benefit, not in country's and citizens' one. Most Japanese citizens aren't interested in politics and are merely affected by TV for their choice of vote. I don't see any way to the hope.

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IMHO the only way things would get better is if some very smart and very politically suave politician appears and manages to pull everything together. Unite his party (doesn't matter which one) and "subdues" the opposition, so shit can get done.

Not the overhaul of the political system some here might want, but it is more "realistic". Changing a social/political system normally brings with it a great amount of chaos before things settle down - assuming they ever settle down. Don't know if the majority really wants such "change".

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There going to have to get someone that people will listen to first. Whenever I talk about Japanese politicians with Japanese friends, the conversation doesn't stay on topic long.

Basically, they don't find it interesting.

This may well be the people whom I have as friends.

But my judgement is that Japanese people are in apathy about their politicians.

With this attitude, there is little hope for Japanese politics.

But things could happen to change it!

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Indeed there is 'hope' if the JCP came to power! And the people understood the DPJ were no difference like LDP!

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