Do you support Japan's new security legislation?


Do you support Japan's new security legislation?

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If I was a Japanese citizen I would have supported the change without hesitation as a move to ease the military restrictions set on Japan after WW2! That would undoubtly make Japan into a more solid country, not just a country depending on foreign assistance! But luckily i'm not a Japanese! This move will undisputably make Japan more capable with the use of force in The Name of Self Defense to "defend" against chinese vessels! And therefore making the situation in Asia even more tensed then it already is!! Very regrettable by a FORMER pacifistic country as Japan!:( We hereby have no pacifistic country in Asia anymore:(

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i would have supported it if it had been done using the proper channels of constitutional change. But the way it was done puts everyone's lives, livelihoods and freedoms in jeopardy. Those who support it must come up with a reason why that does not matter.

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Why did not LDP revise the constitution first, that still keeps ariticle 9? Abe's LDP and Komei party made just another new law for security. If ruling LDP was failed after general election in the future, this new law would be revoked soon because this new law that Abe and LDP made mostly is absolutely not revision of constitution and rather against the constitution of Japan. Abe and LDP would fail next election as long as 80% people oppose this new law.

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No, I'm not agreed but military is the science of inventions, money and power, Japan is desperately to get money, pump money into stock market won't make the economy recover, S&P downgrade AA-, Fukushima is not a great advertising campaign around the world, also they can't be innovate anymore.

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The new law is unconstitutional and must be struck down immediately.

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Had it been ONLY for the defence of local (Pacific) allies and to protect Japanese interests then I could kind of see the point, and that was what I had thought it was about - but now it appears to be about coming to the aid of allies anywhere, unless that's wrong too.

Very confused reporting of what exactly these new measures are... and because of that, I think it's a bad idea.

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Japan, as a nation, due to the political situation and national mind-set since 1945, has not been able to accept full responsibility for its own defense, much less accept responsibility to deal with military situations around the world. Even with this new security law, this will basically continue.

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The revision is not only unconstitutional, it is also against the wishes of the Japanese people therefore undemocratic- Japan is becoming a dictatorship!!!!!

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Do you support Japan's new security legislation?

Do you support the desperate, underhanded machinations of failed politicians, who - if they had kids - would never be called to sacrifice their own?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

I voted No, because I couldn't find the Absolutely No Way button.

I do not support the use of Japanese troops in overseas military engagements, especially as second-fiddle in America-centric wars; but if that's what the people of Japan via their legally-elected representatives of the country think is necessary, then they need to first go through the proper channels to get the Constitution officially changed. Instead Abe just ignored public opinion, crumpled Article 9 up into a ball and chucked it over his shoulder.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

Hell NO.

But I note there are an awful lot of yes votes, and they are awfully quiet in the thread. My take is that constitutions and democracy mean nothing to the people who voted yes. They are the types who would happily destroy both to preserve them, in the metaphysical pickle jars known as history books. Some might even imagine themselves buy some stock in companies itching to do some war profiteering.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

"I do not support the use of Japanese troops in overseas military engagements"

Even if they're needed? Remember, the world is full of wackos who would chop your head off witrhout hesitation or remorse...

-9 ( +1 / -10 )

I voted No, because I couldn't find the Absolutely No Way button.

Cleo, I was looking for the Hell No button but also settled for just plain NO

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Japan needs to sure up its alliance with America and the best way to do that is to involve itself directly in the many and varied conflicts America is campaigning in and will be campaigning across the world. Why?? The ever increasing threat from a more bolder, more billigerent and arrogant China backed by Russia.

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Serrano SEP. 22, 2015 - 08:05PM JST "I do not support the use of Japanese troops in overseas military engagements" Even if they're needed? Remember, the world is full of wackos who would chop your head off witrhout hesitation or remorse...

As long as you don't put your nose where it doesn't belong, the terrorists won't notice you. They go for the easiest target typically like 2 Japanese journalists who went out of their way to land in the middle east without any protection.

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One can make a reasonable case in favour of the legislation (although on balance I'm personally against it). As Moonraker points out though, the passage of this law against the will of the people is utterly indefensible and the LDP should be thoroughly ashamed. This is a big deal, and as such requires the consent of the people. With any luck the courts will soon strike it down as unconstitutional and this ultra-arrogant cabinet will be kicked out at the next election. If you want to make a fundamental change to the country, make your case and get the consent of the country.

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While I have no problem with a country like Japan changing laws and such, that is to say if he constitution were legally revised, I would say no problem...here just stinks of loopholes and feels very unconstitutional. But hey, I am no expert in Japanese law.

Also, and I feel this is especially important: to those saying the LDP is not in line with the will of the people...that may be true, but the people are the ones responsible for putting them in power. If the will of the people is truly against this, I hope they make it known in the next election...or if they are too apathetic..then..well...there ya go.

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