Do you support or oppose protesters who try to disrupt the Olympic torch relay?

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It is absurd that protestors would disrupt the Olympic torch relay. The story is never kept straight by our mindlessly TV brainwashed society.

On the one hand, people perfunctorily whine about how governments mix politics with sports and that the Olympics should be kept "pure sport."

Then, on the other hand, those same people go out and martyr themselves and protest the running of the torch for fashionable political purposes.

The Olympic Torch, the games, everything to do with any professional sport are financially motivated; therefore politics, whether they be local or international will come into play.

To think that any form of "Big Money Sport" is anything but "Bread and Circuses" for the masses to keep our minds off what really matters is, frankly speaking, naive.

Research the 1936 Olympics in Berlin as to how the torch ceremony came about. This whole thing is used as a politcal tool.

The best action would be to ignore the entire thing... But alas, we can't... After the torch relay problems on the news, there's American Idol that cannot be missed...

Who cares about this nonsense... Millions of Iraqi kids die, Somalia, Congo, etc., etc., Nah, but the fashionable taste of the day is the disruption of the Olympic Torch relay... "Bread and Circuses"... Who cares?

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I generally disagree with mixing politics and Olympics. But in Japan's case; good lads! i hope they show that much character more often.

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it is the chinese students who brazen patriotism is causing the problem obnoxious!

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It's the way these protests run out of hand due to fanatic fringe freaks who have no qualms about molesting peaceful sports people, which appalls me. A quiet protest is a democratic right, but that's where it stops.

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The olympic torch run is great for global politics improvements and had good laughs watching all the drama. It is better than going to watch the movies. As long no one is hurt in anyway,just take the protests as good for laughs.

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Aren't there always protests? I seem to recall a lot of attempts (many successful) to snuff out the flame when the Olympics were in Sydney. This go round I actually think the reaction to the protestors demonstrates a very dark side of the Chinese machine driving the games. They should be ashamed. I wonder if the Chinese voice of reason is just being stiffled or if it has actually disappeared, like those stray dogs for the Athens games. Anybody know what happened to the stray dogs in Greece?

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Protest at this stage is the only viable course for any movement on this issue. The cause is just the method is appropriate. If America hosted the Olympic games during the the 60s, and Martin Luther King decided to march and disrupt the proceedings in the interest of black rights. It would certainly be the right thing to do. What else are you going do if you are faced with an untenable situation against an interest that you are almost helpless.

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I saw the Chinese students on TV. Cancelled my flights to Beijing and hotel rooms straight away. There is no way I'm giving people like that my business and money. Everyone planning to visit China needs to cancel now, otherwise you are supporting that regieme. If you don't cancel, might as well move there and stay and become a member of their party.

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It is the Tibet protesters that IS distrupting the Olympic Torch Relay!

If people are slandering your nation, would you try to tell them truth & oppose the lies? Well, The chinese are the ones that are protesting peacefully & not trying to grab the torch. IT IS THE TIBETAN SUPPORTERS THAT ARE TRYING TO GRAB THE TORCH & HASSLE THE ATHELETS.




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Hey, the protesters are cool - they're just trying to say "Up yours with your slick Olympics."

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Posting anything from wiki to support China's position is ridiculous. I myself have wasted plenty of hours adding to wiki only to have someone else go re-write it again. Atttempts to claim how much "good" China has done for Tibet are pointless. Imperial Japan took over Korea in 1910 and they turned a backwards country into an industrial one, laying the first railroads and streets. But does anyone today ever even think that "Japan was right to take over Korea?" Of course not. If for no other reason than that the Korean people didn't want it. Now...the Tibetans don't want Chinese rule. Can this be any simpler?

As to the often repeated, "Tibet has always been a part of China" argument. I ask you, was the Yuan Dynasty a "Chinese Dynasty" rather than a Mongol one that controlled China? Because if so, then China tried to invade Japan twice in the 13th century so they ought to stifle it about Japan invading them in WWII.

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Good point Everton2.

Its the job of governments to keep the peace in international politics, not the individual oppinionated citizens, so in this light the governments should let the players play. To China's credit, their own security details sent to most foreign countries to assist in protecting the torch have not gone overboard on any of the protesters as far as I know. I wish I could say the same for the Chinese squads in Tibet. If people want to loudly protest China's treatment of human rights then they should do so anytime and anyplace they want. Most countries that had the torch travel through them have a "right" to protest which is more than we can say for a lot of other people around the world.

Rainrain I think you miss the point. The Tibetans are culturally and linguistically different than their Eastern Chinese counterparts, so if they want independence then you should support them. Besides, its China's obligation as an imperialistic power to develop its holdings as much as possible, so no act of "benevolence" is truly unselfish. You ask "how grateful is that?" with regards to Tibet's requests, and I would say that its very grateful considering that Tibet hasn't resorted to the same kind of violence and scare tactics that the Chinese are already using.

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Tibet was, is and will always be a part of China, even a fool can see that. There are 56 ethnic groups in China, Tibetan is just one of them. Tibetans are living happy lives in China, go and see for yourself. Your people are living in dream world. See the reality!

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Wow, Chinese care so much about GDP, wages, public education, scientific research, infant mortality, life expectancy, and so on. In the end, they might make Tibetan people as happy as Japanese salarymen who are the happiest people in the world. Without China’s help, Tibetans will be as miserable as South East Asian Buddhists who are always smiling. Those people are protesting because they know that, unlike Japanese and Chinese, Tibetans do not subscribe to Western values such as GDP.

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"Tibet was, is and will always be a part of China, even a fool can see that."

Yes, obviously.

"There are 56 ethnic groups in China, Tibetan is just one of them. Tibetans are living happy lives in China, go and see for yourself. Your people are living in dream world. See the reality!"

If they are so happy why did they start demonstrating?

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There are millions of Chinese in China who are illiterate, have no access to electricity, health care or decent food. The Economic rise of China is still only benefiting a few city dwellers and the vast majority still continue to live in object poverty. To claim that the Tibetan people are living in luxury is just absurd! Tibet will continue to be the Albatross around China's drive for international respect. The Tibetan people are at the moment miserable - they do not want China to determine for them what should constitute their happiness and what path they should take to achieve it. It is less than a decade ago that millions of emaciated Chinese in their dilapidated boats were clamoring to reach the shores of Western countries. These people are still there in China living in the shadows, waiting for their share of the economic success that I say will not come in their life time. I think China should focus on these people and free the Tibetans.

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Your people are living in dream world. See the reality!

I'll keep my 'dream world' as you put it than your duplicitous state-controlled one, thank you.

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I support and agree with the protestors. Red China promised (empitily) that she'd clean up her human rights record back in '02 when Beijing was awarded the games, and she has done absolutely nothing to improve her stand. If fact, truth be told, she has only escalated her horrible Human Rights record be babbling in Darfur, meddling in Thailand, and her continued killing off of those people who happen to follow a faith system that is not sanctioned by the Red Government, and her continued threats agaisnt Taiwan. These have only lowered Red China's Human Rights Standards.

I support the Uighurs, Inner Mongolians, and Tibetans who are suing and protesting for independence, I am in support of the protestors from the dissident groups who are using the Olympic Torch run to highlight their plights, and I am with those who think that radical change ought to come to Beijing and Red China. Had the torch run a course through Tokyo, I'd have been out there with a sign or placard to support the protestors, and my Christian Brethren behind Red China's Bamboo Curtain. I may have even aimed myself at one of the blue-clad dudes, and used him as a tackling dummy, paying them back for how they have treated legitimate protestors. Amnd did aonyone notice how, in North Korea and VietNam, there were virtually no anti-Red-China protests, all the flags being shown those of Red China? Coincidence, or is it because Viet-Nam, North Korea, and Red China all have the same kind of government? Makes one wonder how any protests would have gone had the torch made its way to Havana....

Once again, I suport the protest!!! May they continue!!!

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A Tibetan friend says religious freedoms are compromised but they are richer than before with China's aid in modernizing Tibet!

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What a typical Chinese view: no freedom of speech or religion or self-determination but hey you now have a few coins jingling in your pocket. What can you possibly complain about!?

Despite the endless party line you've posted here, the fact still remains that Tibetans in Tibet and elsewhere are not satisfied with the status quo of Chinese rule and are demanding change. Your country can only pretend there is nothing wrong for so long. The rest of the world sees the problem, why can't you?

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i support protests of any and all kinds...solely for my own amusement

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Tibet was, is and will always be a part of China, even a fool can see that.The one who doesn't know the truth do not have the right to speak! Come here,you will know what's the reality.

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hannyan - Tibet never was and never truly will be a part of china, even a fool can see that, if they look back at history and see how Tibet has, for about 95% of Chinese history, always been on the outside of any Chinese Empire of the past, and, up until she was brutally assaulted and attacked by the Red Chinese "People's 'Liberation'" Army, was still independent of China. Only those whom have given in to the Communistic Dogma and believe wholeheartedly the communistic propaganda that Beijing (Pyongyang, Hanoi, and Havana, as well) spew out believe that Tibet was ever, in some pink-sky-worldly way a part of China. I will admit that Tibet was apart of China at one time: when the Mongols under Temujin (later Genghis Khan) -- who treated the Tibetans as brothers, especially in the regard that Tibetans at that time were expert mountain warriros, of whom bothGenghis and Kublai Khan had great respect -- dominated China and ran smash-mouth through the whole of Medieval China at that time giving the Tibetans a firm place in their government later. Yes, then Tibet WAs a part of China....or rather, China was a part of Tibet.

Since then, however, Tibet has never really been a part of China. History proves this out clearly, and the protestors who are doing a bang-up job of disrupting the torch run have every right to make their plight known to the rest of the world. I hope the Beijing Games flop from the very first, showing the world what a complete and utter joke that Red China and her government are.....

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blue tiger,for your information,it's not only red CCP who seems obessesed about ruling

tibet,even the ex-chinese ruling party,the democratic kuomindang(the one right now ruling

taiwan) has never ceased the authority of tibet,even at its most critical war time in 1930s

-1940s. If Tibet was not part of China, why had the Chinese emperor been the one to give the

Dalai Lama his title? and apart from the Dalai Lama,why there is so many ruling Lama

centries ago had to have the ancient Chinese emperor's permission(some by marrying chinese

princess to the Tibetan leader) to execute its authority.you propably have not known much

about ancient chinese history or you don't seem to care.china have been very influencial in

the ancient time.if you call what happened in 1951 a evil communist's invasion of an

independent country,well,Tibet must be a country of continous invasion of all time

throughout numerous chinese dynasty. i don't want to take on behalf of the CCP,what they've done in tibet was cruel.and some

of their conduct did destroy the Tibetan's culture,especially during the culture revolution

period, and they should be ashamed of that.but you can't change the history by saying it has

never been part of china,cos it's simply not the truth.if you know tibetan language,you can

go for a research in various museums displaying the ancient treaty/agreement between chinese

emperor and tibetan leaders of how tibetan would accept the chinese emperor's supreme

authority(most of these museums locates in mainland china) Some want to punish China for its association with the Sudanese government, which is

perpetrating atrocities in Darfur. But to boycott Beijing's Games and disrupt its torch

relay because it buys oil from Sudan carries the notion of responsibility too far. After

all, the United States has much closer ties to Saudi Arabia, a medieval monarchy that has

funded Islamic terror. Should the world boycott America for this relationship? China's attitude toward Tibet is wrong and cruel, but, alas, not that unusual. Other

nations, especially developing countries, have taken tough stands against what they perceive

as separatist forces. A flourishing democracy like India has often responded to such

movements by imposing martial law and suspending political and civil rights. The Turks for

many decades crushed all Kurdish pleas for linguistic and ethnic autonomy. The

democratically elected Russian government of Boris Yeltsin responded brutally to Chechen

demands. Under Yeltsin and his successor, Vladimir Putin, also elected, the Russian Army

killed about 75,000 civilians in Chechnya, and leveled its capital. These actions were

enthusiastically supported within Russia. It is particularly strange to see countries that

launched no boycotts while Chechnya was being destroyed—and indeed welcomed Russia into the

G8—now so outraged about the persecution of minorities. blue tiger, i can see how much you are still excited about the last-time cold war's

victory on democratic side, but thinking that there is still a need to rekindle a new one

and therefore boycott the red china's Olympic was old-fashioned and ridiculous.hey,there

will be some of your nation's hardtraining athlete performing for your national pride,are

you really not going to watch the game and wish them good luck?

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Staytune, this article is about China, Tibet and the Olypmics. It's not about other countries and their problems. Besides, when the USSR invaded Afghanistan , we (the U.S.) boycotted the Moscow Olympics. And so did China! Also next time please don't doublescape there's no need and it just takes up so much space. Thanks.

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I see a very large difference between boycotting the Olympics and trying to disrupt them. To me, it's like being at a super-market and having to listen to a married couple argue down the aisle. The household is important for every family, and I'm the type who always likes to help, but I don't want to hear about that stuff then. Likewise, I don't want to have my torch run interupted because of something involving another country. If I did, I wouldn't go to see the show.

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anticnn - so everyone except you just dreamt that Chinese troops opened fire on Tibetan monks, did they? More of a nightmare.

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staytune, all of your information about Tibet really beign a part of China is rubbish. Up until the Red Chinese Army invaded, Tibet had been independent of China and Chinese Dynasties for a thousand years. Just as the Choseon Dynasty in Korea had been independent of Japan for nearly five centuries (up until the Japanese Occupation in 1895), Tibet was independent of China. Al you have to do is look at a map of both the Han and T'ang Dynasties to see the truth.

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Blue_Tiger,if you think Xizang is a country,you can let your contry's leader authorizes you be the chief ambassador in Xizang.

Xizang has been a part of China from Yuan Dynasty,if you don't believe it,please use your time to visit Forbbiden city,and Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang(a resort of emperor in North of Beijing),where store so many books,relics,which shows you Xizang's history.

Dalai Lama was born and raised up in Qinghai province,he's a Chinese too,it's obvious he's fighting an uphill and losing battle with Central Gov. Regarding China's sovereignty,it must be decided by all Chinese different ethnic people,not by Dalai and his followers.

Fortunately,China 's on a right track to arise,which makes China be more confident and competent to safeguard its land and soil completion.

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A Tibetan friend says religious freedoms are compromised but they are richer than before with China's aid in modernizing Tibet!

I love the way someone will say they are so happy and better off when they have a boot to their neck..LOL

Xizang has been a part of China from Yuan Dynasty,if you don't believe it,please use your time to visit Forbbiden city,and Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang(a resort of emperor in North of Beijing),where store so many books,relics,which shows you Xizang's history.

Now correct me if I am wrong oh mighty internet troll of the CCP propaganda machine. Buuuut wasnt the Yuan Dynasty the Mongols? Hmmm come on tell the nice folks here who were the rulers of that Dynasty......

Yes the rulers of that dynasty were in fact Mongol Khans. Which makes your argument a JOKE. Your saying that the Mongols conquered Tibet and made it a vassal state. So that mean because the Mongols took it it has to be Chinese.

Well oh mighty troll I beg to differ, using your logic China is Mongolian property and should be turned over to them.

So jackkrone if you do not mind please go to the nearest Mongolian embassy near your job and ask to be taken back by them. It`s only the right thing to do......LOL what a joke....Stupid logic.....LOL

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hanyan Tibet was, is and will always be a part of China, even a fool can see that.The one who doesn't know the truth do not have the right to speak! Come here,you will know what's the reality.

Oh CCP propaganda worker, please read my post above and surrender your country to your true masters, THE MONGOLS! LOL

I love when the CCP uses kids who dont know history to post propaganda for them. Distortion of the truth is the CCP way of thinking.....

Brought to you by UNcle LIngs CCP internet propaganda sweat shop.....If you have been to a good Mao school of study come oin us. We will pay you real good..... 53 cents US an hour.......LOL

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Hmm me thinks I killed another posting ground for the Chinese CCP propaganda trolls....... Darn it some of you know your real history..........

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Hm no CCP takers, no comments? No one want to say I am lying about the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty.....Mmmm no revisionist Mao historians working in your internet propaganda sweat shop? You sure you dont to try and lie? Give ya a chance.........

Hm nope not a one, ok then those that support the torch protesters have won! Long live the Protesters to the evil empire!

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