Do you support the government's proposed consumption tax hike to finance social welfare?

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The results from this poll need to be hand delivered to EVERY politician with a note attached to it that says, "If you vote for this increase, you have voted to retire." The do-good, big spenders have to be removed from office by the electorate. The Japanese children can't afford to pay the debt.

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Who would vote yes to this? It's the governments own fault.

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I understand that Japan's aging society makes it very difficult to keep the tax as low as it was. We may have no choice but to rise the tax. But, I think the government has something they have to do before rising the tax. Isn't it impossible to downsize and economize the budget any more? so I'll vote No at this time.

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Raising taxes in SOME areas is a normal thing to do. As Poor Richard said. The only things that are certain in life are "Death and Taxes".

I'm just guessing here but I'll willing to speculate that people are probably uncomfortable with the lack of transparency here in Japan. Especially with so many corrupt politicians and companies.

The other thing is worry about is common products such as food and everyday necessities. The quality of life will go down. Furthermore, I think companies that see an increase in taxes on their products will cut jobs and outsource more jobs to China. China wins!!!

No matter what, I believe you have to tax the RICH much much more. Place more tax on luxury goods. Pearls, diamonds, and expensive handbags. Such things are not necessities and the tax would targeted at those who bleed the country to death to begin with.

You aren't going to get a baby boom if things are already too expensive to begin with.

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Sales tax is an unfair tax which is paid by all including the poor and those living below the poverty line.

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Why not have sliding scale like in many EU countries? In UK food and other things deemed essentials are taxed at zero percent.

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I thought they wanted to get the economy rolling by getting the population to spend more, sales tax seems to defeat that purpose. Otherwise I think KobeGrandad has the right idea.

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I'm with Zichi! Sales tax only makes the poor get poorer. The tax increases should be for high income earners. People complain about paying 22-25% basic income tax in Australia with a sliding scale of sales tax, but in Japan, with the city taxes, income tax, health insurance and the proposed sales tax increase I am paying nearly 45% of my salary in government fees. And, what do I get for it? Bugger all! Very few parks that are barely maintained, roads that have no footpaths, NO welfare, minimal health care. It's a bloody rip off!

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I'm also with zichi and the others - consumption tax is disproportionately more burdensome on the poor.

First of all cut all unnecessary spending and corruption (coast guards in the Antarctic, jobs for the boys), reform the pension system so that everyone is covered by the same scheme and it doesn't matter who your employer is, cut the golden handshakes and free welfare rides for those who can afford not to work, stop building roads with more bears than cars on them, and then if there still isn't enough money, raise consumption tax on tobacco, booze and luxury items, and raise higher levels of income tax and death tax.

A tax on basic foodstuffs is a complete non-starter.

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I don't support it whatsoever until unnecessary spending is reigned in.

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Absolutely not! I know where 99.9% of any new taxation would go: to feed the ever growing list of gravy train riders.

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Increase tax on luxury goods, gambling like boat races, pachinko and others. Increase tax on those who earn millions and billions of money.

But please, don't raise taxes on basic essential goods.

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The maximum total taxes of people earning less than 20 million should be 20%, and when more is paid, should receive rebates. The total maximum taxes paid by anyone should be 30%. The total maximum taxes paid by business should be 25%. Sales tax should be reduced to 3%.

One thing I've learned in life is that increases in tax don't seem to improve the situation nor does it make governments cut out unnecessary and wasteful spending, like bridges to no where. It's the duty of any government to be efficient with its spending but rarely happens.

The interest earned from the massive post office savings can be used for social welfare and pensions.

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Something needs to be done to overcome the shortfall, (reduce Govt waste first) but raising taxes right now is mindless, the economy will slow further producing less revenue than now.

Typical though , brain dead politicians making dumb decisions.

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Who would vote yes to this?

Anyone thinking about future generations and how they would have to cope with a bankrupt Japan caused by its debt becoming unsustainable.

The maximum total taxes of people earning less than 20 million should be 20%, and when more is paid, should receive rebates. The total maximum taxes paid by anyone should be 30%. The total maximum taxes paid by business should be 25%. Sales tax should be reduced to 3%.

That's a complete fantasy. To pay for that Japan would need to heavily slash welfare and health care spending, even if other budgets were reduced too.

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Hey booze should not be taxed as a luxury item. In this country it should be considered necessary.

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Increased sales tax will further depress spending, resuling in the loss of more jobs, resulting in greater burden on the state, resuling in more taxes. Got it?!!

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All tax is theft. Just say "no" to taxes.

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"All tax is theft. Just say "no" to taxes." This is Libertarian nonsense based in a profound lack of realistic thinking. It is like Anarchy with Jesus instead of the red A and circle logo. A I have mine, to hell with you world view that can only work in a society like the old west in the 1800's with a massively reduced population.

So reality check. Japan is a crowded small nation of aging people. No taxes, no social programs and you have chaos, famine, death and downstream social collapse.

Your Tea Party Libertarianism is flawed and unrealistic enough for America, makes absolutely ZERO sense for Japan.

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First, I am opposed to ANY tax increase, no matter who it is a burden on. Taxing a population is nothing more than robbing their hard earned money. Japan needs a national hero like Grover Norquist to force politicians to sign a "No Tax" pledge.

But, if a tax must be raised, we must take care to not tax the job creators. This is important to get the economy going. A tax that burdens the middle or lower classes more is preferable. Job creators and high net worth individuals make the economy work, and we should not punish them for their success.

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After I voted no, I saw the vote was even at 52 votes yes and 52 votes no. So half of JT voters support raising the consumption tax. Incredible...

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This will lower consumer spending actually reduce revenue and further stifle an already anemic economy.

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Before raising anything, first, they need to cut all the unnecessary spending...just look around you now: do you see all the unnecessary public works projects that always seems to start around January-March time frame? That's because all these govt agencies are trying to use up their budgets. CUTS need to come before any raises, and this includes head-count reductions at both Nagatacho and Kasumigaseki.

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The results from this poll need to be hand delivered to EVERY politician with a note attached to it that says, "If you vote for this increase, you have voted to retire.

Yet half the respondents voted "yes"

Who would vote yes to this?

See above

high net worth individuals make the economy work

Not working north of the Rio Grande

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All tax is theft. Just say "no" to taxes.

Gosh, you're smart, aren't you? I wish I was big and grown up and clever like you are....

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They should legalized gambling in some areas and allow casinos....short term, govt could make a ton of cash....but in the long run society will slowly go to hell.

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poor people in japan is the result of their demise. u could tell the rich from the poor on here. im rich, the hell with your taxes. im on the winning team. i worked hard. i dreamed big. and i never gave up. why should i be punished for the lazy, drunk, drugy, who lack ambition, drive, and dreams . u reap what u soe.

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1930s, America again.. everyone knows that you do not raise taxes in a deflating economy....

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This was a stupid tax to begin with because it adds to the burden of the poorest segment of society. Drop the tax on food and rents and I might support it.

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And some people actually said yes.... amazing.

A simple history lesson will tell you that raising taxes has never fixed anything. this is delusional. J gov needs to go! We need another Ron Paul over here!

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Raise it, but at the same time, require elderly to pay their way more with regard to healthcare and the like. It's a two-way street. So far, the elderly have been getting a free ride.

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A vehement no from me. The Japanese government needs an arbiter. Too much profiteering off the good citizens (and visitors) of Japan.

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