Do you think artificial intelligence will contribute to the dumbing down of humans?

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Seeing how many prefer the Blue pill (games) over the Red pill (books/reading), what else should be expected. My question is how would it effect the 3rd world counties? Better life or better escapism?

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It already has.

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Yes "smartphones" already have. Some girl with headphones and her smartphone in front of her face walks into me while I'm carrying groceries and I couldn't get out of the way. I suggest she walk on the right side of the sidewalk since around here that would be the norm, and she complains! People are now failing sidewalk and are becoming POS. AI is on pace to remove all remaining vestiges of mindful citizens and replace everyone into mindless consumers. No law will protect you because laws are not enforced, otherwise Uber et al wouldn't exist

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Given the nearly unmeasurable complexity of the construct of intelligence, it's pretty safe to say that anyone who makes claims about the "dumbing down" of our entire species never understood it in the first place.

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If intelligence is measured through critical thinking and the application of knowledge, and AI continues to be used my the majority of the population as a purveyor of knowledge, then I would expect the bell curve of human intelligence to stay about the same with a widening at the edges of the curve. Less intelligent people will likely use improving AI as a crutch, while more intelligent people will likely use their increased access to knowledge to improve their intelligence.

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It's already begun. It's not computers with artificial intelligence that you have to worry about. It's all these game playing zombies walking around with extremely artificial intelligence that you should be concerned about.

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Hmmm.... I do not think we'll get dumber as AI becomes more intrusive. Why? Because I already do so much more now than I probably could have done if I didn't have technology at my fingertips. Just take YouTube. I now have quick online video of "how to do" many things and it helps me to do and learn at the same time. Years ago, you'd have to hire someone. I think the average person has to know more about various things now they they did 30 and 50 years ago. It is one thing to take the girl on the street with an iPhone, but quite another a housewife coping with kids and their complicated modern lives.

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Well, Star Trek Next Generation's android Data often made humans Captain Picard and Commander Riker look dumb... so, yeah, but not for another 300 years, lol

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Nope, bright people will always have enquiring minds. AI isn't going to change that. It may well enhance that search for knowledge.

That said, there's no doubt that positive impacts could be offset by the damage done to the workers.

Man has always feared the machines, from the much maligned Luddites (although, to be fair, livelyhoods were at stake) right through the 20th century. Just look at the films Metropolis and Modern Times, both a comment on the lives of the workers versus the onset of the machine age.

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No. Just because it will be able to do things for me as a matter of convenience will not dumb me down. May make society lazier on the whole, though.

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"All this has happened before."

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Dumbing down if we're lucky. Eradication if we're not so lucky....

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You see dumb people everywhere staring at their phones.

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No, I do not see A.I. dumbing us down. I think it was increase knowledge, enhance the intellect and create more freedom.

The printing press started the process. Suddenly people did not need an authority to tell them how to think. Literacy went up. Democracy was in the wings.

I remember similar questions and fears about computer and the Internet. You’ll never learn to spell if you use Spell Check instead of a dictionary I was told. Rubbish. There are old timers who still insist that the only proper research method is to spend hours leafing through mountains of publications rather than finding the same information in second on the Internet. Until fairly recently print publications would only accept hard copy along with a stamped self-addressed return envelope. Still print journals are considered by a lot of publishers and editors as superior to online publications.

Artificial Intelligence will be a good thing.

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Low education standards, television and social media has already achieved that result.

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