Do you think China is a military threat to Japan?

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no until will be not provoked by USA as it happened just a few days near Taiwan.

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In my opinion, here's how I would rank all of Japan's threats. North Korea would absolutely take the number 1 spot. It has nukes and will probably let one off if it is provoked enough. Let us not forget that in 2017 or was it 2018 that a North Korean IRBM flew over Aomori Prefecture. Russia would come in second. It has shown in the past months that it will not hesitate to take military action to pursue its interests despite international pressure. Although it is unlikely that it will make a move on Japan's north, but still. China would come in third. Despite all its sabre-rattling and harsh words, it has never taken direct military action against any country, and has only relied on cyber attacks and trade restrictions. But, among the three I've mentioned, China would be the most challenging to deal with because it has a lot of money invested in Japan and around the world which would make international sanctions against it a lot more painful compared to what happened to Russia.

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China is the number one threat. They think all areas are theirs to be taken and there is only a Japan and south Korea because of complacent Chinese Governments in the past. It would have all be Chinese dominant or no nationalities anywhere around China otherwise.

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Of course, they do!

I think Japan should revise its constitution and form a regular army to have the capability to defend itself.

We can't rely on Americans as Afghanistan events show they are unreliable.

16 ( +22 / -6 )

What a stupid question.... The only security problem between Japan and China is US bases in Japan to threaten China and North Korea. China has no territory dispute except for a couple of rocks in the sea that only ultra nationalists in both countries give 2 cents about. The arms industry and their backers want Japan to spend more so must create an enemy.....

-31 ( +8 / -39 )

Yes, obviously they are. Similarly to the Russians who are more active in the North, they provoke in the South and West of Japan on a daily basis with ships and aircraft, which causes the JSDF to radar and Coast guard ships surveillance and interceptions as well as fighter plane scrambling, which is all very dangerous and of course also resources , money and staff intensive and very expensive for Japanese people and even us foreigners as tax payers. Additionally both countries even hold together maneuvers with flotillas and aircrafts, a few weeks ago even encircling and passing all main Japanese islands. Although it’s still not illegal, it is surely a potential threatening and a power demonstration. The latest issue of firing some missiles into the Japanese EEZ caused by intentionally overlaying one or two of the six Taiwan maneuver quadrants with the EEZ is maybe the still best known indicator lately. One can also more in detail read about all those aggressive military behavior of the Chinese in the yearly white books published by the Japanese Ministry of Defense, available also in a some shorter English translation, but better read it in full detail in Japanese to get an impression on how severe the situation already has become in recent years.

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Japan biggest threat is from within, population decline.

The greater the loss in population the more of a threat from an outside take over will be. from China, United States, Republic of Korea, or Russia.

-16 ( +5 / -21 )

China is a warmongering country, which, together with Russia and North Korea, do not hesitate to draw the world into a third world war.

10 ( +15 / -5 )

No, because messing with Japan would be messing with NATO allies.

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China has almost always come off with a bloody nose when going toe-to-toe with Japan. Just look at WW2. The Chinese are stronger now, but not at all battle tested. Japan has a super strong and high tech military - the 4th strongest Naval power on the seas.

Moreover, pretty much the entire free world has Japan's back if push came to shove. Japan is in the QUAD, plus would have the US, UK, India, Australia, France, Germany and many more by her side in a heartbeat if China, Russia or NK tried anything smart.

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China has little respect for those within it's borders. They have many times less respect for those outside their borders. China expects others to now do as China commands because it has a strong military that grows stronger daily. China is a definite threat to not only Japan but to all nations in the region and beyond.

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It is not only military threat but Chinese CCP agents slipping into the society of not only Japan but everywhere.

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No. At least not as long as the big bad evil America so many rail against is there as a bulwark against a Chinese threat.

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Do you think China is a military threat to Japan?

I’m not voting. Silly question.

Anyway, any nation that has nuclear warheads with rockets to send them flying is or can be a threat to any nation in the future. Most of us “talking monkeys” don’t have the capability to see 100 or 300 or more into the future, so we will always be “fighting the barbarians”.

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Of course they are a threat to Japan. They are a threat to the entire world.

10 ( +14 / -4 )

YES!!!! Kishida, get some nukes!!!

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

I voted no. It takes two to make a fight.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

Silly question of course they are, to Japan, their neighbours and the rest of the world.

Chico3, NATO is a defensive organisation only required to come to the defence of its members. Further there are only 3 countries in the world with the capability to project power around the globe, USA, UK and France, and of those only the USA can project at a scale that would be meaningful in the context of China and Japan. Not that the NATO countries individually allied to Japan wouldn’t do what they could.

Disillusioned, ask Ukraine whether that’s true!

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The warmongering China under Xi is most likely to start first.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

I do not believe that China is an immediate threat. This because we here in Japan and elsewhere are protected by two things: trade and American arms. I put trade far above arms. China is keen on selling its stuff, and selling more stuff to us. So, no, Taiwan and Nancy Pelosi are far seconds to trade.

The post-Pelosi pyrotechnics around Taiwan were a little more than a massive Fourth of July-like display. The message was we can have you anytime we want you. But they won't anytime soon--

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The greatest threat to ANYONE on this planet is the one spending more of its people's resources on ways to kill Humans than any or all other countries while its infrastructure and public services crumble. Also, the only one for whom 'Empire' is a commonly used descriptor. Also, the only one who constantly intrudes upon and interferes in other countries issues thousands of miles from its own shores. Also the only one which has continually been at war, killing foreign peoples, somewhere for the last 120 years. Also, the only one militarily occupying Japan and who will drag Japan into whatever mess it makes. And the greatest DANGER to Japan is its craven political establishment and its pathological aristocracy who think that a small island country with only 125 million souls could stand a chance in a hostile confrontation with a resource rich, highly educated, and, now, highly organised and motivated ONE BILLION people. And when the arrogant White 'Empire' finally oversteps and push comes to shove, it won't be just China but Russia, as well, with India a wild card but with more to gain allying with China, and a number of other countries whose love for 'Empire' is not great. Making China Japan's enemy is a REALLY bad and wholly unnecessary concession to its White Masters. Japan has gained MUCH from China in the past and will have much to gain in the future if it is not destroyed as a sacrifice to Western warmongers.

-7 ( +3 / -10 )

China is the worlds threat not Japans alone. They are like Pacman they try to eat up everything is site. They are taking over all of Africa which they will own just by building infrastructures in the country offering cheap loans with ballon payments at the end of the loans, the African politicians take the money an run because they are greedy and let the citizens stay in poverty and the corrupt African politicians live a life of luxury looking the other way. While the Chinese lick their hands and wait for the day!

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I agree that it takes two to tango therefore voted no.

Japan is always calm and will not allow a situation to escalate; e.g. the Senkaku boat ramming in 2010 and the missiles in Japan’s EEZ this week in 2022.

Japan gave no warning or if it was attempting to, it uses controlled language to communicate with China : btw some of your missiles fell into our EEZ.

If it were the US or Australia, you’d have to hear a whole lecture about Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and how missiles absolutely must not fall into democratic waters and how they will fight down to the very last man for freedom…perfect example of yappity escalation.

Japan is a model for the US, China, and the world.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

There is only one reason China is building aircraft carriers and a fleet of over 300 warships. We saw this in WW1 and WW2 with Germany challenging the Royal Navy. WW2 with Japan challenging the Royal Navy and the US navy. The purpose of this fleet is to take Taiwan and keep the other navies away. When the CCP feels threatened internally, it will probably use nationalism as an easy way to unite a nation, by taking Taiwan. This would be a repeat very similar to Argentina taking the falklands when social unrest threatened the one party state/regime. The islands will also behave as a buffer, to keep other nations away, and as we say and do nothing the default will be we tacitly accept it, as China will use time to their advantage. Sadly, we created this beast as we clamored for sales.

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I would say China is by far the biggest threat because it is the only country which wants territory that Japan controls (the senkakus).

Japan has territorial disputes with Russia and South Korea as well, but in both of those instances it is the other country that controls the disputed territory, and Japan definitely is not going to start a war with either of them to try to get it back.

With China though, if invading Taiwan is on their table then invading the Senkakus wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

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What comments show that someone does not know China: I’ve got nothing against the Chinese. It’s Xi and the CCP that are evil.

If it were up to the people, they’d have the PLA invade Taiwan and take the island back. The government does not want to use force but wants Taiwan to reunite peacefully.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

It depends on what you class as war. You get in my back pocket that war to me. Like divert / blocking shipping lanes and air routs in Japans sovereign Terriories. Japan should retaliate by blocking sunlight seeing Japan is the land of the rising sun. Japan should build a very large sun blocking curtain hang it up between Okinowa and Hokkaido 10 kms high. This will block out the morning sun destroying any hope of growing crops. China will have to import their rice from Australia which will treated genetically with a virus which make people over consume food. This will had more problem because only the elite will be able afford food they will be effected by the over consuming and seen as greedy pig. The general population will rebel and take over the CCP.

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China only wants Taiwan back and to keep Western "Democracy" out. The US is really the antagonist in all current global conflicts.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

The world's biggest global threat, ironically, is America.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

I don't think the country's military force is a threat to Japan. On a national scale, we must pay attention to the military acts of it. I heard the municipal government was testing missile alert system. However, people do not seem to take the situation so seriously on a scale of citizen.

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China is complex. China wants to expand whenever and however it can. One way to expand is through the military, so it's worth noticing when a Chinese ship goes someplace it doesn't usually go.

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China is simply taking advantage of the Ukraine situation. On their face they are refusing to supply Russia with weapons outright, but at the same time they have quadrupled trade with Russia and are providing them with an alternate to SWIFT to process money internationally.

Make no mistake, if not for Russia's war on Ukraine the US would have sailed a carrier group between things. Just like they have done in the past.

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Even most people in Luchu don't think China is a threat.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

. . . .not a "yes" or "no" answer . . . . depends on relations of the two countries . . . in ancient times, Japan benefited from Chinese language, trade, etc. . . . In modern times, China benefits from Japanese invention, trade . . . . International relations are very important . . . .

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They shouldn't be afraid of China. "American friends" are protecting Japan.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

China's last conflict was 80 years ago. Look how that went for them. Their military is untested.

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China's last conflict was 80 years ago. Look how that went for them. Their military is untested.

Your information is 80 years out of date.

China's last war was when it invaded Vietnam in 1979, where they took some cities inside Vietnam and then was forced to withdraw. Both sides claimed victory.

Since WWII China has invaded and continues to occupy Tibet, fought border wars with India, Soviet Union and Vietnam. No real military experience in the past forty three years, although their navy has joined with many maritime nations in "operation Ocean Shield" protecting trade against Somali pirates from (2009 - 2016).

With no declared enemies that desire invading China, it has begun a major increase in nuclear weapons, developed the worlds largest navy, continues to build up its air forces and ground forces, all to fight off nobody. China is not threatened, but want to alter the rules and laws based international order to ensure China can do anything it likes, any time it likes, to anyone it likes, without consequence or objection. China under Jinping wishes to rule the world and all of humanity. This makes China a danger to every person on the planet or in orbit.

Nations are not bad or good, it is always the people who run nations that are good or bad or indifferent and incompetent.

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China can come up with a reason to victimize themselves and justify invading pretty much every country in the world.

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Sort of like asking, "Is the Pope Catholic?"

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Thinking of China as a threat is the game of the US so as not to lose its hegemony in Asia Pacific..

I assure you this...

The US is desperate to grow its own semiconductor industry, even Taiwan is building TSMC subsidiaries in the US and Japan.

If the US grows its own semiconductor market and stops depending on Taiwan, in the event that China invades Taiwan to reclaim its province, the US will not do anything to try to stop China, Taiwan would no longer have a commercial interest for the US..

History has shown it, if you don't have an interest/economic advantage for the US, they won't do anything for you..

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China will use an asymmetrical model, given that they are newbies to global conflict. And of course America would respond with its inflexible symmetrical form, and get their proverbials handed to them, so they are not to be relied upon.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

It all depends on which media you follow and how brainwashed you are by it .

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

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