Do you think G7 and NATO summits, being held this week, ever achieve anything tangible?

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Besides tangible ‘appearance’ - for instance not too long ago Putin would rock up too when they toyed with ‘G-8’. Not there now.

Yet, things get achieved, people/contacts are met.

But so much of that is never revealed or seen by punters like you and me - which makes unseen thereby intangible.

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time wasting,carbon pollutions and taxpayers money wasting for -nothing.

as result one nice photo from heavy sponsored luxury trip in CH.

pointless and worthless wasting of time and money.

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a big fat NO

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Kick Japan out of G7 once the Yen becomes toilet paper!

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"Do you think G7 and NATO summits, being held this week, ever achieve anything tangible?"

Yes! Of course! You get hilarious pictures of nine drunk morons holding each other up...but, that's about it I think...

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Because neither ever achieve anything useful whatsoever.

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Unfortunately, NO!!!

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Yes, but not necessarily what you want.

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nope, just a giant waste of money and greenhouse gases. the very people that preach climate change never hesitate to jump on a jet or 20 and sly off somewhere

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They will manage to put a tangible dent in their ability to support their own citizens. If you are in a G7 nation and suffering from the effects of inflation on fuel, food and bills, I'm sure you'll be pleased that your governments are planning to spend $600bn of your tax revenue trying to buy more influence in the developing world than China is. In the present circumstances, that is a disgrace. G7 voters might want to consider that when they pay their next tax bill, get their next electricity bill and when they go to the polls to vote in their next election. Feel free to take the opportunity to vote these lying, hypocritical, incompetent, game-playing wasters out.

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Sure a free vacation for the pols paid by you and me.

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Useless maybe. But nowhere near as useless as the UN.

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Just a junket to babble about nothing much at the tax payers expense.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Maybe achieve a lot of laughs..

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A lot of BS communiques blaming everything and everyone but them and central banking.

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It's all just for the feel-good factor and photo ops. They can all pretend to be best buddies, and the Japanese PM can pretend to be fluent in English without speaking English.

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I don't think most members of the public are informed enough to determine or identify progress in these forums. If the NATO summit lays the groundwork for Sweden and Finland to join, that would be one for the history books.

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A lot of back scratching but nothing done for the people they supposedly serve.

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Nothing really tangible for Japan, but tangible for others.

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