Do you think going to the cinema will become a thing of the past due to the increasing popularity of streaming services?

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Yes, As people advanced in social and living standards and advance their intellect they find that this sort of entertainment is so last year that to even start a conversation will make you appear unintelligent. Like if you really sit back and have different perspectives you will realise who much of a waste of time and potential brain washing it causes and the utter waste of money involved. I caught on to how unintelligible it forms people thoughts on life. Monkey see monkey do. I see these miss guild fools every day. The most prominent are the look alike want to be. The USA in full to the brim with this crowd. Remember the Jerry Springer show. That prove my comment on this issue utterly correct.

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As long as the cinema remains an immersive experience you cannot match at home without expending thousands and thousands of dollars, people will still visit the cinema.

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Absolutely not. Going to the Cinema to see something you've been looking forward to being released cannot be replicated by home steaming, Even IF like myself you have a decent surround sound set up.

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yes eventually.

and it will also depend on future COVID variants and future pandemics with lockdowns and so forth.

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There will always be a place for cinemas especially for bebuts and special screenings. However, they have been declining in number and struggling for decades. Only a few remain limiting the amount of people who can attend.

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@Aly - Bit sad you think like that. Life is the best we make of it.

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Aly - Bit sad you think like that. Life is the best we make of it.

Why is that sad? I'd love to WFH, cook my meals in my BBQ in my yard, and binge on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I never thought I could the Izakaya social life, but I must say I am getting used to my hermit lifestyle.

Like you said  Life is the best we make of it.

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It’s expensive and people are disgusting with their food noises , whispering and farting in cinemas .

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its depends up to what kind of entertainment cinema will offer,if will be well balanced and reasonably priced-than cinema may have chance to survive next decade.

but its better to take in consideration outside world as things are rapidly changing-and peoples behaviour as well.

there are many streaming services available/netflix for example/ also many are having hard times to keep up with paying of their bills for living costs/so less money tp spent for anything extra/...and yes many are annoyed by very surreal,agressive,pornographic,violent and weird say LGBT themed scenes portrayed in movies as "new normal" and "western values"... so to be honest question remains open.

as me personally I am not so big fan of japanese cinema and will prefer watch some quality movie of my choice at home,without to be disturbed but many annoying ads...

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Cinema will be a thing of the past due to the lack of good movies. Nowadays everything is propaganda.

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Just saw Maverick Top Gun last night in a theater. Best action movie I've ever seen, must be seen in a theater with a good sound system. Great movie!

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Some movies just must be seen at 10 times life size and a T-rex, for example, NEEDS that space rather than being reduced to toy size on a smaller screen, and the detail of everything, everywhere comes out so much more. And then, of course, the mind devouring volume of sound that accompanies the large screen which, if possible at home, would eventually cause one to become accused of being a public nuisance... the 'movie theatre' probably still has some miles to go before it sleeps...

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Having a meal at a restaurant and going to the movies on a night out will remain a desired outing for years to come. The big screen at the cinema's, and the atmosphere is not yet able to be replicated in the average home.

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As some one who will wait to watch maverick on streaming the answer is yes.

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I hope not!!!! There is nothing like watching a good film on the silver screen!!! One has to spend a fortune to recreate such experience at home with surround sound and all. Considering how small most Japanese houses are, it would be difficult to dedicate one room for this use.

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Currently no, there's likely still demand for it as the experience is still different, and often it's more about social event than the movie itself.

When less straining VR is incorporated in some form to the streaming in the future than perhaps.

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1-Cinemas will have to offer visual/audio/VR/whatever experiences that TV sets/home systems can't provide.

2-Studios will have to release in Cinermas, rather than juming straight to streaming.

3-Covid will have to become history, and Cinemas will have to remain economically viable until then.

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They said this with VHS and DVDs as well. For some, streaming will be just fine and good on 'em. I believe however, that the communal experience of art (or at least "entertainment") coupled with the huge screen and sound systems (not to mention the popcorn) will continue to have an economically viable role in the future.

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I hope not. I love going to the cinema. There are some movies that are just made to be watched on a big screen and you can't fully replicate it at home. Part of going to the cinema is the experience.

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I like the big screens and big sound systems. My favorite is 4DX with the movable chairs.

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I cannot say that going to movie theater is old-fashioned or a thing of past, since there are a number of movie goers in our society. Also, recent cinema complexes provide unique services such as 4D experience that online streaming services cannot offer to thier customers. Also, movie theaters themselves are sometimes considered as a place for people with the same preferences to share theirs with others. Therefore movie theaters or cinemas won't fade in the flow of time and they will be able to work well with the online streaming services.

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I think a lot of theaters will close, and a lot of movies will go straight to streaming, but cinemas will still exist. They may go more to their roots, in fact: an enjoyable experience out, like it was once instead of just a very commonplace thing (neither bad, but I'm just saying).

You simply cannot get the same experience at home on your devices, first and foremost because you cannot stop the movie at a cinema for whatever distraction happens to come to you (which is anything). At home, I would be surprised if I last five minutes without pausing something to check texts, or go do something. In the theater, the lights down, you can forget the outside world and the distractions. THAT is part of the experience you cannot have at home.

And what I really like is how they are bringing back old classics to play for a week in the smaller theaters. I had never seen Back to the Future Part I on the big screen, but got to in 2020 before Covid began. Same with The Blues Brothers (the original), Apocalypse Now, and more. The repertoire experience is coming back, too.

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Not likely, people look for different kind of experiences in a movie theater and their own houses. The point of "going out" to the movie theater is to experience a bit of life outside. Streaming give people that are not interested on this an option, but some people this is not necessary and still prefer a movie theater.

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Much as I absolutely love my home cinema setup... Not everyone has the wall real estate, funds, or desire to invest in a quality projector (I can strongly recommend the Epson LS500 UST) and sound system. Personally, I abhor the public cinema experience. Filthy and loaded with distractions (couples making out, kids giggling or throwing stuff around, old people trying to keep each other up to speed on what's going on on-screen). But public cinemas will never die. People love the experience, I'm just not one of them.

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Just last week there was 3 articles about streaming services going broke. Jeez make up your mind.

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...and it will also depend on future COVID variants and future pandemics with lockdowns and so forth.

Yup, because we know they're coming. I wonder how many boosters they'll have us on by then.

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I enjoy going to the Cinema once in a while if the story line of the move is very interesting which I think will stay because its fun to go out and see movies. I also enjoy going to the theater especailly in Japan. I have seen plays in Takarazuka which my wife and I enjoy and we have also saw Yoshimoto live in Kyoto a few years ago. With technology the way it is today there is no need for Television and my family does not even own one nor care for one.

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Cinemas will survive but they will be small in numbers, also I think they will have to change more of what they have to offer instead of just showing the movie. I have seen some changes where the seats now recline to make people feel more at home as if they are lounging around and being comfortable as if they were at home.

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. Cinema still has a place but it’s awful if the loudness of the movie can’t drown out the terrible human nonsense like coughing, talking and loud open mouth chewers

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Watched Top Gun Maverick last week at a Toho theater in Tachikawa… Worth every penny.

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No and yes.

There will always be a significant percentage of people who enjoy and prefer the cinema setting. The question becomes will this enduring market segment be enough to sustain the theaters as to keep them open.

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