Do you think Nissan's sales will suffer as a result of former chairman Carlos Ghosn's prolonged detention in Japan?

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Naturally, I cannot speak for others, but I would not buy a Nissan ever again.

Whether or not Ghosn is guilty is irreverent to me. I don't like Pearl Harbour tactics, and I am disturbed by Japans legal system, rule of law, and judiciary.

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IF..and I admit its a big IF, that Nissan were producing a car I wanted, then yes. I would purchase.

Now, Ex_Res, maybe we should pose the same question about buying VW or Mercedes after their complicity in something far larger! By the way, I would buy both.

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Naturally, I cannot speak for others, but I would not buy a Nissan ever again.

I'll second that.

Whether or not Ghosn is guilty is irreverent to me. I don't like Pearl Harbour tactics, and I am disturbed by Japans legal system, rule of law, and judiciary.

EXACTLY! Well said.

Ex_Res took the words right out of my mouth.

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I don't believe it will affect the sales for most people. There are those that will mark this as a company that they do not want to do business with. But I think for most it will be business as usual.

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Nissan have made bland cars and wicked sports cars over years. Driven all the major manufacturers in Japan myself, and currently on my fifth Nissan. No better no worse, but does what I need.

As to whether they sell less in some quarter, I personally do not think the Japanese justice system will change the flavor or the pro- or anti-camps to any great extent. Some like ‘irreverent’ Ex-Res above will come down hard, but to others this scandal may even work as free publicity.

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Well, "hurt"? I mean, I think Nissan will go back to the way it was before Ghosn rescued them -- something many here would like to forget. So if you can that hurting the company, then yes. But it only went back into black through Ghosn, so it's more a return to the norm here.

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I'd like to think so, but probably not. Apple users are fine supporting a despotic dictatorship so what's a financial scandal in a car company compared to that?

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No, I don't think it will affect sales. In fact, over Christmas when I was in Australia, I was speaking with some relatives who live in a small city. Two of them have been driving Nissan cars for years. They don't know who Ghosn is, never heard the name and couldn't care less. But they have known their local Nissan dealer for 20 years and trust him, so of course, they are happy with their Nissan cars.

Ex_Res, your grievance is with Japan's justice system that is keeping Ghosn incarcerated and I agree with you. But to say you'll never buy another Nissan car again because of Japan's legal system is illogical. You might as well say you won't buy any other Japanese companies' products.

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I agree with @smartacus. The average person doesn't read the business news; he or she is interested mainly in the news in their own community, their struggles to keep their heads above their debts, their families, children, jobs and other personal matters. If they're going to buy a new vehicle, they'll think budget, first, then compare what that budget allows them to buy.

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What Japanese car then?

Honda - Uncomfortable

Mazda - Poor

Mitsubishi - Choiceless

Nissan - Falling

Suzuki - Cheap

Toyota - Dislike

Then the only choice Lexus?

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If they make a good vehicle then I'll buy it. It's as simple as that.

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Toyota - Dislike Then the only choice Lexus?

Toyota is Lexus

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The man who built the company to rise from the ashes, only to be crucified by his subordinate Saikawa, who is trying to break the alliance. I'd say the company will go back to the sewers soon.

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The Ghosn case strengthened my wish to continue supporting Nissan. Gonna get two cars soon, both from Nissan!

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I see the vote is pretty evenly divided, 46% yes and 48% no.

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I just bought a Nissan Serena, it is the best selling family wagon car in Japan. Didn't buy it for the design or speed, I bought it because it is comfortable and fits my entire family. And if the car fits the specs I need, I don't care that the former president is arrested for stealing billions

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I understand that. I understand what you’re saying. I can see it angers you.

I have also been in Japan long enough to understand the full brunt and history between Japan and China and the bad blood unfortunately as a top car executive in Japan.  

But have a look here and take some satisfaction in it. Because the Chinese envy everyone else’s stuff.

This is GWM.


Proudly named. Great Wall Motors? Look familiar? Based after the Toyota business model. Look at the logo.

It was ripped off and copied from Toyota.

 It is because Chinese ingenuity has no originality.


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I'm with speed. I just want whichever car I think is the best for the money. Heck, if we stopped buying from companies that have CEO and policies that we don't agree with for whatever reason, we couldn't buy anything! "Lets boycott Disney because of blah blah blah...let's boycott Apple because they blah blah blah... let's boycott Name the Company..." Sure, I want to support responsible, ethical companies that believe like me, but I have to watch out for my own bank account.

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It is because Chinese ingenuity has no originality.

exactly the same could have been said of Japan during the boom of the 70s 80s

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People are hardly interested in the Ghosn affair.


Certainly in Africa, Indonesia, Australia, - wherever - people look at

1. price 2. quality and performance


So Ghosn is a non issue.

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wtfjapan :exactly the same could have been said of Japan during the boom of the 70s 80s


YOu don't know what you're talking about. J technology was breaking round.


No nation has had to re-invent the wheel.


Very few have been able to optimize it-


Japan= Zen and the art of technogy.

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I have only had Nissan and Toyota

Had a Maxima- in th those days drove like a bird. Beautiful

Then I had a Pathfinder. Solid Frame. Great performance. No problems.

Had several Toyotas.

The Celica was like flying. Stopped on a dime

Never had a problem with any of them.

Now driving a Highlander. Not too enamoured with the body.

Will probably trade it in for a 4 Runner.

Their vehicles are works of art.


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I doubt in the grand scheme of things and considering the geographical size of Nissan's market that this will make no significant difference in sales. Who knows though?

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sorry...the double negative...I doubt that this will make any different in sales

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I voted No. I doubt most people care.

In the long term, the corporate coup that brought this about will affect senior management and in turn affect sales. Many talented executives out there will be scared of joining a company prepared to do this.

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Agree with everything Ex_Res said.

Also not a petrolhead at all,in fact it has been more than 30 years since I owned a car,but who would turn down a Nissan GTR!

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1) I would never buy a car from nissan

2) I hope they go bankrupt soon.

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Nissan cars don't have the reliability of Honda or Toyota and they tend to suck gas. On the other hand with used car expenses so high in Japan reliability isn't such a concern. But I'm not much interested in their cars anyway.

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The word of the Ghosn affair does get around, not just about what he allegedly did, but also how Nissan dropped him and gave him an additional kick when he was down and then how the justice system is treating him, failing to properly charge him and deny him proper legal counsel. That all is news and few people will miss that. It influences the choices they make. Nissan might soon return to the pre-Ghosn days.

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