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Do you think North Korea will actually attack South Korea or U.S. bases in Japan or Guam?

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They seem to be just about insane and deluded enough to try...

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Desperate people do desperate things.

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On balance, no. But L'il Kim is certainly noisy and, just possibly, may believe that a lightning strike at Seoul could pay off.

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While a huge attack is probably out of the question, SOME kind of attack could very likely happen. It has in the past, most recently with the sinking of the ROKS Cheonen in 2010. I'm worried if they'll try to pull that stunt again.

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A death sentence for North Korea, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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More importantly, if they "attacked" U.S. bases in Guam or Japan, would anyone notice?

-11 ( +0 / -11 )

More importantly, if they "attacked" U.S. bases in Guam or Japan, would anyone notice?

Yes, I think they might....

5 ( +6 / -1 )

If they did it would trigger a war to make the Iraq war look like a spat between children... so no, I don't think even NK would be that stupid.

0 ( +3 / -3 )

Given the rhetoric from NK and the bellicose nature of both the North and South, it's a given that NK will find some provocation (real or imagined) from SK and launch a strike.

They'll get mangled for it, but they have demonstrated that they are foolish enough to try, given that in the recent past, NK has shelled an SK island and sunk one of SK's littoral naval ships.

Neither side is all that bright, but NK seems a bit dimmer than the South, so yes, yes North Korea will attack.

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KJU can,t be so stupid.....well, maybe. In a way I wish they would. Would take about a week and the NK oppression, starvation and threats could come to an end. Reprogramming the Norths thinking could prove problematic for successfull asymilation.

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I wish they would try, because they would fail, as always. Then the U.S. could carpet bomb the hell out of them.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

They can do far more damage selling their nuclear and missile technology to rogue states or terrorist organizations.The current noise they're emitting may be a sleight of hand aimed at covering up such activities.

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Do you think North Korea will actually attack South Korea or U.S. bases in Japan or Guam?

Call the Uruguay Embassy in London, ask for a Mr Assange. Tell him you're a friend of Bertie's.

Ask him.

He'll know.

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Weirder things have happened. It's like predicting the weather, there is no way to tell NK will have the balls to attack. But if it does, it will end badly for many.

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Do you think North Korea will actually attack South Korea or U.S. bases in Japan or Guam?

Why ask us?

How on Earth would we know?

Ask Wikileaks. Maybe they know.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )


More importantly, if they "attacked" U.S. bases in Guam or Japan, would anyone notice?

Whether the rest of the world would or not, the people in Guam and Japan would certainly notice.

My sympathies go to the people who get caught in the cross fire.

The guys who made it happen, the string pullers and politicians, the "Bush's" the "Cheneys" and "Rumsfelds" are the real ones to blame, but they always escape.

The ones who drop the bombs and fire the guns, the knee-jerk "ours-not-to-reason-why-ours-but-to-do-or-die" idiots who did the killing go free because they were "doing their duty."

But the ones who really suffer are the guys who get caught in the cross fire, the women and children and old 'uns who were doing not harm to anybody.

This should be solved with human communication - NOT macho muscle.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

No. North Korea would lose it's allies very quickly if they tried. China is not going to screw with one of it's largest receiver of Chinese goods unless the US attacked first, and frankly, that's just not going to happen.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Irak had huge amounts of modern weapons, if NK attacks it will be very different from the korean war in 1950

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

A limited attack may be in the offing, like the artillery shelling in 2010, but most agree a major attack would risk suicide.

We all presume the DPRK leadership knows that, but what if they're so deluded at this point they think: what the heck, Gotterdammerung! It's happened before plenty of times elsewhere.

What's worrying about the current situation, given everyone is getting so itchy, is that even a limited action by the DPRK could trigger a response that propels us all down a very ugly road.

2 ( +2 / -0 )


" Given the rhetoric from NK and the bellicose nature of both the North and South, it's a given that NK will find some provocation (real or imagined) from SK and launch a strike. They'll get mangled for it, "

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. They are not foolish at all, they will not start a serious attack, and they won´t get mangled.

The fact is: Sabre-rattling has worked for North Korea before, and it will work again. The Obama admin will cave and appease them with concessions, as have previous admins. That is the way North Korea does business.

That there might be some shelling of some South Korean fishing village or something like that, is a different story. That is just to add volume to the demands.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Saber rattling got "some results" including an additionally tighter throttling of UNSC trade and financial sanctions against North Korea. This time around, China joined after pushing against sanctions for a long time.

So ... while the young Un may following what used to be a tried and true formula, he is running out of rhetorical options. He already declared the Armistice at an end last month then followed by the declaration that the DPRK was in a state of war. And now, finally, he's closed down the Kaesong Industrial Park. Most noticeably though by allowing the ROK citizens at the park to go home and then closing the border to ROK citizens en route to work there.

The shrill nature of the military "mobilization" might actually cover for an internal fight going on in the DPRK. The military emergency gives Un the cover to implement even stricter "security" controls, round up suspects, jail them or worse, etc.

You have to figure that when the UNSC issued the unanimously approved new sanctions, members of the DPRK elite started to feel the financial hurt and thus cause some new ripples of disaffection and griping.

But, you cannot ignore the fact that China has mobilized its northeasert military sector and has sent troops and jets closer to the DPRK border ... which goes to show you how annoying the latest rhetoric from Pyongyang happens to be for all parties.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

War in Asia is coming. Within the next 10yrs would be my guess. China economically will be declining from all the rapid growth of previous decades. Demographics will paint a picture of large groups of unemployed young men. And an aging unsustainable aging population that will dependant more on social walfare.

The U.S. economically and militarily will not be in the driver's seat anymore. Sea/land Border disputes, and one-nation policies will be more attractive to govts like china, north korea, and russia.

I think the DPRK is testing the waters early, but this is EXACTLY what they will be doing in the future but with the hopes that the US will take a seat and don't participate in whats to come

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

The true architects of Asia will be Asian nations who hold greater military power in the future. The Taiwan Issue, The North/South Korean Issue, the various Island Issues will not be solved by diplomacy. Although I wish this was not the case. The reality of all this is that nations like China, North Korea etc are preparing for eventual confrontation.

The north koreans have been preparing for the past 50yrs for "unification" of the korean peninsula. Will they attack the US to achieve this goal. Not likely. They don't want to involve unneccessary parties but the U.S. wants to be involved. So they are showing the U.S. what involvement means in a War in Asia. How long can the US police east asia and expect that they won't get rocks thrown at them as they drive by. Real diplomacy has to be started

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

While I wanted to vote, "No", the unknown about everything in North Korea pushes me to vote "yes", they will. They've been too isolated for too long. They seem to view the world through their limited eyes and experience. Also, what may have worked in the past for them, they think by pushing it over the line, will get them more of whatever they want. Shame, the only ones to suffer through this is the great people of North Korea. They deserve much better leadership.

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There is always a change. The question is would it be for the better. Thousands or millions may die but after China may allow for the unification of Korea. War will be good for Japan, it was the last Korean war that help prop up Japan after the WWII. Now when Korea comes back, it will be bad for Japan since if they re-establish the lead in industries as electronics, they will have the raw material from the north to really establish a powerhouse. Japan wanted Korea for the raw materials of north Korea back when. Without N. Korea, it will be harder for the US to justify leaving troops in Japan and Korea even if both governments want them. Boarder issues with China is not a pleasant thing. So, the question is, is the status quo better?

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I think they will try something sneaky, like torpedoing a South Korean ship, rather than openly attacking.

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Iraq and north korea, both use Russian weapons.Iraq army as gurf war had by far better equiptment than the present north korean has. In addition unlike Iraq , they don't have enough oil to run war machine.they may not have enough food to feed their soldiers.If war should happen, north korea would be crushed soon.north korean knows this.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Voted no. Why? very simple: As the user "333333" said, they haven't enough oil and enough food to feed and moving 4 millions NK soldiers. In addition, their tech level is quiet old compared to US, so NK will be crushed very soon if a war will going to happen.

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Maybe the bases in Japan.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

They have dismantled the missile, just as I said they would. Now stand by the for the next round of concessions. It is the same ld script that Kim Yon Junior is playing.

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