Do you think that AKB48 singer Minami Minegishi's tearful YouTube apology for dating was a publicity ploy or act of contrition?

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It was stupid to say the least. Doing all that because she wants to have a love life. How disgusting.

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If it WAS publicity, it was one of the lowest forms of publicity.

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It looked like an act of contrition to me. Perceiving that as a publicity ploy seems cynicial in the extreme.

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This was of course ordered by the management. It Is a form of abuse and a way to control the others through fear. This like all AKB 48 stuff was planned to make an impact and it has. It is modern day slave labour, exploiting the immature and their greedy parents.

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This story reminded me a sad story of "Oiran" culture in red district. These Oirans were living under exploitation as sex slaves and prohibited to have a normal life. There is a Kabuki story of Oiran who fell in love. She left the red district for freedom but she was found and captured. This Oiran was murdered for punishment. This AKB48 management including Akimoto is a control freak like a religious cult.

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It was definitely not publicity motivated. She got demoted to trainee cos of her lustful adventure. Also, her so-called 'heartfelt apology' has been removed from the AKB YouTube channel. She was also one of the founding members of AKB and had 'sempai' status within the group. I would say it is more to do with how strict and crazy the producers are and how insecure it is making the 90 odd members of AKB. One of the major selling points of the AKB soft porn is, they are supposed to be virginal. It is a very sad part of culture when you consider a large part of their fan base is middle aged men. I saw a guy in his 40's watching an AKB clip on hie iPhone the other day, but he wasn't listening to it. My 8y/o daughter likes their music, but even she will comment "sukebe" when watching their vids on YouTube.

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I think it was more like "Oh crap, now I'm gonna lose contracts and money, better do something. I know, I'll apologize and cry. That should do it"

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She is a 20 year old young woman it is absolutely shameful that, for publicity or not, acting as a normal, healthy young lady has caused this much shame to fall upon her!

All I know about AKB is it sounds like a prison sentence for the poor girls involved. Minami is an innocent victim of WAY overzealous management, and regardless of if this come from Her or Them, she was made to do it either way.

There is nothing disgusting about being human.

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This latest idiocy from the AKB franchise should put people off it. We already know that the marketers of these girls try to sell them as a form of kiddie porn lite to their 30-40 year old desperate male fans. And that this whole "availability" nonsense is a part of that element of the marketing.

But add to that the draconian regulations that keep these girls from being able to have normal young lives of dating and having boyfriends, and you have something that borders on cult like sickness.

All this is before the shrill piercing and excessively cute "music" (using the term very loosely here) that they produce.

Whether contrived, real or otherwise, this behavior on all parts is sad and sick. Come on Japan grow up and let's move past the endless obsession with "kawaii" and young girls. A nation this creative should be able to do something better and more meaningful. And a nation with this heritage should be shamed by the fluffy cuteness obsession that has all but replaced all your past culture.

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Come on Japan grow up and let's move past the endless obsession with "kawaii" and young girls.

Japanese are not willing to change, tkoind2. These OJII are living in stressful society with no hope and future.These middle age Japanese men are very resentful. They are using these kawaii girls for their anger outlets. Unacceptable.

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globalwatcher. Having been here a very long time I know what you mean. But the obsession is also dangerous. Just look at how many attacks on young girls take place by the same frustrated age group.

So should society actively encourage these obsessions with things like maid bars and AKB48? The answer is clearly no it should not.

I disagree that Japan cannot change. So many people say that all the time. But it shows no understanding of Japan's history. This country evolved from a medieval state to a global power in less than 50 years. Recovered from a devastating war in less than 15 and became a global economic super power.

It showed extreme creativity in mastering global markets and in reinventing itself.

The problem is not Japanese culture. The problem is that there is an incorrect perception within Japanese society that nothing can be changed. When in fact, that perception is a change in and of itself. A perception that is a product of the bubble years over confidence in Japan's self. One that will have to be tossed out in order for the nation to move forward on so many other levels.

So can we do away with kawaii and AKB48. Absolutely. It just takes people deciding to do so. Like previous generations decided to change.

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We still obsessing about South? My guess is the AKB juggernaut has already moved on and is dreaming up yet another ploy to tittilate its huge fanbase. I, for one, can't wait.

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The only question was if it was she and her mom pulling the stunt, or her agent was in on it.

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Sinead O'Connor being bald = PR. This chick being bald = you missed a spot.

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Whether it was a PR stunt or a genuine deranged act of contrition isn't so important to me. The point is the message it sends, to girls aspiring to be like these young women; and to the boys and (let's not be coy about this) men who fawn over them in a manner that's well into the realm of ephebophilia.

It is sending out and reinforcing the message that girls' highest goal in life should be to cater to the sexual fantasies of men, and that breaching this vow of chastity is a terrible and grave sin. It's unhealthy and dangerous for everyone concerned. It needs to stop. Celebrities need to be intelligent, well adjusted human beings; not glorified masturbatory fantasy objects.

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Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid.

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I would never want to believe that was just for publicity because if it is... It is so pathetic and low.. just what the heck is wrong with you people? lol...

there is no other choice, so i guess... I don't care?

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Either way I think it's horrifying.

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