Do you think that binge-watching your favorite TV shows or movies can become problematic or addictive?

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yes for SOME people. For the majority of us, I don't see a problem. I sometimes binge using my ipad at home while lifting weights in my bedroom so I try to do something positive while binging.

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Addictive, yes. It's just as wasting your time playing online video games.

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It's ok to binge watch or do marathon watching of the shows you love, as long as you don't neglect your responsibilities. Discipline is key.

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time wasting as same as games.

great way to go if you want to reduce your IQ.

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No, of course not. Then you had to declare everyone commuting everyday to workplace and doing there something for many hours, also as very problematic or addicted. And I guess in this very similar case you don’t have any such considerations or see a problem.

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Depends on the person but I think in general, it's okay. There's nothing wrong with have a binge-fest every now and then and as long as you don't neglect your work, chores, schoolwork etc. you're grand. I usually do work, research for work, cook, or exercise while I'm bingeing a show or having a movie marathon - killing two birds with one stone if you will.

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Yes, but no.

Yes because I do sometimes get so engrossed in a good show that I can't bring myself to turn it off even though I really should, so its kind of addictive in that sense.

BUT also no because unlike harmful forms of addictions this one has a natural way of killing the addiction which prevents it from being harmful- when I've watched the whole series of a show I can easily just walk completely away from it. Like there are some shows where I'll watch the whole series over the course of a week or so and am addicted to it during that time, but once I've seen them all my addiction instantly evaporates and I go about my life as normal. This makes it way different from alcohol, drugs, etc where the addiction can potentially go on indefinitely.

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For me no, never binge watch. If you have an addictive personality then any activity can become a problem.

Aly Rustom, perhaps you are exercise addicted? :)

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It only becomes a problem when you run out of episodes...

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No - Not as long as you do everything that really needs to be done before you sit down and binge. Bottle of wine, some artisan cheese. Big screen/Surround sound, all set.

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Oh, no. Not at all. Just plop down on the couch with a bottle of Bud and some salted peanuts. Enjoy!

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I don't know to be honest.

I enjoy watching two or three episodes of a favourite or much-loved series, but I'd grow bored if I binge watched them... I think it diminishes them somewhat. The wait for the next episode (like TV series used to be) was part of the excitement.

Can it be addictive? I suppose you can get addicted to anything: shopping, exercising, playing grabby machines... TV box sets I suppose are just another activity that can produce the right chemicals in your brain.

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Anything can become addictive for folk who are prone to addiction. Some are, some aren't.

I watch one episode of kdrama a night, sometimes two with a break in between. The supply of series that I enjoy is limited, so I'm rationing it.

I enjoy it more if I let an episode sink in for a bit or sleep on it. Watching an entire series in one evening wouldn't allow that.

Plus I'm simply too busy to binge. I work on-and-off through the day, evening and into the early hours. An hour off watching an episode relaxes me.

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No, not really addictive, but I found that continued exposure to violence, e.g. "Blacklist" is not that good for my mental state-of-health and can interfere with my sleep.

On the hand a well-written NZ mystery series called "Brokenwood Mysteries" with likable characters is easy to binge on with no bad side effects.

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My wife has Korean and Chinese historical and present-day dramas on all day every day, switching from one channel to the next like chain smoking. As if she is watching every series offered. Sometimes I ask her to turn down the sound as it permeates the house. She doesn't understand the meaning of them, though she has an eye on the subtitles, and she can't tell the difference between Korean and Chinese dramas, because I've asked her. I guess she likes the situations, costumes and raw emotions...? It doesn't seem to do her any harm, except to reinforce traditional stereotypical values that maybe she had in her childhood. (?)

When she is away I have a free hand to tidy up the house as her housekeeping does seem to suffer.

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My wife has Korean and Chinese historical and present-day dramas on all day every day... When she is away I have a free hand to tidy up the house as her housekeeping does seem to suffer.

In other words a 1 + 1

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In other words a one plus one is less than two relationship. Ganbare!

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I am addicted to fortnite. There, I said it.

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I pretty much only watch educational documentaries (currently plowing through episodes of 'How the

Universe Works' which is pretty darn good), so when I do binge watch, I feel like I'm learning something.

So a 'No' from me.

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An episode or two a day is fine, but if you get sucked into a show for over 4 hours per day, it can have a very negative effect.

Life can start feeling incredibly dull by comparison, chores get skipped, procrastination sets in, there is less time to do anything productive, and on top of that you may start feeling guilty about that while craving more entertainment.

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If you voted "No", start watching "Line of Duty" and see what your opinion is then...

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