Do you think the 10-day Golden Week holiday period from April 27 to May 6, during which the imperial succession is scheduled to take place, is a good idea? The travel industry is eager to take advantage of the unusual business opportunity, while a survey has indicated that people who welcome the holidays and those who do not are nearly evenly divided.

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The travel industry is just keen to jack up flight and hotel prices to 10 times normal prices, knowing Japanese will pay because a 10 day holiday break from work doesnt even happen with the birth of your first child here.

Meanwhile those of us who can take holidays normally have to pay exorbitantly inflated prices just to get out of town during that time. I guess i will sit around the house and watch movies... But I would rather work that week and take the 10 days at another time!

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Its a wonderful thing. This country is overworked and needs more time off.

But I would rather work that week and take the 10 days at another time!

Now that is a brilliant idea! If a company would allow their workers to take the time off before or after these 10 days instead of during it would be amazing for the economy as you are looking at a whole month of heightened business for the travel industry. 10 days off could be very detrimental to a company, but if the above policy is implemented it could have a very good economic effect on the travel industry and could do ALOT to revitalize the rural communities that would benefit from the urban travelers. 10 days off, anyway you look at it though, is an excellent thing for overworked Japan.

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Japanese need more holidays. If it was made permanent that would force 10 days holiday on a population that desperately needs it

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Eh, supply and demand, nothing you can do about it.

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I've just looked at the prices of airfares. Ridiculous. Can't even leave during the week before.

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Let the people, not the state, choose their holidays. The congestion, availability of flights and hotels and prices are nightmare during the designated holiday periods.

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I don't need a 10-day holiday then because I am taking the first two weeks of July off, so I'll be working during most of Golden Week.

NHK had an interesting segment on this a few weeks ago. Hospitals and clinics will not have outpatient services, which is not good. Parents who have to work are worried about what to do with their children if daycare centers close for 10 days.

Like most holidays, a lot of companies will still be operating. The hospitality, retail, manufacturing, transport industries are just a few. These holidays will be good for employees of banks, post offices, government ministries but that's about all.

And how about part-time workers? Think of the wages they will lose.

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Most workers will not get a ten day break anyway. Many business owners fear going broke if production stops for ten days. By the way, there are actually only two extra holidays due to the others being carry over days.

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While Japanese people need as much time off as possible, the problem with Golden Week is that it's the only time when it's acceptable for them to actually take some quality time off, and they all get stuck paying twice the regular airfare should they wish to travel.

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Do you think the 10-day Golden Week holiday period from April 27 to May 6, during which the imperial succession is scheduled to take place, is a good idea?

Look at the question. It simply asks is the 10 day Golden Week holiday a good idea. Yes. But like others said, all Japanese have to take same days, shougatu, obon, Golden Week, like lemmings in the ridiculous 70-80 km traffic jams, trains, fees increase as mentioned. Glad I never had to work on Japanese schedule. We stay home during ALL Japan holidays.

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Its a great idea!

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I see national holidays as largely a failure of the government to enforce the right of workers to take paid holidays. Instead, the government simply declares more national holidays and does nothing if certain employers ignore them. Companies that mistreat workers are given tacit approval, they are not nails to be hammered down.

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a survey has indicated that people who welcome the holidays and those who do not are nearly evenly divided.

Well, that survey differs completely with JT's survey where 67% say yes and only 33% say no.

Most workers will not get a ten day break anyway

I'm not getting a 10 day break and neither is anyone else I know.

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@Serrano: Well, I am getting a 10 day break as is mostly everybody I know. other than my local bartender and waiter!! I also fully support it this year, there is after all rather a big change going on in the Impeial Household after all.

In any case - I know many people who when this was first reported but not made official started to make travel plans when prices were not inflated. No point whingeing about it now.

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It's always a panic during Golden Week anyway. Avoid Narita, find something quiet to hike off too, take photos, read.

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JeffLeeJan. 21  03:44 pm JST

Let the people, not the state, choose their holidays. 



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Getting 10 days off is great and it doesn't mean you HAVE TO pay exorbitantly high airfares, go to crowded places, etc. I have been salivating since I first heard and plan to do something relaxing and fun but fairly cheap.

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Ten days to play with the grandkids, get the spring/summer veggies in the ground, generally chilli out...sounds good.

Not like it happens every year.

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If you don't like taking 10 days off, you don't have to. You can still go to your company and work, or if they are closed, bring your work home and do it. Use remote access to your office computern

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Bad idea. There is a term called " 5月病" which basically means "Golden Week hang-over." Students and workers just get into a routine and then---BAHM!---a 4-5 day vacation which breaks the rhythm and leads to depression and sometimes suicide. With ten days looming over the horizon, I hope I am wrong but I predict a spike after this long holiday. Of course, only in Japan could a long vacation be a source of stress...

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The reason it is a bad idea is because it will give a lot of people 10 days with absolutely nothing to do. Some will be paid and some will not be paid. Furthermore, transportation costs will soar, banks and government facilities will be closed, and everywhere will be crowded. That is a long time to lose access to certain things.

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It's a super idea. During this time our friends from Japan often stay with us in the San Francisco Bay Area. They, on the other hand, always reciprocate when we go to Japan.

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