Do you think the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might have swayed people to vote for ruling Liberal Democratic Party candidates in Sunday's upper house election?

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yes unfortunately

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I don’t think so. The result would’ve been the same either way. The opposition are in such disarray, the LDP would have won regardless. There was no bump in people voting.

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LDP would have still won it no matter what.

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Err, no. A resounding "no".

*According to a Kyodo News estimate, however, the turnout rate stood at only 52.0 percent as of 1 a.m. The figure is just 3.2 percentage points higher than the second-lowest turnout of 48.8 percent recorded in 2019.*

Add to this that the election was already forecasting an LDP-victory with a comfy number of votes, so...

The result is in-line with what was "expected" before the murder and the participation in the election was pretty catastrophic "as usual" or, well, "as expected"...

So, no it doesn't look there was any Abe Shinzo "effect" whatsoever...I guess it is just the J-voters who as usual:

.voted against the LDP (not enough of them)

.voted for the LDP clinging to the hope that Kishida has a "plan," any kind of "plan" (they'll boot him out in a few years like so many before), far too many of these voters I'm afraid...

.did not vote (the "shou-ga-nai" party), that's the majority party for 'ya

TBH, I pretty much gave up after last year's election. After pretty much a decade of scandals, banzai-posturing and inertia, did the J-voters decide that it was "fine". So, I guess, "fine" with me...

I'll still continue to b.tch about things, but I pretty much have folded my hopes, locked them up in a trunk that I hid in a storage-room which I locked up too. Hopes are precious, but the "stars need to be in some kind of alignment" to turn to them. It's not the case and it won't be the case in any near future, I'm afraid.

I guess I'll just take the (sigh) popcorn and try to "enjoy" the sad show of the Japanese jumping off the bridge one election at a time. But, I'll take all precautions I can and be sitting as far as I can from the guardrails when doing so...Still, it is beyond sadness for my J-friends and their kids...

Unless any cataclysmic change that nobody is currently foreseeing, will nothing change, so..."Shou ga nai", I guess...

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Yes but the results would have been the same for the most part.

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Yes, with a caveat. Voter turnout was low. This might have given the LDP and other right-wing groups an advantage. The right-wing's mourning of Abe likely gave them more enthusiasm to vote in honor of their fallen hero.

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Yes, but not likely in a significant number.

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They still would have won, but sadly, yes, I think it swayed the minds of some sheeple.

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