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Do you think the corruption investigation of Japanese Olympic Committee head Tsunekazu Takeda by French authorities, involving Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, may be in retaliation for the prosecution of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who has French nationality?

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It's obvious the payout was a bride. No connection with Ghosn who simply broke the law in underreporting his own money earned.

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Doubtful. It's probably just people finally looking into the corrupt organisation that is the Olympics anyway.

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The investigation actually started long before the Ghosn issue so I do not think so.

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ZENJIJan. 15  06:49 am JST

This is not like the U S A. This is not a trump like vendetta, . . .

Trump is not the U.S.A.

the rest of the world does not act like that.

Turkey, China, Russia, Israel . . .

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Its like watching a circus, the whole world is a mess of tit-for-tat and it will stay that way until people cut it out with the globalization crap.  Everyone is much happier being divided in their own spheres.  Nothing wrong with that :)

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Japan has been -and will continue to be- on a downward slide for quite some time.

Too insular for the modern world, no matter how fancy the Walkman becomes.

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When economically prosperous countries start acting like thugs, they're on a downhill slide. I voted no. Too thuggish.

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That's a real stretch. Still, I wonder if his predicament is in any way a shot across the bow of the general prospect of putting non-Japanese control over Japanese things.

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I voted yes, but now I'm not sure. I hope so. I also hope that the findings put a stop to Tokyo hosting the olympics, otherwise what's the point of the investigation? And I hope that Japan loses the right to host the olympics as a result of Ghosn's arrest. Maybe wishful thinking, but one can always hope..

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Victim mentality. France's judiciary is independent of government.

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This is not like the U S A. This is not a trump like vendetta, the rest of the world does not act like that.

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France is not China

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Takeda's corruption investigation by the French started in 2016 based on events in 2013 when Tokyo won the games. There is pressure to conclude that before the Olympics. That Japan decided to detain Ghosn without charge for more than 50 days now in order to destroy its international business reputation is their own private decision and has nothing to do with France.

Japan has so many corruption investigations going on, similarities were bound to happen

How's that stadium lawsuit going?

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