Do you think the post-pandemic world will be awash with corporate bankruptcies and prolonged unemployment in most countries?

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most definitely. Also add to this post-pandemic world an inflation of prices for goods and services while wages stay the same or even be reduced. You can also add stricter government surveillance measures used during the pandemic staying long after their initial intended purpose.

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I clicked yes by mistake. Can I change it?

I think humans are intelligent and flexible and will make changes for the good of mankind when the vaccine is widely used. Look at the speed of the vaccine development around the world, minus one country of course, Japan!

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Corporate bankruptcies? No, they are benefiting from the socialism for the rich by governments attentive to their needs.

Many small businesses and workers are in existential crisis mode for the foreseeable future. Countries like the US and Japan are dropping the ball on the coronavirus response.

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I think humans are intelligent and flexible and will make changes for the good of mankind when the vaccine is widely used.

In fairness the rates wouldn't be so high if so-called intelligent people would act responsibly and stop spreading the virus.

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Unfortunately there are just as many stupid and inflexible humans as there are intelligent and flexible humans. They cancel each other out.

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2020 - People found themselves stuck

2031 - still stuck - mindset change, and with all hat changes, adapting.

Some will be left out, left behind; some to have opportunities open up which were not there before.

Tricks are to recognize change and be able to change.

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Also add to this post-pandemic world an inflation of prices for goods and services while wages stay the same or even be reduced.

I think if anything you will see an acceleration of the decade long deflationary pressures that have plagued the worlds economies with a few exceptions. As the middle class shrinks buying habits change towards lower cost consumption. Bargain outlets fare ok, likewise on line buying but many traditional bricks and mortar businesses, especially those selling higher priced items and some of the more expensive restaurant chains will reorganize under bankruptcy laws. It doesn't mean they all go away but some will and others will change as they use bankruptcy to shed debt. But all that debt reduction will create deflationary pressures on the world's economies as value is lost.

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I think it will be quite the opposite of what the headline is asking. Look what happened after the Spanish Flu! It was the roaring twenties, lot's of work, lot's of money, good music, people just wanted to have fun. So people just hang in, stay safe be calm, be kind, wait for your vaccination. The good times are coming.

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corporate bankruptcies- maybe not.

prolonged unemployment in most countries- most definitely.

That's more or less what we saw in 2008 and that is what's going to happen again. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them.

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Yes and the gov't elite do not care.

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This situation combined with a declining population will lead to a further isolation of Japan and deflation. Many foreign companies and products will become unavailable. Already I can give a whole list of brands which have left Japan and many more to join them. And Japanese brands retrench to Japan. It was a good thing that Japanese companies did , buying up foreign brands as Suntory did with Jim Beam, Lapproigh and Bowmore and others.

but Mitsubishi has to quite Europe, Nissan most foreign markets, etc.. the first quarter of 2021 will see a historical retail disaster, globally, but more particularly in Japan. Let’s read the numbers in April, see if I was right

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I am anticipating massive debt overload and the result will be a direct or indirect war between the US and China. After that expect a debt reset and a bipolar world.

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Well corporate profits are all but based on mass consumption.. that is going away as the lockdown has shown you can mange with minimal basic consumption.. as for unemployment that is coming but will vary from country to country.. example in the US the current situation will result in jobs and sizable part of a firms business (especially enterprise firms) moving out of the US to EMEA and APAC..especially APAC.

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No, but answers depend on where you see and stress for analysis. It appears that we will have or change winners and losers across regions/countries and businesses.

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Nope, government will bail out/throw taxpayer money at all the corporations.

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There are a lot of business just surviving on loans right now. Many of them are hoping things will go back to normal and they can have a healthy revenue stream again. However, even after a vaccine, many things will not go back to normal. The virus will still be there. Many people and businesses have lost income that they can't recoup. Many people will be paying off bills and that will further reduce spending. There are even some businesses right now that are only active because they are taking loans so they can provide for their family. They have every intention of filing for bankruptcy after everything is over.

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I voted, no. The post pandemic world is fiction. We will never be 100% rid of this virus. The world will never be the same again. Yes, many businesses will go down the spout but other will thrive and will balance out. The world will have to adapt and evolve. International travel will never be the same. It will mean a new education for the whole world to live with this virus coz it will be with us forever.

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 It will mean a new education for the whole world to live with this virus coz it will be with us forever.

Easy there bucko. Many thought AIDS was the end of sex but it wasn't. There will be a post pandemic world.

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A lot of the problems are not inherently derived from the pandemic, for example things like the vanishing middle class or youth unemployment (the latter seems to be prevalent in every country across the globe regardless of political philosophy). I don't see a lot of brick-and-motar shops reopening after the pandemic and there is going to be a huge monopolisation in favour of the major technology companies in Silicon Valley, depriving local communities of investment. But none of these were inherently due to the pandemic and may have happened anyway with the decadal recession. We also overlook that much of the world hasn't actually recovered from the Great Recession. .

For Japan, I wonder if there is going to be a pull away from getting immigrants to do menial jobs and instead plough through with automation - especially things like convenience stores and public transport.

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Companies will be more profitable. Staff who were laid off will be re-employed at lower rates of pay, longer hours, and more demands. The cost of necessities, such as food, power, gas etc will rise, and mortgage rates will increase dramatically by 2020.

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If it happens . . . the important thing is people must keeping trying, and never lose hope . . . .

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If this vaccine does its job, there is a ton of pent up demand out there ready to roar.

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Prolonged unemployment- yes.

Bankruptcies for small businesses/sole traders - yes

Bankruptcies for corporate/ mega businesses- no, in fact they've all given themselves huge bonuses

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