Do you think the Tokyo Olympics, if they are held, will be a coronavirus super-spreader event?

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Looking at the photo-of-the-day published here on JT, there has been zero social distancing on the torch events, so you could even say the super-spreading has already begun.

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yup! especially with Osaka having trouble with the new strain there..

That's why I bought a second car and will commute to work from now on.

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DEFINATELY a super spreader.

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A "petri-dish" like super spreader event in the making.

Sorry for the athletes, but there are things more important than setting world records.

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Yes, but at least we can finally be done with it. Then let China worry about it.

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From a logical point of view, of course. Do you think they will be a virus extinguishing event instead? Of course, not. Therefore, they only can be a virus spreading event.

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There will be no overseas visitors. Athletes and support staff will be screened on entry and every few days. They stay in the "Olympic village". When their event is finished, they return home. These are published facts, not my opinion. The risk from athletes is minimal to none.

The numbers of spectators in the stadiums has yet to be announced. If its like the rugby or J league, fans will be masked, mostly outdoors, spaced out and silent. Again not a high risk. The biggest risk will come from what the spectators do AFTER watching the event. Going to pubs, bars and restaurants, eating and talking in close proximity is how the virus is transmitted.

The result will be a few extra transmissions but nothing remotely like the super spreader event so many posters on here are hoping for.

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There will be no overseas visitors. Athletes and support staff will be screened on entry and every few days. They stay in the "Olympic village". When their event is finished, they return home. These are published facts, not my opinion. The risk from athletes is minimal to none.

Didn't an article on here last week put the combined number of athletes ancillary staff at anything from 30,000 to 80,000? What's the size of all the media crews? When will they start arriving? When will the last one leave? Are they all restricted to the Olympic village? Didn't a poster yesterday say he ran into a member of the Spanish media team on the beach yesterday, and this person stated that only from his country the numbers of media staff would number in the thousands? So how about some accurate figures from the government about how many are projected to come, clear info about where all the non-athlete people who are coming to work at the Olympics will be staying, if they will require to be vaccinated (athletes won't) before entering Japan, and how much their movement will be restricted while they are in the country.

As the whole point for the government of holding the Games is publicity and dosh and TV rights, I can't see them trying to seriously stop the media working as they would in non-Covid times. Which means getting about a lot, and inevitably if infected, super-spreading it around.

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para-olympics will have a combined total of 14,000 athletes so those numbers are nonsense.

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OMG yall people worry about nothing. Japanese people are usually more healthy and obesity in Japan is a rarity. The COVID death rate in Japan is 1%. That's with the limited testing Japan does. That's about the same as the flu. Do you shut cities, businesses and travel down for the flu? Do you have a State of Emergency for the flu? These athletes and everyone involved will be tested, do their thing and leave. Sure some will test positive. the tests are 50% accurate at best, more like 30%. It will not be a super spreader event, get over it already

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Don't think it's gonna be a super spreader anymore....

No foreigners... Limited audience... Athletes being tested before, during and after, most if not all will be vaccinated and getting the vip treatment (ie segregated for the most part). Proper precaution and limited capacity.... If you also factor in some people are out and about anyways, so I don't see it as a "superspreader"

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spaced out and silent

about the same as the flu

*obesity in Japan is a rarity,** *and so on

Got to wonder concerning these kind of comments!

You expect Japanese spectators to be quiet when Japanese athletes participate and do well?

COVID19 almost the same as the flue? Check the numbers, please!

And obesity in Japan rare? Just looking around and at least 5 out of 26 staff members look "pretty genki"!

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Of course if you had 100,000 people crammed together, with no temperatures checks, masks, testing, vaccines, etc., it could be.

But come on, we know there will be plenty of barriers in place. Sports with fans has been happening around the World since last Summer with ZERO proof of spread.

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Just give Japan the next open slot, in maybe 12 years. Either the pandemic will be over or humans will be extinct.

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I agree with James.

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I think it absolutely SHOULDN'T be held, but the government here has proven it does not matter how many times the record spent on Olympics it is, or the dangers to health, or the debt it'll put us in, or the utter stupidity of holding it, even if only Japanese athletes attend, they will go through with it so that they can put their names beside a statement saying they did it.

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As long as the events are held before 8pm, then there shouldn't be any problems. Later than that, then the virus starts spreading.

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Athletes and support staff will be screened on entry and every few days. They stay in the "Olympic village". When their event is finished, they return home. These are published facts, not my opinion.

What about the tens of thousands of support staff and media...will they all be staying in athlete,s village too?

No. And do you think they will not be going to restaurants , bars and checking out Tokyo sights in their free time? Seriously?

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Yep, and Japan will be boasting how great it all went with 1/2 the population infected.

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I love the "No foreigners" coming joke!

Guess these people avoid looking at the numbers coming out of Osaka, etc...

Then we have the dream that the majority of people will be vaccinated.

Again these people must really be doing their best to avoid reading the news about only 1 million out of 4.8 million hospital workers vaccinated to date and no actual plan in pl6 as to how the rest of the population will be vaccinated in less than 100 days.

I guess the think because some cities are going to start handing out Vaccine vouchers this month means that those getting vouchers will actually be able to get vaccinated.

No this is typically of how the government here now works.

They will say " we handed out X million vouchers" as if that means people actually got a vaccine, when in fact none could because none are available yet to the general publ.

Total smoke and mirrors by the government and head in the sand by some here.

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I love the "No foreigners" coming joke!

Maybe they are trying to prptect the foreigners from getting infected here and bringing the virus back home...its such omotenashi!

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No, well not more that the currently on-going events in Japan. If the circus is not cancelled, that will be a sample size event with only a rank of VIP spectators that can be filmed to make it look not so weird on TV.

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No doubt Tokyo would be a super-spreader event. Why not IOC stop it? Probably money.

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