Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus?

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Picked I don't know for the simple reason that will will never actually know.

First the guy in charge of the Olympics village said they would no longer announce if athletes test positive once the games start.

So we will not know that part, second any surge cause by the Olympics will only happen after they are over.

So basically plausible deniability on the IOC and JOC just like they did in Hokkaido.

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According to this reliable(?)’ authority:

Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics” - Fri, Jul 16, 2021

but according to a less-than-reliable(?) source:

Kono says need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch” Fri, Jul 16, 2021
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So all those ultra-fit young athletes who pick up the virus in the Village (and surrounding environs, if the word on the street is to be believed) and float off back home symptom-free, are not going to spread it to their over-50 friends, family and neighbours?

Exactly. It's weird that after all this time people still forget the most basic things about contagious diseases.

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Given that about 99.9% of infected people under 50 recover, seems like most of the Olympic attendees will be just fine.

How lovely.

So all those ultra-fit young athletes who pick up the virus in the Village (and surrounding environs, if the word on the street is to be believed) and float off back home symptom-free, are not going to spread it to their over-50 friends, family and neighbours?

Not all of them will be going back to countries with high vaccination rates.

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People coming in from all corners of the earth to congregate in one of the most densely populated cities in the world? You're basically begging for a super spreader event...

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No! Tokyo is doing just fine at spreading the virus without the games.

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Even if some virus gets spread around, nobody will likely even know.

Look out! It's the boogeyman!

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Yes and sadly our over lords do not care one iota.

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Obviously the spread of the virus is important but I think people are missing a bigger issue: how does the government justify holding these games and allowing the double standards to the elite when significant portions of the country are suffering on various levels. Even reptiles eating their young quickly.

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Without the medieval behaviour of England soccer fans and their stupidity, it will not be a superspreader event.

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No public spectators which means a dramatic cut in people attending.

Face mask wearing mandatory for staff, and athletes unless competing.

Athletes contained in assigned housing, then shipped to and from the events, on separate transportation.

Many people are vaccinated, though the number is unknown to us.

'Superspreader'? No. Spreader? Yes. How much it spreads depends more on the people who live in Japan and their action when a cluster appears.

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Anything's possible.

I tend to think no, it won't be a super spreader event, but no-one has been able to correctly read this virus over 18 months so far, so to keep my options open I've voted "I don't know."

More like an unwelcome test at a particularly stressful time.

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I guess it definitely becomes a spreader event more or less, but not super-spreader event.

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The signs are there that it will be.

On the plus side, yes, vaccinations are progressing (though still not fast enough).

At the same time I understand that the much more transmissable Delta variant apparently still only accounts for 30% of all new infections (which would be a much lower ratio than in other countries). Despite that, the numbers have been rising fast in the past couple of weeks.

With the Delta variant expected to become more dominant as time progresses, and more movement and risk caused by the Olympics, I believe that the only way is up. The only question is how much.

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No. The japanese media will never allow it to be a superspreader. As such it will be headline news how japan managed to pull off a safe olympics.

(but yeah, it’ll be a superspreader)

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More people meeting and socializing will have an effect so it will be a spreader event BUT the restrictions, testing and limits on fans will not make it a SUPER Spreading event. Just a gross waste of time and money.

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i mean they think by not doing the stupid Olympics that the world will stop moving, no one cares about the safety of others that why Abe ran away and gave the position to this dude who spend most of the tax money of paying millions on dinner parties. and he insist that he want the Olympics to take place its amazing how most people agree with him

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The superspreading is happening in offices, schools, trains, shopping malls at restaurants, as we speak. I'd much rather be confined in the Olympic Village or any of the Olympic event locations, than in packed subway cars or trains during a normal weekday in Tokyo.

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Superspreader event doesn't carry the same sense of danger it did when we were less informed about this disease. Given that about 99.9% of infected people under 50 recover, seems like most of the Olympic attendees will be just fine.

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It likely will be a superspreader event but as some have already pointed out difficult to prove and even more difficult to get the Japan govt to take any responsibility

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Also it I think will also turn into a Global super spreader, as many athletes etc are being allowed in without vaccinations to protect them from the local strains.

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They are very lucky as no one can compare if or how much lower it would have been turned out without the games. Now you can only estimate and also can’t assign the cases to olympic or non-olympic related ones.

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Does anyone think that the Japanese government will allow it to become a superspreader event, even if it is actually a superspreader event?!

Remember, the nuclear plant wasn't officially melting down until it was deemed OK, many months later, to admit it had in fact melted down.

Yes, it will be a superspreader event.

No, the whole truth will not be told.

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The good news is that 16% are fully vaccinated and another 10% are partially vaccinated. This means most of the elderly people and heath care workers are protected. I still think its possible to have spectators at some low-risk outdoor events like golf and rowing and tennis and surfing and marathon if the proper precautions are followed.

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definitely YES and japanese uncompentent government to be helf fully responsible.i want see they will take responsibility for this in full not just some "TV animations"...no one interested abt fake talk when pepople are going to die because of Suga and co!!!

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I guess the term "superspreader event" would need to be defined but at its core it stands for an increase and we are already experiencing such an increase. My take is that the Olympics will just make it worse, much worse.

I tend to watch 報道1930 on BS-TBS where prof. Matsumoto Tetsuya (松本 哲哉) is giving his insights about the pandemic and the government's response.


His role in the program is mostly to debunk the nonsense that the invited LDP-stooges dish out. Fun stuff.

A few weeks ago the topic was the "Olympic village bubble".

In a nutshell, there are 15,000 athletes and 63,000 persons accompanying them staying in the village. To which the program added 200,000 additional staff to run the village (cleaning staff, caretakers, etc, etc). Long story short: approx. 300,000 people are working / staying in the village, ALL of which enter and exit the bubble on a daily basis!

Question to prof. Matsumoto: what do you think of the bubble?

Answer: this can not be considered a bubble, not with so many people going in and out. (ouch)

Question to prof. Matsumoto: do you think that the measures will be enough to prevent the virus spreading?

Answer: this will be "difficult" (難しい), which we all know is very polite Japanese to say "no way". (ouch)

Fun and frolics to look forward to over the next few weeks...

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Yes. DUH!

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The sheer number of people in motion will almost guarantee it. People coming to Japan for the Olympics, people leaving Tokyo to avoid the Olympics and the support staff that must travel from their homes to the Olympics on a daily basis...... what could go wrong?

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