Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics?

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They should have different sports in different countries and rotate. Gymnastics could be in Tokyo, but then surfing could be in Hawaii, and so forth...

-8 ( +8 / -16 )

As long as one of them isn’t Japan

5 ( +26 / -21 )

I think they should only be held in Greece. After all, that's where they originated.

19 ( +27 / -8 )

Keep summer Olympics in Greece!

Winter Olympics in Switzerland!

LGBT Olympics in USA!

9 ( +23 / -14 )

Yes. For humanity to survive the 21st century we clearly need to sacrifice two cities in order to save the rest from the scourge of hosting these vile games.

Now to decide which would be selected I think we really need to ask ourselves this question: What two cities does everybody really hate?

This is a tough moral and ethical question. I've had some bad experiences in Toronto for example, but I would hesitate to say they reach the level of "wishing the Olympics on Torontonians" bad. That would be too cruel.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Not if it takes a war to settle it.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Keep summer Olympics in Greece! 

Winter Olympics in Switzerland!

LGBT Olympics in Saudi Arabia

13 ( +19 / -6 )

Just keep them on TV with prepaid views for the hundred or so interested.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Preferably in Greece, but wherever it must be paid for by the IOC alone!

9 ( +10 / -1 )

One of the goals of the Olympics, is to bring the world together. Taking turns hosting the event helps to share the burden and potential spoils. Lot of cities still make use of facilities constructed for the Olympics. The event can be a burden, but it presents opportunity. It is up to the city hosting it to make things fit their capabilities. They don't need to build facilities that can seat 100,000 observers. It would be great to see more online video feed. VR is pretty nice too. I would love to have a full 360 first person view and audio on the ground level with the competitors for many events.

If Japan had really held to the technical edge it used to have, that is the kind of experience they'd be offering this year.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Aly, right on! Add mandatory free broadcast rights to every nation's public broadcasting and you might actually get the corruption out of it. Until then, I will continue not watching any of it.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

climate change is going to make hosting two olympics impossible. Summer will be too hot and Winter won't be cold enough. Best best is a single Fall games or just cancel it altogether. Given the ridiculous costs for a two week event there's no upside anyway and doesn't pass a basic accounting test.

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Most (maybe all of them come to think of it) people I've talked to from other countries who've lived in cities which hosted the Olympics or were about to hold them said that they really disliked living in the host city or area. They cited reasons such as increased prices for everything and traffic problems due to construction. Besides, look what China did with the people who lived in Olympic areas of construction. They just threw them off the land. Why not simplify the Olympics and the politics involved by setting them up in 2 places?

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Kabul - the Taliban will provide great security for the athletes and their entourages

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The problem is cities have tried to hard to impress, building more and more expensive projects that are mostly not needed. No need to build super stadiums each time.

Also, I think more sharing of hosting would be good with events spread across neighboring countries.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I voted no because I don't think there should be any more Olympics. Yes, it is extreme, but I just don't care about sports.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

It will not work, remember the Olympics now is not about sports , it's about $$.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

It will never happen. Think of all the bribe money the Olympic committee members would lose.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

What would be cool, is an Olympics Island. Pilgrimages every 4 years and only the MC would change.

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zichiJuly 20  10:26 am JST

On an unmanned island in the middle of the Pacific.

Which China will claim has been theirs since ancient times.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

A neutral country like Switzerland with a nice summer climate and put the winter Olympics there too.

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No one country or area, should always have the "home team advantage".

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hilarious !

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Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics?

A more important question is whether we should at all continue to hold an event which has absolutely nothing to do with its stated ideals, event which the ICO runs like a racket, this just to enable nationalistic navel-gazing.

My answer: no!

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But Greece doesn't want it to be their permanent Olympic site.

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The Olympics are a thing of the past and should be discountinued

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Of course! Summer in Greece, Winter in Hokkaido.

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Id be in favor of 8-12 (6 summer, 6 winter) regular cities, countries, and rotate them accordingly.

The construction and 'upgrades' that almost every city has to make when selected to host is total and complete excess, waste. In a time when the environment is such a huge issue.... cardboard beds and hydrogen fueled flames simply arnt good enough.

I am not an Olympic hater. I love sports in general tho the Olympics is not a must see event for me, I just think if the IOC & world in general wants to be more climate friendly choosing random cities every two years is a huge waste and does more harm than good.

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Yes of course, it should be in Greece and nowhere else.

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I think countries worldwide should chip in some cash to built a permanent Olympics arena on some uninhabited island and then just host the games there. They can then a) stream the games to people's devices b) set up a lottery system for procuring tickets to go watch the games live for those who wish to do so c) use the island as a getaway resort for the athletes to chill, decompress, and socialize after their event(s) before going home.

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