For those with young children, do you regulate the amount of time they use social media?

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And by regulate, I mean ban.

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No, but the schools in Japan are rather strict about it.

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My high school kid no. My JHS kid 3 hours a day.

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My 10 year old is not that much into social media (except youtube maybe), but games, specifically Roblox is a huge problem. He needs the device for school so I cannot take it from him, we come back from work to late to control it, and he found some ways to trick the screen time parental controls. Deleting the app itself does not work, because that damn game has a network version...

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I let my kids play games and watch anime, in the weekends. Social media, A BIG NOPE. Studies have proven again and again, it's detrimental to children's mental development.

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at some point it will all phase out and becomes not so interesting , I already see that kids are getting Burned Out and loosing interest .

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We regulate their screen time. They don't use social media. They play games.

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When my oldest was a kid, I gave her a choice. All the art supplies you could ever want or a Tamagotchi. The smart girl chose the art supplies.

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The problem is not the kids, it’s the parents. Parents now spend more time staring at a screen than with their children.

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My kids only use discord and YouTube.

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My kid is too young to use it even if I let him, he's still learning to read.

But I have started to inject ideas in his mind about playing video games:

"Kids who play video games all the time are ding-dongs" and "...they can't get girlfriends when they're older.", and "Video games are for city kids who don't have backyards and woods to play in" (we live in rural Massachusetts). Hopefully he goes into his teenage years thinking that video games are for p****ies (another word for a cat).

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