Google versus Facebook for dominance of the web. Who has the upper hand?

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Who cares?

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Google will not go away, but Facebook will. I look forward to that day.

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I voted Google.

FB is just a social networking fad, just like friendster, which was a hit a few years ago.

Google on the other hand, is an internet business company with a lot of different services, from internet search, email, and up to andriod.

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Facebook's days are numbered, especially now with Google+ Facebook was a big joke to begin with. It's amazing that it actually became the dominant player in regards to web traffic and time on site. Twitter still has a fighting chance but they need to work more with Google.

I can't wait for the day Facebook goes to the grave like Myspace. Facebook is to the web what little Wayne is to music.

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WRONG. Facebook is EVERYWHERE. Most people are not interested in 'doing it all over again' and making the switch to yet another social network (Google+). Stats show most people are responding to 'no thanks' when invited to get involved away from Facebook to another. I think Facebook will march on. To borrow from Apple, 'it just works.'

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Facebook is just a fad, and it is not really appropriate for privacy minded Japanese people. We have Mixi, which suits our tastes much better.

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i have the upper hand, they don't. they profit from profit, not from producing anything useful, and that's ok with me, i don't buy from their advertisements (which is their blood and lifeline). i take advantage of their apparently generous free offerings, without giving in to the advertisements for the masses. thank you google and facebook.

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Google is a tool.

Facebook is a toy.

Therein lies all the difference.

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The two are not at all the same thing, though both enjoy vast wealth and popularity. Google will always dominate as a search engine and way of emailing, etc. Plus, they have been and continue to expand into other e-tech fields. Facebook is more limited, but unlike it's SNS predecessors, it is led by a person with brains and visions. I think Google will continue to dominate, but I don't think Facebook will disappear and I think it plays a more personal role in people's lives than Google (the SNS site itself is constantly adapting). Hence, once again, they are not at all the same thing.

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google is obviously much bigger and thus is more dominant. Just from the search aspect alone there is so many uses to google.com (way more than facebook). example: If im going somewhere I haven't been to before, I google it. check it out street view and can see just where I need to be. Including if their is parking nearby etc (obviously maps is awesome aswell)... I built my first computer when I was 14 and learned how to do it by using google. I used google translate daily, I convert yen to aus constantly. You can pretty much use google for nearly everything. I google movie times and they come up through google based off my location... and that's just the google search engine. They are far Superior and always will be.

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A search engine vs a social network.

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I completely agree with smithinjapan. Google+ is crap btw.

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Dominance over the web. When it comes down to it, it means who will be able to better monetize their users/visitors.

Goog obviously see a mortal threat in F8, else they would not jump in with Wave first and then G+ and not SPYW. At this point Goog are 10× more profitable than F8. Yet, F8 have vast opportunity for monetization. F8 have the eyeballs (how long do people spend at Goog vs F8 website during a visit?). There's lots of upside for F8, not so much for Goog. F8 can more easily integrate search into their offerings than Goog can do social on their search platform. Curiously, Goog, if they continue with their "don't be evil" mantra, will be a bit hamstrung, if they continue with that, as they are not currently as promiscuous as F8 is with regard to recording user behavior and following their crumbs over the internet (which is something advertisers would be willing to pay for).

F8 has lots of upside, Goog has reached its saturation and is facing antitrust scrutiny in the EU and to a lesser extent the attention of US regulators. Their battle will be more pitched.

FB would have to do something massively stupid to abdicate their dominance in social --which is where search is heading as evidenced by the SPYW effort over at GOOG.

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However facebook is good I like it, but can't be a best friend as google is.

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Google actually makes money...Facebook has big projections but has yet to meet them. The teens I know are already moving on to other sites.

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Facebook is so bent on making everything more "social" that it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain privacy. Every time they revamp their site I end up feeling more exposed. Google doesn't really have a strong footing yet in the realm of social networking but there is some promise. I don't think Facebook will face total abandonment like MySpace did but I do believe that more and more people will delete their accounts over privacy concerns. Including myself.

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Cant compare the two. Diff companies with diff goals.

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Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are supposed to merge weren't they?

New company is supposed to be called "You Twit Face"...so I've heard.

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Google of course ..

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google FTW Facebook will eventually go the way of myspace.

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I vote facebook. 1) Maybe, Facebook will be to transform the television media and so on ....? 2) From now on, many media( ... and so on) have to import facebook. It does not google.

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