Has Facebook caused relationship problems for you or somebody you know?

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Is it the "Facebook" that caused the problems? Or maybe Facebook just brought up something that was there long before? Say, somebody cheated on so somebody and now the Facebook gets the blame?

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Facebook doesn't cause the problems, people do by being idiots and posting comments and pics that can hurt them career-wise and in relationships. I'd say Facebook, as a tool, has more potential to help than to harm -- I wouldn't be in touch with half the people I am if not for Facebook, although I've lost a few 'friends' over the years on it.

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A lot of my friends consider me sort of neolithic, but I am not, nor do I ever intend to be on FB!

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@JDB That is a bit old school thinking! But hey whatever floats your boat! I use it, but I keep everything private so I can't make those silly mistakes.

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Oh yes, when that wh*** started posting pictures of her and my now-ex.

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I hate facebook. I tell them that every week when I deactivate my account. But then when I want to make a comment on here I need to sign back in - which in turn reactivates my account. Facebook is now required to login into spotify. Ahh, it sure does sucks alright.

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Jesse, just make a new yahoo account for here. I never check the mail there.

Why would Facebook force you to use them to sign in here?

Any answers. Mods know why?


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Jesse, I had the same problem. I had deactivated my FB years ago, but then I used my main email (also my FB email) to make an account here, so every time I logged in, it would activate my Facebook right back up. I ended up having to just use another email and make another account.

And on Topic, I hate Facebook. It's not that Facebook causes the relationship problems, it just allows easier access to it. My mom found her old high school boyfriend on that stupid Facebook, met up with him, cheated on my dad (who she had been married to for 27 years) and then abandoned us all.

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My advice is to activate the setting that restricts all tagging of yourself, or posts by people on your wall, until you approve them. Then use the aquaintances category (configured so that it doesnt have access to your spouse or family members names), and add all new people to that until you know they aren't nutters.

I still hate having to search my wall to remove any updates that refer to comments I made on other peoples posts, and my 'likes'. The interface and lack of flexibility of the various privacy settings is utterly frustrating.

I once had a woman I had just met at a company do (that sat no where near me) post 'Thank you for last night it was wonderful' on my wall...

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I know it's hurt some of my relationships. I have an aunt who, because she is my aunt, I cannot unfriend. Yet, she loves to come to my wall and post offensive stuff. She's pissed off more than a few of my friends. I keep telling them, she's from my mother's side and isn't Irish at all.

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I tried it in about 2005 for a few months and thought it quite facile and rediculous. I didn't need John to send me messages asking me to be a Pirate in the war against zombies. I didn't need Petra sending me a cyber ice cream. And I didn't care if Billy was sitting on his couch feeling bored. So I deleted it. I don't miss it.

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Don't put anything on facebook that you wouldn't want

JapanToday, NYT, Washington Post to put on their front pages. You'd be embarrassed at home about. You'd be embarrassed at work about.

The same applies to all online posting, including twitter, foursquare, etc... and emails. You are not anonymous, even using TOR without special effort.

People forget that most email is like a postcard. Anyone along the way can read it, make a copy, redirect a copy or simply forward it. Just like a postcard, the "FROM" address can say anything and still be delivered.

Personally, I think that allowing any images of you online is crazy too. Even an image of you at a temple can be offensive to a future employer somewhere.

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Why is it when there is an article about Facebook we get all the cry babies who "dont need" Facebook coming on to shove it in everyones face?

Heres my status update for you - We dont care that you dont care about Facebook.

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YES......MY EX.

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