Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life?

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Our fellow human beings, the ecosystem, the myriad of different species we are honoured to share the planet with.

Life, love and (relative) liberty. Should never take these things for granted.

Oh, and an eventual end to aggressive capitalism.

You know; the usual stuff.

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It made me think about working in jobs that are on the more vital side, such as in emergency services and utilities. I am thankfully working in that sector and have seen scores of people being laid off in jobs that cater to more intricate and not so essential parts of life. Another major epiphany for me is the distance of my daily commute and access to basic needs. If you they're (groceries, police station, hospital, train station, etc),all located within half an hour's walk, that's close enough. Last is how fragile human society and the human psyche is. take away public events and a lot of people begin to lose it, but I ain't going to laugh about it. I second everything that Toasted Heretic said, especially the liberty part. I don't want to live in a post-CV-19 world that requires you to ping your status and location every couple of hours.

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Everyday I wake up is important. Why would this virus affect my thinking. I now know of quite a number of people that have had it but family numbers not at all and all living in the same tight quarters.

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yes, I realized just how important it is to have space when you are not travelling or going out to eat.

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Nope. 3/11 did that for me. Ever since I've been living life the best I could and taking whatever chances appear in front of me.

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My family has always been my center.

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No, why should I? Most of the people can’t ever reach their goals in life already without corona and of course also not now with corona. It’s just better not to think about such theoretical values at all. That makes you only personally sick and the society unstable, if it is widely recognized, that all efforts made are useless in the end.

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This pandemic has shown who really are stupid, who value life and how useless or evil some politicians are.

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My life is very simple. Too simple to rethink.

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I've decided to start smoking cigarettes.

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This pandemic has shown who really are stupid, who value life and how useless or evil some politicians are.


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Yes, i just want to take my work easier and not stressful over small stuff, And visit my parents as much as i could.

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Nope, I just live my life normally, not a single worry.

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No, I did that in part 20 years ago and again for the rest 11 years ago. Now I live a chilled life out of the hubbub and the rat race.

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Yes. My sister died back home just before this started and my elderly parents have been forced to spend the last year grieving alone since we had to cancel all our planned visits with each other.

So in addition to worrying about them getting Covid (both are old and have pre existing conditions) I've also spent the last 12 months worrying about their emotional state.

Worrying that much about people really drives home how much they mean to you.

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Inability to travel to see family or just generally to get away has been a bit of an eye opener. didn't realise how much it added to my life.

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E-sports, in particular Sim racing is what's important.

I've gone 'all in' and dropped a few thousand dollars.

It's my mid-life crisis, and I'm fine with that.

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I travel, I eat out and I live.

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Definitely yes. As person in an educational field, students and I have been communicating through the online tool such as Zoom. When I have a lesson for them, we connect our devices with theirs. However there are variety of problems. For instance, students have Internet failures or bad access condition. To make matters worse, their understanding of the lessons, which are held online, tend to be lower than that of person to person lessons. Their test results reveal the fact. Moreover, we cannot have real experience communicating with our students, though we see them looking at the screen. Corona virus really made me realize the importance of person to person communication on the spot.

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