Has the shift toward remote work during the pandemic been good for the environment?

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Probably not as if any workers are in the office the heating and lighting will still be on, bus and train timetables haven't changed. I guess there were fewer car commutes to the work place but more power used at home so my guess is not a great difference either way.

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absolutely. Also companies have learned to cut costs by downsizing these big office spaces, so its been good all around. The thing is, in order for it to REALLY make a HUGE difference, and it surely can, it needs to be implemented on an even larger scale.

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The sky was just so blue after the first lock down. We live on an oasis we must start protecting. Business as usual isn't important

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Car travel and other resources are saved though. Highway accidents are lowered. insurance rates go down. its a win win.

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Going to say a net yes with a lot of discounts.

The pandemic has also increased our use of single use plastics in the form of masks and made us more reliant on electronics and power grids that are not fully using renewable energy sources. Remote working can be attached to the second point but this was an eventuality of some jobs.

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When the pandemic first started, traffic was almost nonexistent in my city so I'm sure the air was much cleaner.

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Unlikely as i suspect the lights/air con or heating still on. Vending machines still on etc etc. All back to normal now anyway. This move to WFH is damaging to society in any case. Threatens to break down the very fabric of society. How will the young learn their trade/job properly? How will they ever learn social skills?

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Now that we are starting to go back to normal, the destruction towards the environment will be back on track too, and that is quite unfortunate. I thought that the shift to remote work would have given corporate entities the time to realize that people do NOT need to be physically present all the time to get things done. But, many of them have not learned anything.

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Which environment? A. Home? B. Work place? C. One’s Town? D. ?

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I don't see the point with this poll.

How a personal feeling can replace serious studies ?

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How a personal feeling can replace serious studies ?

Hello..... Haven't you noticed that "science" and "serious studies" have been replaced by the thoughts of anonymous posters on the internet and the man in the pub?

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Left out the option "Who Cares".

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No! As all these remote workers are running heaters or air-conditioners which would otherwise be off and are cooking everyday. All this is creating more CO2!

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Funny how polls and scientific studies interact with each other. Polls can tell you how people feel about the data, and scientific studies give tell you the data. We are in a time when people confuse the two things and call it 'my truth'.

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Yes however I feel that I am working a lot more than in the office....

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I worked from home for most of the past 18 months.

Used the air-cooling system, kitchen items, shower, and TV more than I normally would, and my utility bills have been double their normal amount. So given that, I'd say probably not.

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At least for Japan, everything is temporary. Except for very few exceptions, the majority of companies have ended the option for remote work since the emergency ended.

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Used the air-cooling system, kitchen items, shower, and TV more than I normally would, and my utility bills have been double their normal amount. So given that, I'd say probably not.

For a lot of office workers, their will already have family at home using all these things when they are in the office, so it isn't as though these things weren't being used.

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Not so much here, maybe, since the majority of people who commute do so via public transport, I'd say, but on the whole, on a global scale, I'd say "to an extent, yes".

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