Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month?

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I am certain waiting on borders opening. I book to return in February and cancel. I have rebooked for February 23 but it looks like another cancellation.

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I don't have any summer holiday plans.

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NO! Why? Will it change the manipulated number of infections? Will it change the fate of people who chose to live their lives, with or without corona?

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No plans involving public transportation.

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I think its time to accept what I have known since 2021, Shin Gata corona Virus is here to stay, its time to adapt and move on.

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I planned to do a lot of sweating.

No my plan has not changed.

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“ Summer holidays “ ? I don’t know what you’re talking about. In Japan, there’s a “ long weekend “ aka obon. If you want real holidays you’ll have to take some days off ( coming out of your pocket ), this of course if you’re lucky and your colleagues don’t start looking down on you because of this sin called “enjoying life”. But no, we didn’t change anything. I agree with the previous poster; it’s time to adapt and move on. Three years is a long time.

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It hasn't changed them in 3 years, why would I change them now? I literally couldn't care less about the so called pandemic.

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Decided on somewhere within driving distance rather than flying... more concerned about problems like flight cancellations and being asked to take tests before arriving etc.

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Everything is uncertain so how can you make a plan? Even if you make a plan at anytime something like Covid as it stands today could ruin everything!

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Not at all. Wife and kids are going to Miyazaki Shi to visit her sister. I am still going to sit here at home from Aug 12 to 16 blasting the A/C, drinking beer, and eating steaks with my dogs. Then wake up and start it all over.

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It’s been 4 or 5 years since my family and I have been back to the States. Normally, we would go every year or every 2 years. Because of Covid, we have to get PCR tests back and forth, wear masks on planes and other things that are bothersome to my family of 5. Not to mention, it drives more cost to our vacation. It’s sad, but vacations should be enjoyed hassle free.

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we will go for summer vacation as every summer,this time again in Japan as there are very limited abilities to travel abroad as freely as before.

lucky that Japan have many nice places worth to visit.

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I literally couldn't care less about the so called pandemic.

As you keep saying, in every article even closely related to the virus, daily.

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I'll stay in my own country. Japan has never been likely.

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Yes, I'm going to cancel my flights to Japan in October - no way are they going to allow unrestricted tourism for solo travellers by then.

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No. I never travel during summer, especially August. Too expensive and I want no part in the rush there and back which people here love to participate in.

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The virus is like a lie, people don't have to be afraid, I have been infected, but I have healed. Viruses will only cause harm to people in good health

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My plan has always been same, stay home and relax!!! :-)

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I’m double boosted and careful so no

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japan is not open for all tourists yet, wouldn't cancel my plan if i am allowed in.

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yes. We are not going anywhere anymore except to a remote ninja village in Nagano, and we are going there in the middle of the week when there are virtually no visitors whatsoever.

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Plans? What plans?

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What's a summer holiday?

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I had planned on going for "Obon" with my wife, and hang around till the September Sumo tournament or 秋場所。

But is seems like too much trouble to deal with so I am not going.

Wife, who is still going for Obon is relieved that I won't be "following" her to her "Inaka" for Obon. She says going home for Obon is a Mother-daughter" thing, and guys usually don't follow their wives.

So, yes I will be watching the Annual Koshien High School Baseball Tournament and the Sumo tournament from home here in Chicago.

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July 28 - GBN News - Is there a link between excess deaths and the vaxxine?


A Scottish researcher tracked excess death after the first 2 deathjabs and noticed a pattern where old people were dying first and then gradually the deaths became younger, in tandem with the age stratified roll-out.

Armed with a hypothesis, the researcher then tracked the booster in real-time and found the exact same pattern happening where old people who got their boosters first died first, and then the ages became gradually younger over time.

Nearly 1000 comments and everyone understands. What is it about this website where so many remain ignorant of the truth? Is it because anyone with a smidge of sense knows to stay far far away? Stupidity is contagious after all.

The moderators are not ignorant to the fact that after censoring helpful, potentially life saving information for so long and not letting the process play out through the ebbs and flows of discussion, they have actively participated in covering up murder.

There is a special place in hell for the editor. He is not long for this world. Don't worry, the place will be kept nice and warm for the moderators' arrival.

No one needs to see this. A suggestion box paper shredder is ideal for my purposes. God sees everything.

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Not really, but sort of: My family has a trip to Japan booked for the end of the summer. My wife and kid have Japanese passports, but I need a visa. I am now scrambling to apply for my visa just in case Japan puts a halt on them due to the Covid surge.

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Capt...etc. You are eligible for a Spouse of Citizen visa. (Not affected by covid regs.)

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Nah. It’s been years and I’m over the back and forth half done measures. At this stage it’s too late to manage it smoothly. Triple vaccinated and have my own transport, so no need to cancel.

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Glad to see that only 31% are still letting the COVID dominate and control their lives, at least when it comes to travel plans.

Then again, that's 31% too many.

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No,flew to Hokkaido..rented a mini van ..drove around ..stayed in a few nice hotels!

Had a blast !

Great time was had !

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Why asking those posting all day long , everyday? Everyday is holidays for them

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No. Shochu, yakiniku, and more shochu.

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No. Coz am in no rush to join the crowd. I’ll go when many are back to work from holidays. I’ll go when there is lower risk of delays and baggage mishandling.

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