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Have you had any bad experiences using Airbnb?

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Okinawa. House 20 meters from beach. Pictures were beautiful and they always are, but it was a bachelor’s pad. His jeans and clothes were laying around and the place looked liked he just stepped out for minute; drink still in a mug, dishes on the kitchen counter and sink, mold on bathroom walls, toilet roll centers not thrown away, shoes and thongs filled the genkan, and so on.

We asked for a cancellation but he refused saying if we were expecting a hotel that’s not what Airbnb is. We filed a claim with Airbnb and sent pictures we took. They canceled the credit card payment.

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My company used Airbnb a LOT.

Instead of paying for capsule hotel, paying for a hotel way too far away from our Tokyo Office, or wherever we had to work at that time (which is usually in places where hotel prices are high, and they are usually full), our company used to rent a big nice house with Airbnb at about the same price.

It was always a good and fun experience.

Last time we went to Tokyo for a Job, there simply were no places to stay any longer. Many of the places we used to rent just went out of business.

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I am staying with my kids in Japan for 31 days and my Airbnb was cancelled 10 days before I was to check in! It was very difficult to find a new place and I could not find anything close to the previous place or within my budget. But, now that we are here, I’m hoping that the rest of my Airbnb experience is positive. This is the first time I have ever even used Airbnb!

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I've used a place in Osaka via Airbnb, no problems! Lovely place, felt like home, and the owner was a lovely Chinese lady!

Just a pity Japan's new regulations killed Airbnb here!

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I've used AirBnB 3 times for family vacations, but never in Japan.

It has always been for mountain homes. The homes have been nice-to-great. 2 places asked us to bring our own sheets and bedding.

All 3 places have had less-than-great directions to find the houses. Some people are terrible about directions. GPS coords would be nice.

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@robert maes

Sorry you had a bad experience, but that's nothing to do with Airbnb. That's all on the advertisers and their listings.

Also, you cannot be charged "extra money" as you claim, because payments are done prior to renting, leading me to think you're full of it!

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I have tried using Airbnb thrice in Japan once in each Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and never had any major issues. There was some minor issues like pocket wifi was not available even if landlord said there was. But nothing that totally ruined the experience.

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My uncle rented out his apartment through Airbnb. It was then used as a brothel and his pc got taken apart, so I don't think I'll ever be on that side of the equation.

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Never used it in Japan. Used it in southeast Asia several times, all with very good results. Most of the time, the properties advertised on Airbnb are being used as investments and are not actual residences of the owners, so no personal belongings strewn about. Plus, we always rent whole apartments/condos, not just rooms.

It's especially good for long term stays, hotels can be claustrophobic. Plus, it's nice to be able to make your own coffee in the morning.

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AirBnb like all the global OTA’s are interested in one thing only. Skimming fees. Do they own property, pay the staff, pay the bills? No.

They will list anything to collect fees.

They spend millions of those fees to hire attorneys to stall off being regulated.

In Japan it has not worked. They will get their hat handed to them by the hotel lobbyists and the giant Japanese internet and real estate corporations.

They have been one of the primary reasons for the strict regulations imposed in Japan as they have no respect for a culture or people.

Unfortunately many caring, professional hosts have been forced out of business in Japan.

They knew all about the upcoming regulations and did little to to inform guests they would be out in the street.

They act like they own property but they are just a pimp at the end of the day.

Hopefully the growing movement of #bookdirect will put vacation rental management back where it belongs and guests can have a community of honest legit choices and direct communication with owners and managers.

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I’ve used it in Fukuoka and it was seamless.

My parents and my sister’s family are visiting in a week and both of their AirBnB reservations were cancelled (my parents’ on the 10th day prior minimum). What a nightmare it has been trying to find other accommodations in this crowded, high-density country.

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You gotta read the reviews first. The little complaints add up quickly. Ask questions. Know what you're "buying" before you give the booking.

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Have used it 30+ times all over the world and have never had a single problem. As someone else said, take time to read the reviews.

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I tried air BNB in japan.  Never have I received what was promised.  And I did not take cheap ones, no. 

Before my dogs were stolen from me, I went with the dogs, where they agreed to take pets, they afterwards wanted more money, not that anything was broken or it was dirty, just more money. 

Tv's don't work, cleaning is not good…. nothing good to say about Airbnb, they should be forbidden. Just as Uber. Both operating on the margin of legality and causing a lot of harm.

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