Have you worked out a plan on what to do if a major earthquake (M7 or greater) should strike your area?

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aside from the well-known basics of preparing your bug out bag and having copies of vital documents, I have devised a plan with my friends and family on when and where to meet up should the big one happen when we're at work. Surviving disasters as a group is always better than being alone. Aside from that, stocking up on supplies that will be essential during a quake as well as a contingency location on where to shelter should be planned.

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If in a hotel read the hotels manifest. I was staying in the Sepia tower on the 38 floor( North entry to Tokyo station ). 11/3/2011. I just back from a walk. I laid down on the bed and was looking out the window, I notice the building swaying, and I thought, gee it gotten windy thinking the wind were swaying the buildings by at least a meter of more. Then I realise it a earthquake. I remember reading the manifest the night before and what to do in case of a earthquake. It told and illustrated to get it the closet and brace yourself. That what I did has I was bracing myself it started to go off. It stay and buck like a amusement ride for the longest 4 minute before starting to slow up. When it stop I grab my passport and wallet and headed for the lift but they were all knock out. I remember reading the manifest that in emergency light on the floor will illuminate showing were to go. So I followed the light to the fire stairs and proceeded down 12 floor to the hotels foyer (24 floor) their were staff going directing us what was the procedures. At the end the staff told we do this after the aftershock and on call the after shock hit this differs to the earthquake were it was quick shaking for about 3 minutes. When it stop the stand directed us to the fire stair and 24 floor latter I was out front of Tokyo Station. If I did not read the manifest I reckon I would of gotten injured.

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I do not live in an area with a history of powerful earthquakes. Open countryside and no skyscrapers. But we have exit plans for all types of disasters.

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I'm not waiting- I'm trying to take my family and immigrate to Canada, but if we can't and a major earthquake destroys Kanto I'm moving to Mie

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I moved out of Earthquake zones and well above sea level and flood locations. After being flooded once, my "Darwin genes" told me clearly to get away from dangers that we know will happen again. About the most dangerous environmental issue left, after all the planning, is air quality issues on really, really, hot days.

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No, because in that case, no plan can or would work. You need much luck and external help in that case.

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I have my documents and a hiking backpack with mountaineering items (med-kit, hokkairos, space blanket, water bottles.) ready in case whatever happens. But no one knows where we will be at the precise moment of some random unexpected event.

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I keep and update my survival kit for possible natural disasters. Think ahead to check where to go for evacuation and what to do.

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If I'm at work, I follow school policies. During the March 11th earthquake, I was at work doing parent/teacher interviews. The rest of the afternoon was spent checking for damage around the school and digesting what just happened around the country. Took me two hours to drive home. Having extra gasoline and someone to car pool with would come in handy if it happens again. There is likely to be another gas shortage if it happens again, probably worse than last time. But can always ride my bike if its not too cold.

If I'm at home, not too worried. I have survival gear around the house. I know the Canadian embassy won't be helping out at all (like last time) so depending on them for anything is pointless. Worst case scenario is there being no water or electricity for awhile. Probably getting kerosene now would be a good idea. Maybe an extra bag of rice and some canned goods to last a week or so. In the case of another nuclear disaster caused by incompetence and cutting corners (like last time) I should probably buy a Geiger counter and plan my escape route.

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There's not too much you can do, but make the best of it.

After the 2017 NK missile alert I went to Costco and stocked up with syrupy (ゲロゲロ) canned fruit and Spam (ゲロゲロゲロ) as 非常食. Never again.

Long life food is over priced, tasteless garbage, so keep a few extra days worth of food, and simply replenish it each week as it gets consumed. Why make an emergency miserable?

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hunker down and die if no help arrives.

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I have all the bug-out stuff, but a certain part of it would be to get really drunk after getting to a safe place.

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I prepared after the last massive quake by leaving Japan

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