How are you responding to the global stock market turmoil?

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hah, cast the first vote !! I am sitting tight and then pick up some bargains later....................

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My honest answer wasn't a choice.

"I'm sitting tight AND losing money"

In a few months, I'll be buying - big time.

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Remember what one of those old time rich guys said (Rockefeller or Forbes or Baruch):

"Buy when there is blood in the streets"

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Pretty poor set of answers. I for one have sold my stocks and have bought bonds. I kind of saw this one coming and was lucky to get out before the big dump.

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Once again, as with scientists and the nuclear crisis, the foremost financial minds reside right here on JT. It always amazes me that anonymous internet posters are the lucky few that know exactly how to play the markets.

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Please post something more pertinent, such as answering the question.

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Who's trying to be anonymous here "hoserfella"? I am using my real name, why don't you?

I'm not saying I didn't get hit by the last month of drops, it was just that last big single-day drop last week that I was able to avoid.

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It's only a loss on paper. Why sell when you can keep buyin' low?

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Wait until Xmas with the stocks you have and start buying new stocks now.

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I am continuing to buy stocks on the slide down, I just wanted to preserve my capital for what looks to be a major correction. I'll not be waiting too long to get back in though. When the fear and doom hit epic proportions it will be the perfect time to go back in and snap up the deals. I'm not nearly confident enough to try and snag a quick rebound rally in the short term though, which there inevitably will be with such a steep selloff. I'd rather wait for the dust to start to settle first and then bet on the real rebound.

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Gold, Silver and Mattress! Yes!

We have not seen anything yet.

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Made $1000 last night. Options are great. Limited capital, limited risk. Ride SPY down, then back up.

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90% of equities are owned by the top 10% wealthy of most countries. It doesn't take many rich individuals / organizations to cause a major sell off. Who is hurt the most? The small investors with less than a 1000 shares. A stock goes up because of large investors, 'dumb money' follows and then large investors sell leaving the small investors holding the bag.

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reckless- thanks for shedding some light on my first comment. Are you so quick to inform everyone after you've lost $1000?

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The winner here is the one who paid off a house mortgage, car loans, student loans, credit cards with cash in hands.

I worked all my life without any holes; trying to live within means and have been following my parents heart felt advice for years to do so, and I am glad I did.

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Cash has been king for a while. They didn't have my choice since I'm short the market. As far as a house, you would have been better off if you rented since 2007 after selling your house and now buying one for cash at 30% of the 2008 highs. People are just too greedy for their own good. BTW, there is nothing that says that the market can't keep going down after a bounce around 9500 and continue down to what would be today's equivalent of the 1933 bottom' 92% decline from the 1928 top. You do the math.

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My stocks have dropped a bit but I think they'll recover over time because of what they are. My silver and gold are rising swiftly and I think they have a looooong way to go due to the economic fundamentals of the global economy being so poor.

A small number of people will come out winners, especially if your name's Soros, Rockefeller or Rothschild. As for the rest of us, we'll be copping it in the rear directly or indirectly through job losses, rising prices for essentials, heavily eroded superannuation, and just general angst about the future.

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Unless you are a daytrader (minute by minute trader) this volatility will eat you alive and send you to the bottom.

Long physical silver and gold. Short fiat currencies and all stocks.

The shorts in paper gold took a huge beating today. Some of these are fairly large players into the 100,000s of millions $. -These people are most likely done in their careers. That is how volatile this market is and stocks are worse. -And it is getting more volatile.

=Big/Big players are making large $$$ --> everyone else is losing $. Holding fiat currency is losing money -except for Swiss Franc.

=Stay out of this market except for physical silver/gold. -But be careful of fake bullion/coins/bars now.

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Jeff, you should never tell your real name.

Horse: You have some good points.

I am sitting tight, as I have lots of Yen to buy more, but it is being plowed into a new restaurant at the moment.

Each person has to make their own choice, but I can see how older people might panic at losing the nest egg.

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I'm a bit confused. Why a person should never use their real name? Less anonymity usually leads to a much more civil discussion.

I can understand that some people are more private about their lives than others. But I'm not worried about letting people know what I think or how I feel.

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Badsey, the Perth Mint is a good. reliable source. That's where I got mine from and took physical delivery. Don't like the idea of keeping allocations, however convenient that may be, because there's no guarantee you can get your hands on the allocation when (not if) the SHTF.

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2.6 trillion dollars has been lost since the downgrade of US credit rating.

It takes a blink of eyes to lose life time saving in the market. Everyone else can do what they want to do, but I will stay tight in this market. There are more volatility on horizon.

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You don't give the option of shorting stocks.

I'm using double-leveraged ETFs to short the Russell 2000, financial institutions, real estate, China, Brazil and emerging markets. Expect to make percentage gains in the triple digits. This crash will make 2008 look like an Easter egg hunt.

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@octopussy, very impressed about your strategy. Good luck!!

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40% don't have stocks or bonds? Are 40% of JT posters unemployed? I just sold some and I'm gonna buy real soon.

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People are better off saving money the old fashion way instead of investing in a deferred comp or the stock market. By putting money in either a saving account or an account that doesn't earn interest is better because the money won't depreciated like stocks or mutual bonds. Also, the money in a saving account is more than in a deferred comp after being taxed. The idea of a deferred comp is only about not being taxed right away but later. The stock market is overrated and a scam to get people to part their money for so called future retirement when the stock market have proven to be fallible, people losing their retirement savings in the form of the stock market or the company going bankrupt. A late lesson learned in money management.

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If you look at the Federal Reserve dollar: -If you would have held dollars since 1913 you would have lost 98% of the value of your money. ---> All fiat money is being devalued right now (Swiss Franc the exception, but talk of pegging that to the Euro is causing it to drop)

You want physical gold/silver as money now. Silver is maybe better since it is cheaper. Owning a house or other tangible things. Farmland/having a garden. Be wary of scams since more people are desperate. Have a good back-up of food/water if you have the room.

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I've been seeing this coming for several years now.

We moved to Naha from Sapporo six years ago.

If things get rough, it's possible to survive in Okinawa without electricity and gasoline, but Hokkaido will not.

I agree with Badsey, Gold/Silver are a good way to keep the value of your money. The gold price doesn't fluctuate, it just looks like it is, because money is devaluing as governments print more and more paper.

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