If you haven't already been tested for the coronavirus, do you wish to be?

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Yes, but I'm fine with being tested but at a later time. It's better for authorities to prioritize the testing of people who are at a higher risk of being exposed like those working in trade, law enforcement and medical services.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I want the antibody test because I think I've already had it

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No need for testing me. Haven't had anything like it or even the flu in 20 yrs.

Our lifestyles are low-risk and in the last 6 week, nearly zero risk. Last time "out" that wasn't just walking at 5am alone was over 2 weeks ago grocery shopping.

People with riskier behaviors need to be tested before us. Just be certain to get the correct sample from the correct part of the body when gathering those, please. Seems to start in the nasal passages before moving down into the lungs. Getting a nasal swab when it has moved seems to miss the virus.

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If tested in March and all good.

Same person may positive when tested in May, esp people with underlying health issues.

Then those people may infect healthy people at the end of the Summer.

So this 2020 Winter is even more dangerous Until vaccines.

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Toshihiro, states a clear logical necessity prioritise key health professional nurses, nations essential worforce first etc etc...

However build up to test, trace/track 1 in 19 of the population.

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I don't want the PCR test now, as I don't have any symptoms. But I hope they will make the antibody test widely available, perhaps as part of the annual checkup.

Interestingly, a study in the Netherlands found that out of 10,000 donated blood samples 3% were found to contain the antibodies for Covid-19.

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I'd really like to know the results if Japanese health officials would post up outside all these packed pachiko parlors on the weekends and do testing.

Might put things into perspective for the "I'm not going to get it/It'll never happen to me" crowd.

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I am not sure. What's the point? I think I already had it but would like to get my antibodies checked before I visit my folks who are older. I do not want to bring an infection to them.

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If one has symptoms obviously yes. But what if one has no symptoms? And we know that one can be asymptomatic and still be contagious, and that re-infection cases have occurred. And the most important issue being that even if tested positive there still exists no established treatment. Toshihiro said is best in the first post.

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I wouldn't want to be tested unless I had symptoms or someone in my immediate circle was having symptoms. What would be the point... I could test negative today and catch it next week, all it would do is give me a false sense of security after I'd been quarantined. I just behave now as if everyone has it.

An accurate antibody test I would go for. I don't know if I've had it but my daughter and I were incredibly sick with a pretty heavy flu-like illness at the end of December in spite of being vaccinated. Would be interesting to see if it was spreading at that time.

If everyone just behaves as if everyone around them is infected then it would be more affective than testing everybody willy nilly. But people won't. Can't even get my Father in Law to wear a mask or stop going out to eat.

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Problem is there is no guarantee one can not get covid a second time because it happened for some.

Without proprer medicine, it is a virus that makes life complicated for those at risk or if you get close to those at risk modt of the time without knowing.

Studying the complexity of virus takes time unfortunately. So behave in a responsible manner please.

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Everyone should be tested because everyone could be a carrier and make other people sick and not even know it.

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PCR or anti-body, which test are you suggesting?

Reliability of tests is not sufficiently high (doctors diagnose in multiple ways). Be cautious, behave humbly regardless of testing results.

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Everyone should be tested because everyone could be a carrier and make other people sick and not even know it.

if you've been inside your home the last 6 weeks, haven't had any deliveries, no symptoms, testing you would be a very low priority, yes? Some people have only been out for groceries every 3 weeks since Feb. No other contact with any other people. Why test them?

But for people having riskier lives, by choice or by necessity, testing by risks makes sense.

Priorities need to drive testing while every drug and grocery store in the country doesn't have 1,000+ test kits available AND while getting valid test results has any backlog.

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Yes, but others need access to the tests before me. I’m an older person.

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It depends on what type of test and the availability of test kits. Most of the answers here (not all) are based on certain assumptions not stated in the question.

I believe in China they discovered back in February that fecal swabs were the most reliable for presence of Covid19 virions, which test might actually be more comfortable and accurate than these nasal probes.

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As I do not have any symptoms it would be a waste to be tested.

On the other hand, an antibody test would be helpful.

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Everybody saying yes are the exact people that do not need to be tested.

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WANT does not equal NEED.

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Although imperfect, I am more interested in the antigen testing myself. The results of the testing for people who have antibodies which was recently performed in Santa Clara County California indicates that when data is extrapolated that perhaps millions may have had the virus already. The good news in it indicates the virus is probably less deadly than earlier thought. The bad news is that it shows how contagious this really is.

There are still not enough test kits in the world therefore save the test for the virus for those with symptoms or have been in close contact and health care workers.

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I'm pretty sure I already had it when I was sick as a dog in February. Would at least like an antibody test if they develop an accurate one.

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Actually Rosalind I am in the same situation and it came after a trip to Seoul in January (end of January 2020). I got it and then my better half got it too. Both her and I rarely get sick and we had the symptoms. We stayed at a hotel which had many guests from China at the time. That is why I want that antibody test.

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Apparently, if you have ever had the vaccine for any other influenza strains you will test positive for C-19. Can anyone verify that?

If so, the test may give all sorts of false positive results to people who do not have C-19. Those people then go into data bases for tracking. Google and Microsoft are proposing such systems to governments. People so identified can suffer all sort of discrimination--especially in Japan.

The whole issue is a minefield of unknowns and potential abuses that are mind-boggling.

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Apparently, if you have ever had the vaccine for any other influenza strains you will test positive for C-19.

Under what test? You realize there are many of them right, not just a single test used world wide everywhere.

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I think there is a general misunderstanding.

This virus is not going to go away, ever...

We have to live with it from now on.

This is the new type of disease that will be killing us for ever. Same way as the flu does every year.

Everyone is going to catch it and majority will have no problems, but some will die. And nothing can be done about it.

There is no medicine for flu or the common cold and remember they are also a type of coronavirus.

Quicker people realise this the better...

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Yes, but not at the expense of the most vulnerable and medical staff. They should come first. If I have to wait, so be it.

Everybody saying yes are the exact people that do not need to be tested.

You reckon? Are you a medical expert?

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This virus is not going to go away, ever...

Possible - not certain. SARS was a Coronavirus which burned out. The reasons are still not certain.

Best to avoid statements of certainty when experts do.

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I think everybody should have to get them, as well as an anti-body test in case some people have had it and not known, and the anti-bodies may still exist. BUT, not while there are still people who may have contracted it and can't get a test because Japan has tested less than 1% of the population as it is. I think those of us who seem fine and have no reason to believe we are sick can wait until the people who need the tests get them.

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As I do not have any symptoms it would be a waste to be tested.

The point is to see if you have the virus but are asymptomatic and could unwittingly infect others. Of course if you have the symptoms you would self-isolate.

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don't spend valuable tax payers money on dirty masks, with that money, how many drive through or walk through testing locations could been set up, and securing additional testing kits.

this guy is getting dumber and dumber, and people are dying because of his stupidity

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