Is the ongoing chaos in the global financial and stock markets having a negative effect on your livelihood?


Is the ongoing chaos in the global financial and stock markets having a negative effect on your livelihood?

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No, since i live in Japan and i am used to servere recession (financial crisis, economy crisis) for more than two decades.

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What's the difference between the answer 2 and 3?

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Answer #2 could mean that the chaos is having a positive effect on some people's livelihoods.

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Those who answered "No" don't realize the indirect effects of this crazy market. You guys may be employed and think things are fine, but if this condition persists, just wait, and that year-end trip you've been planning will now be 3 days instead of a week.

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Not an immediate impact, but I'm sure my 401K is reverting to about 301K...

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Why? This is not out of the blue. Just because you are prepared doesn't mean you won't get hurt, especially since I don't think this one will be as short lived as people think. I think this is one of those once in a 1000 years events that reminds man that he is not God. Since I don't see it getting better for generations, make the best of it. Since we are topping or topped, it will be much easier on you than those who follow. Enough gloom...enjoy living.

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Japan is more a spectator of the current economic malaise, although it bears all the hallmarks of Japan's own bubble that burst 20 years ago.

Japan has managed to get through the last 20 years with its great manufacturing and export markets as well as borrowing a huge amount. The global economic problems and the strong yen mean that the global problems will also affect Japan.

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My income hasn't changed. My job hasn't changed. I haven't seen food prices go up (they're already too expensive!). So, I'd say, no. I wouldn't even know there was a "crisis" if people didn't keep commenting about it. I guess I'm lucky!

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There is traffic jams at trade centres. Some People ,slowing down smooth flow of traffic,goodies and $$$$$.

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