Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn: Did he fall or was he pushed?

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he was paid a lot by 3 companies and someone would have had to have helped him manage the Japanese requirements for him so no doubt he was pushed. It's the application of a hook we've seen before so this is nothing new

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The only honest answer I can give this now is "I don't know". The media on the other hand seems to know and has convicted him already.

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Definitely pushed.

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I don't know what the question means, but a person makes their own choices.

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GyGene The question basically is asking did Ghosn cause his own downfall by wrongdoing or did Nissan higher-ups purposefully manipulate the data of his income.

Agree with Tokyo-Engr.

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There are far too many questions, and while I dont personally know the man, nor have any strong opinions either way about his supposed lifestyle I think in the end that it will be a combination of both.

I can not for the life of me understand how someone who is the head of a Japanese corporation, such as Nissan, would be able to under report income or what not, without the knowledge of the board, the accounting section, the tax people, everyone.

He very well may be guilty of misuse, but nothing on the level that would dictate an investigation of this magnitude.

I think he may have tripped, and instead of someone lending a hand to steady him they gave him a push along the way!

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Entrapped probably.

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Whether he was pushed or given a little nudge, he fell by his own actions.

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He was caught!

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I'm not sure there's a big difference between the two. If he annoyed his colleagues to the point that they were happy to push him, perhaps it's also his own fault?

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The only annoyything he did was be born in a foreign country and do what no Japanese CEO was able to do for these companies.

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