Should food from Fukushima Prefecture be served at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

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I would challenge Abe Shinzo to try Fukushima-food. He should be the one trying it first.

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Label it clearly as ‘Produce of Fukushima’ (tested, passed and proud of it) and let people make their own choice.

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I don't think it's a good idea. I understand that the locals won't even eat it.

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I would challenge Abe Shinzo to try Fukushima-food. He should be the one trying it first.

Excellent idea! they can serve it as long as the LDP politicians are willing to eat it first.

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Cynical me wonders why it's a worry, since we all seem happy enough to eat food containing micro plastics...

But I'd agree with nandakandamanda - label it clearly & see what consumers want.

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I would not trust the test results unless done by an independent 3rd party lab outside of Japan, free from the meddling J government or the IOC. And release all the results, of course.

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Regardless of whether the food from Fukushima is safe or not, the perception that food from there might be radioactive still persists, as is evident from the results so far of this survey.

It's unfortunate for the farmers from the Fukushima area, but if given the choice to eat agricultural produce from Fukushima or agricultural produce from another prefecture even at a higher price, many consumers would probably choose to pay the higher price to avoid any perceived & potential risks.

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It is safer than other places. At least the goods are tested.

And how would you know that?

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Yes, serve it the the IOC officials who claim they're safe

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Don't force it on anyone please.

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They're going to sell it at the Olympics unlabelled and do already because it's 'safe'.... somehow?

They should set up stalls with geiger counters so customers can check for themselves! It would be a fun way to shop, but probably not the best look for the government

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Radioactive substance limits in food generally stricter in Fukushima, Japan than US?

Allowed Cesium levels for example, in the EU and US are about 10 times looser.

See comparative chart on this page: https://www.pref.fukushima.lg.jp/site/portal-english/en01-03.html

*Overseas indexes concerning radioactive substances in food(Bq/kg)

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Go ahead and serve it, but provide people with alternate choice

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When I buy bananas I look at the country of origin and whether organic if possible. The label helps me make an informed choice.

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Tom: "It is safer than other places."

According to whom?

"At least the goods are tested."

According to whom? Remember, these same people "testing" things have "found no correlation between the spike in thyroid cancer in the region and the nuclear disaster," still say zero deaths occurred as a result of the accidents, and constantly change their minds on the exclusion zone... usually to save money.

IF food from the affected areas is to be served, it needs to be clearly labelled. Let the athletes and diplomats/guests choose. Do NOT do the usual Japanese politician's route of saying, "Well serve it to them to PROVE it's safe!" And no one should be offended if people choose not to eat products from that region, if served. None of the "Not eating it will hurt the feelings of people from that area" garbage. Doesn't fly overseas or with people from overseas.

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Radiation kills bacteria. Assuming radiation levels are within safe levels should be just fine.

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A better way is to replace all the ingredients used in the Japanese Parliament's restaurant and prime minister's residence with Mt. Fukushima. (Of course, it must be public)

First, continue to eat the food until the Olympics.

It will be easy to persuade after that.

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Farmers of Fukushima, what will they do then? We need to support their work. I respect only food and farmers.

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It is safer than other places. At least the goods are tested.

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