Should Japan be pledging funds to the IMF, Mekong and for other causes overseas?

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Japan should be taxing it's citizens less and spending the money to shore up it's energy infrastructure. I don't know how a country with anemic growth can afford to pledge billions of dollars. Save yourself before helping others.

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Japan is still a rich country. Helping other countries that are less developed or in need should have no relation to the idiotic methods of government's domestic mismanagement. Why should the poor be penalized?

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Pledges/Investments have strings.

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Actually, Japan is pledging or giving away billions in order to make a surplus of yen in the international market, and in turn would lower the value of the yen.

If Japan instead used the money for local infrastructure, it would increase the local supply of money, making the local value lower, raising prices and negatively affecting the economy.

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Japan debt is 200% of GDP. I guess it's only the Japanese that don't realize that they are a bankrupted country. Greece was something like 130% of it's GDP and needed a bailout.

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When was this decision on the ballot? The budget needs more public scrutiny, but the elected officials aren't going to let that happen. Invest in Japan, watch the economy grow, then try to help the other countries. Is the March tsunami just a blur now? Ask those who lost everything and need redevelopment money if they are better off now.

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How about just shifting the priorities of where the current funds are going? Definitely should stop all ODA's (if any) that are going to China since they don't need it or appreciate it and re-funnel that to deserving countries.

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Simply put no we shouldn't. We're massively in debt ourselves and within our very own borders people are struggling to rebuild their lives in Tohoku.

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in my mind japan should come first

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Absolutely yes. This is an effective geopolitical realpolitik strategy. In the coming century, China will continue to attempt to exert its influence and perhaps even turn aggressor in what it views as its natural sphere of influence. It is essential then that Japan be viewed as the strategic ally, partner and counterweight to China in Asia. In order for that to work, Japan must build trust through financial and material support of regional assets. With this accomplished, Japan will help create the impression of China as the belligerent force in Asia and next time it is necessary to mobilize troops in Asia Japan will truly be seen as the liberator.

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No! Less taxes and let the individual decide how to spend their money. Governments waste money and are corrupt.

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