Should Japan take part in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks?

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TPP is the biggest scam ever. It has no merit to the Japanese people what so ever.

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Japan has nothing to gain from TPP especially $ WILL continue to decline further. This is a desparate attempt of US Obama's Jobs Act.

TPP will wipe out all Japanese economic fundamentals. When you agree to go with TPP, you are willing to give up a sovereign power of fiscal/monetary policies to other countries. Look what is happening to Greece today. Please learn from it. Please do not think if you can get Gucci handbags cheaper. Instead of thinking about your own gain, you need to think what is the best interest for Japan for next generations (your children, your grandchildren).

The Wall Street want to steal Japan Postal Saving money after deregulation (TPP). Japan Postal Saving is the largest saving reserve in the world.

Learn from all mistakes from US and Euro financial meltdowns. Once Japan becomes a member of TPP, it is very hard to get out. It is easy to marry someone, but it is very hard to get out without consequence.

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I support Japanese farmers and jobs, like most Japanese. NO to TPP! NO to imported rice! NO to dangerous produce from overseas with chemicals, peticide, etc!

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Big guys and small guys are trying to jump into one boat of TPP is not a good idea.

TPP's main objective is to remove tariffs between countries to simplifying the global trade.

Well Einstein once quoted that simplifying is a good idea, but simplifying too much is a bad idea.

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YES to TPP. Let's not focus on the less than 1% contributions of JA to the overall Japanese economy but rather on the manufactors and exporters. Unfortunately it's not the 70's anymore where domestic markets could fuel the growth. Japanese is in desperate need of new markets with unrestricted trade. Korea is finalizing their FTA which puts their products at an automatic competitive advantage. You can say what you want about Obama's policies and America's unemployment, but America is the largest market for Japan. Japan stands to lose and continue to wither away if they don't sign. America is an economy based on consumption and would be more than happy to trade else if Japan loses. As far as JA, they need to wake up and get off their asses. Stop crying. Instead of pricing subsidies which only punish the consumer, direct income would work better. How is the current situation with JA even consider possibily feasible or substanable? Of course these are just my two cents

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No to TPP to protect ignorant and naive Japanese citizens from being victims. Americans are salivating for TPP. With cheaper dollar, American can do it better and cheaper to wipe out Japanese economic models.

Americans will send low cost food, investment bankings, mega banks, medicine, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, communications, software innovations including Apple, cheaper apparels, hitech hospital supplies, Cascade homes, Boeing, child care centers, and so on. The Wall Street bankers will take over Japan Postal Saving Accont that is the largest in the world.

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Sure. Put up the walls and go back to the stone ages. Japan has struggled with deflation and an economy downturn for the past 20 years. For those opposed to the TPP, what other feasible solution do you have to bring Japan out of this stagnation?

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its a difficult decision. either way there's problems. if they don't agree japan's companies will be unlikely to be able to compete if they do, then farmers etc will be losing their jobs.

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