Should Naoto Kan step down as Japan's prime minister?

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Looking at the situation from a typical citizen of Japan, I believe too few people really understand at all whether changing Prime Minister will actually make a difference. Some may say, "Change PM!" but what do they really understand the impact of this is? To me, judging the political system in Japan since PM Koizumi, it is obvious that no PM will be satisfactory or trusted by the citizens of Japan.

Fundamentally, there is far too much bickering among politicians in Japan, far too little faith in each other, and subsequently far too little respect by Japanese politicians themselves in their own positions and responsibilities to be leaders.

Japan has no leader. Without a leader, this country will fail to succeed in the global arena.

I predict serious trouble for the future of Japan, and only then, will Japan be forced to make radical change.

But that is quite indicative of the Japanese, very slow, very reluctant to change.

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I don't think anything will change if he goes. The constant ousting of leaders certainly doesn't help to stablise any situation and probably won't benefit anyone in Tohoku.

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Heck no! Fire all phasers, Kan!

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What Serrano said.

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The big question is "What did he do that was so wrong, and what did he do that obviously could have been done much better by a certain someone else?" I think the answer is: not Jack Schitt. His enemies are just using the crisis for political advantage, but they can't and won't do anything better. In fact, I predict they would do worse. And all they have done is make it harder for Kan to do better, proving they really don't care about this country at all.

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People only succeed when they co-operate. As long as they insist on this "winner/loser" game, no-one will progress and the whole Country will suffer. Get over the Gameboy, boys!

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Only the Japanese can decide because they elected him, it's their responsibility.

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