Should the international community provide food aid to North Korea?

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No. Screw 'em. Fool me once, fool on me. Fool me twice.... you starve.

Actually, it wouldn't be so bad if say the Red Cross could go in and monitor the distribution, but I don't believe anything "son of toad" or his handlers say.

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Judging by what I see on TV, the only well-fed folks there are the leadership. So we know who benefits from the food-aid. So basically, no we should not provide it to North Korea.

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Bland staple foods, certainly. Keep the peasants alive. But all luxury foods should be illegal to sell to NK, because we all know where it goes.

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Yes, we should give them food aid.

Why punish the people when it's just their leader that is a piece of trash?

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Yes, of course give them food.

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Send more energy bars!

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Why punish the people when it's just their leader that is a piece of trash?

Because the government re-directs the aid to the party faithful and lets the peasants starve. NK cheats on every deal it makes, apparently. Time to cut them off.

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The answer is to tie the food to the inspections. If they allow unfettered access to the facilities, and the inspectors find no violations, then they get enough food to last until the next inspection. Any violations or restriction to any facility, no food. Dangle the carrot and be ready with a big stick when dictator jr or his lot start to rattle sabres.

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Give them food and make sure it is all labelled 'a gift from >wherever< to the people of NK'. Trash the internal propaganda of NK being a socialist paradise and everywhere else on the planet struggling, give the people pause to think and wonder why they need food aid.

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They CAN buy the food they need on the open market, they just CHOOSE to spend it on nuclear and missile technology instead. The leadership (OK, Totalitarian Dictatorship) has made a decision about the use of scarce capital resources. Let them deal with the consequences of those decisions.

As for those of you that say, "The Leadership does not care if their people starve", I agree with you. And if the leadership were not utilizing it's scarce resource to directly threaten the right of S. Koreans, Japanese, and Americans to live securely within their own boarders, I would be in favor of feeding every child in the North for as long as necessary. However, as reasonably objective person can see, the North is actively aquiring WMD (Actually nuclear capability. They have had advanced chemical and biological capabilities for some time now) and the means to deliver it with a modicrum of reliabiility.

Under these circumstances (e.g. the leadership of said starving country is threatening to blow us up and make that threat credible) no country is obligated by treaty or morality to provide the means for the North to continue its anti-social behavior.

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When they close the concentration camps, stop ALL military spending, hold free and open elections and stop funding organised crime then and only then should any kind of aid be considered. Until then I would really genuinely hope for Pakistan style daily drone attacks on strategic sites. Also send in a couple of nuclear submarines so sit just of shore as a persuasive tool.

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I think the real question should be "Do North Koreans in need deserve to receive food from outside nations?" And the answer is yes, no one deserves to starve. But should we send food to North Korea? Probably not. How can we trust it would get to those in need?

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To the people starving yes. But no to Kim Jong Fat.

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I'm shocked indeed. You wouldn't offer a hungry man a sandwich or a loaf of bread? Go to the hospital right now and see if your blood is still red. Of course you give them food. They are human beings. Do unto others as you have them do unto you.

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Not just their leadership that is bad. would like to see how "humane" the NK soldiers would be if they ever got the chance to be let loose on the South.

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Give them the food, but be sure to keep an eye on them so that the outside world knows how it's distributed. If that is not going to happen, then I guess the food will be wasted, so we may want to consider not giving it at all.

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Yes, even if only a trickle goes to the starving population. It still helps. They are already victims of the regime and should NOT be further victimised with food sanctions. If you could just imagine yourself as an average North Korean citizen, it must be hell for them now.

I always wondered how the US Govt could imposed sanctions on an impoverished country and at the same time tread the high moral ground on human rights protection. Such irony and hypocrisy.

At the end of the day, its all about self-preservation.

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They are human beings. Do unto others as you have them do unto you.

Well, in that case, let's play the game that NK always plays. Every time NK promises something, they break that promise. Let's promise to send them food aid and then blow off that promise and go back on that word.

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I voted yes, but only if NK lets foreigners in to the country to distribute it, otherwise there is a good chance the food will be sold to China to pay back debts.

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Yes, but only after the current government is overthrown and a decent government is in the process of taking over.

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Japanese should give them the rice they hate but are forced to buy from other countries, as it is not even good enough for senbei. I think we should send them clean water too.

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I admit, I voted no out of spite towards the NK government. But it is sad because about the only thing that the people of NK can do to change their government is an all out rebellion. The people don't deserve to be punished.

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Well, famine happen in Africa too. So i prefer to aid African more than North Korea. Because no African threaten anyone with missiles and nuke. And not to mention about China, if North Korean only ally and best buddy refuse to feed him, why should i?

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