Telework challenge: Do you find it easy to work, live and relax in the same space?

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As much as I embrace teleworking, my only gripe about it is my company tends to believe that since their employees are just at home most of the time, they might as well send them work-related messages and give them jobs at off-work times which is making me allergic to open my laptop even on weekends since it blurs the work-life balance and ruins the homeliness of your living space

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I have worked from home for decades. Way back before the internet. Better than being stuck in some office or studio somewhere.

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My only gripe about working at home (even in a dedicated office space) is that, since I'm home I'm obviously available for non-work requests from the spouse. (Change a lightbulb, open/close a window). I don't mind doing these small tasks but they're disruptive when I'm in the zone and work is flowing by at a rapid pace.

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My wife does not bother me when I'm in my studio except to bring me cups of English tea every few hours.

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I started working from home a few years ago and I hope I never go back. Along with the obvious benefits, there are lots of little things that have improved. It's a lot easier to be patient with the kids in the morning (a tantrum while getting ready isn't going to make me miss my train) and as a result, the kids are a lot better at getting ready. I think it is because they are not being rushed. I also usually take a short break every couple of hours and do something like water the plants or fold the laundry, meaning less jobs to do before or after working hours.

Like Zichi's studio, I have a room that is my office and when I'm in there, I'm working and not available for anything else. I think having a set space for work helps to get into the right headspace and also sends a clear message to the family.

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A very important point for the home worker is exercise and needs some discipline otherwise it slips. At least a 20 minute walk in the morning, and another in the afternoon. Bending and stretching exercises at the being of the work period. Don't sit for long periods. Get up and walk about. We have a garden so that helps. Yard work. Buy a decent computer chair, there are many good ones at affordable prices. Some people like to stand. Good lighting on your desk. Good lights on Amazon with wireless charging, settings for color temp, ¥3,000.

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One word! "Love it"! keeps me at home where I can see my kids on a daily basis and also clean the house and take cook healthy food. In order to work at home productively you have to create your perfect space. I have a standing desk so I am not sitting all day, this helps with back pain and I believe that its helps tighten the "Core".

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I'm an Englishman. My home is my castle!

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Same applies to English ladies, Bertie!

I started working at home when the kids were in school and kindy, and I cannot imagine any other way of doing it. I was always there when they came home with news of their day, homework to be helped with, scraped knees to be washed and dressed, and they grew up knowing that Mum's work was not just cleaning, washing and cooking.

As for exercise, I get half an hour on the bicycle and half an hour minimum walking the dogs every morning, and they and the cat do not allow me to sit for very long periods; there is always someone wanting to go out, or in dire need of a bit of attention. Work happens in 45-minute segments, a bit like being in school.

So long as I meet my deadlines, I can arrange my working schedule to fit my life rather than the other way around, and I am totally free of the daily commute.

Couldn't be better.

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My home is my HAPPY place. And nothing's gonna beat that.

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While taking teleworking for granted, I sense that everyday commuting must be tiring. Hour-long and packed commuting is still common during rush hours in downtown Tokyo.

There are downsides for home work, mainly disruptions by family members or environments. Technical mishap such as unstable WIFI connection (or security breach concerns) is irritating. It would be the best to leave home to go to work at a local branch office near your place (in a walking distance!) from which to get connected with other branches and headquarters.

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I'm not enjoying working from home at all. Can I work from home? Yes. Do I enjoy it? No

It just feels wrong that I have to treat my living room, my home as an office. I know it can't be helped, but it means that I never see other walls. As for constant MS Teams meetings... THAT feels like an intrusion.

So it is difficult and in some respects easier... but I hate it with a passion.

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It’s the sitting in front of my PC all the time which is killing me. Watching our IT geeks on zoom sounding excited about a new way of doing things is torture. However, I hope my feeling doesn’t change as I think my wife will leave me if I start finding it exciting.

I never thought of myself as particularly sociable or outgoing, but working at home 5 days a week isn’t for me. It’s unnatural.

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Good on you, Cleo!

Rather than sitting under a cloud of helpless self-sympathy, you organise your life. Bloke or blokess, that's the spirit of what I meant.

Life is what you make of it!

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I feel like the only ones who wouldn't like like to work from home would be those who treat work as time away from their kids or partners, and/or those who love the social chitchat BS.

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Cleo, I wish I had your situation.

Upside to telework is afternoon delight and no trains. I have not had a headache in months but used to get them daily.

Downside is lack of morning exercise.

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Downside is lack of morning exercise

But what’s stopping you taking a brisk walk in the morning, using the time you would otherwise be on the train?

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Downside is lack of morning exercise

I'm finding the opposite. The additional time afforded to me from not having to commute to work has let me sleep in an extra hour or so, and still get my morning workout in.

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Been working from home since 2006 it’s pretty much the only way to do business, I can get more done, have a lot more time to do the things I enjoy doing, hunting traveling, would never trade for working in a confined studio again.

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I feel like the only ones who wouldn't like like to work from home would be those who treat work as time away from their kids or partners, and/or those who love the social chitchat BS.

I move around a lot for my job - visiting factories in particular. Plonked in front of a PC for 7 or 8 hours isn’t my usual working day.

I don’t enjoy sitting at a desk at work or at home. Many people don’t. Nothing to do with enjoying being away from loved ones.

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Working "at home", as in a house with a proper office or studio, sounds quite nice. But for me, it's working "at 1LDK", which means that my work desk is also my coffee table, dining table, and kotatsu. My significant other is also here as well, so there are some challenges with keeping a work environment where I can concentrate.

But we're doing what we can to adjust. And sometimes it's nice to be able to avoid the commute, especially on a rainy day like today.

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You can also do that working in a car if you have one. Pocket wifi or tether to mobile.

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Aye, but the job isn't something that can be realised by teleworking.

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Well, I mean relative to what? Riding on a cramped train full of old men picking their noses or breathing out last night's sake and dried squid? YES, it's more relaxing. Don't have to dress up, can sleep in more, and am at home at all times (more or less) if I choose to be. Well, okay, I do have to go in sometimes. But, it's not always conducive to work; can be interrupted by all manner of things, it's difficult to focus at times, and there is no mentality that "I am in my workplace now" or contrary, "I'm home now".

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I tend to get lazy and have Youtube on all day.

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Although I've never been involved in the teleworking, I might be able to be patient working and relaxing in the same place. I usually try to forget about the daily task do in my workplace when I'm on the bed, so I don't want to bring a mind of working into my personal space.

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