The Diamond Princess: Quarantined ship or virus incubator?

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At least 20% caught it, probably a higher percentage than if they'd been to Wuhan. So I'd say "incubator".

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Sadly, very sadly I was right from the beginning. Now how do we get out of this? We will need international help on this.

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The Diamond Princess: Quarantined ship or virus incubator?

Obviously it is both. First it is already a Fact that it is a "Quarantined ship". It has been in that status already from the beginning of this sad event docked in Yokohama. Second, it is also obviously and "Incubator". TYhis is because just like a petrie dish in a laboratory, the people confined to the ship are serving kind of like the test medium in the dish. And sure enough, the longer they stay there together in the "petrie dish", the more people become infected with the virus.

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Quarantine seems good for Japan at least. Japan doesn't have a martial law for crisis. If they think the ship is virus incubator, nations should have evacuated their citizens from the ship in early stage of February. Why and what nations took so long to rescue their citizens from there? Japan sent planes and rescued its all citizens from Wuhan very soon because Japan noticed China is incapable of getting organized about coronavirus.

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It was a successful quarantine in that all of Yokohama did not become infected. It was an incubator because the ship was not equipped to handle a full quarantine, and ships are notorious for infection spreads to start with. So the answer is clearly "both".

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It was an incubator ship due to the passengers not being quarantined from each other. It is understandable that the logistics of quarantining 3,700 people is difficult, but Japan took that responsibility when they locked the ship down in berth. It amounted to nothing more than putting all the kids in the same bed so they all get sick.

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but Japan took that responsibility when they locked the ship down in berth.

So Japan did the best. Their nations governments have more responsibility that they must rescue (evacuate) their citizens from the ship very soon because their citizens wanted to be rescued from there very soon. Nations hesitated to rescue them for weeks. Should Japan have kicked the ship out of Japan? It could have no responsibility of quarantine in the ship.

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About as effective a quarintine as trying to hold water in a sieve.

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Voting for "Both" But remember, it is basically the ship's business (owned and operated by US, UK), not Japan's.

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Incubator for those inside, quarantined ship for those lucky to be on the outside

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A US citizen near Travis Airforce is infected, she may of infected the staff of two hospital in California

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