The Japanese government will seek to lower the age of adulthood from 20 to 18 during the ordinary Diet session to be convened in January. Is this a good move?

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Most countries around the world have it as 18, so I think this is a good thing.

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Good thing, brings them inline with much of the globe.

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Only good because maybe theres a chance they will vote for positive change instead of the norm

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18yr old can already vote in Japan, so it wouldn't make a difference.

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Good.Tired of the minor defense when they do a crime.

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I don't know. They might need to raise it.

My Japanese brother-in-law (love the guy, God bless him) and his buddies are all around 40, and hanging out with them is like chilling with a bunch of jr. high school boys.

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Good. Since they can already vote and do other things legally by this time, there is no reason why they should still be "children". I mean, with the current laws, you LITERALLY have children, according to the law, voting. And they need to start (en masse) charging people who commit crimes at 18 and 19 as adults. They have a couple of times recently, but it is the exception.

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As long as it doesn't take away our holiday in January, yes they should lower the age.

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To a certain extent it may be a good thing but I do have one major concern. Won’t this enable the porn industry to prey on 18 year old young ladies?

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To a certain extent it may be a good thing but I do have one major concern. Won’t this enable the porn industry to prey on 18 year old young ladies?

I think 18 year olds are already allowed to be in porn.

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I think 18 year olds are already allowed to be in porn.


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Yes, legally it was changed recently to 18.

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What else would 'allowed to' refer to?

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Reducing such legal age to 18 = mass decriminalization of underage drinking, smoking, etc., etc.

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I doubt the new definition of “adult” will extend to being allowed to smoke and drink.

The state wants cannon-fodder, not happy campers.

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Coming of Age Day

From wiki

Declining attendance

 In 2012, the decline continued for the fifth year in a row, with the total of 1.22 million adults celebrating the holiday in 2012 – under half of the participants seen at its peak in 1976, when 2.76 million adults attended ceremonies. This was the first time it has declined below the 50% threshold.

Maybe the government is just trying to piggy back on the euphoria of finishing High School to get the numbers back up.

Voted I don't know. Web page wouldn't let me choose. I do agree about the criminal charges being lowered.

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No, if anything the rest of us should raise the age to 20, not force Japan to lower its age of majority.

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For legal responsibility yes but one has to realise that so many Japanese are still living at home into their 30s or beyond and for all intents and puposes are still dependant children. I can see a case for actually raising the age.

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Be ready for the surge in legal cases that would have been excused due to their being children

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I can see some support for the “No” side as Japanese are seen as a little infantile. The age of leaugal sex is (15?), so it seems a bit of a dichotomy.

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I think 18 year olds are already allowed to be in porn. yep can be in porn with multiple partners, yet still too young to have a beer!? If anybody deserves a beer.....

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There should be an exam, like there is for citizenship in some countries.

My wife and my son would have passed it aged twelve.

Not so me or my daughter....

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Only a move by the LDP again to garner greater support with the youngsters! LDP who always has been very conservative on letting young generations "take over" are suddenly changing stance??! It's very weird, and almost certainly a move to broaden their support.

LDP is just robbing the honor away from the former Democratic Party and today's CDP, who have always supported this move!! LDP is a very dishonest and sly party! Over 90% of LDP-members are over 45 years old! That's very double standard from LDP! Promising one thing, but maintaining the complete opposite within their party!

The outside of LDP looks OK, but on the inside of LDP there's complete conservative nonsense dominating their policy! Don't be fooled by their appealing outside-look.

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