The U.S. is negotiating exemptions from its planned tariffs on steel and aluminum with Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the European Union and South Korea, but not Japan. Do you think Japan should also be exempt from the tariffs?

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Japan will not get an exemption as long as it has a large trade surplus with the US. Trump is all about turning a trade deficit to a surplus for the US. Australia got an exemption because the US has a trade surplus with them.

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Peter14: Your comment doesn't make sense; why would they not get one if they have a trade surplus, while other nations with a trade surplus get them?

In any case, I say no... not until Japan opens up various markets more, starting with Agriculture and third-party Health Insurance.

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This is all based on the decisions of an irrational man ignorant of world commerce and over his head in scandal.

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It's just some made up crisis by Trump who wants a war of some kind.

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Japanese steelworks and foundries make alloys and high grade metals not obtainable or practical to get from anywhere else in the world.

Aircraft and machinery makers might feel a pinch.

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I said yes, but I sure wish cheap butter were here. Also eggnog and gefilte fish and macaroons.

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I said No, but wanted to vote Yes. Reason is I love Japan so much, but I also know a bit about Japan's price rigging, etc. back some years ago. I'm hoping all this gets worked out. Seems to me that places like China are the real culprits in dumping, rigging, etc. these days. Probably impossible to have true "fair" or even prices all over the world.

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It is kind of an academic questions. Even with tariffs, the US has to import Japanese steel because the steel they import (5% of their steel imports) are mostly specialty steels and steel parts that only Japanese companies make. American cars will become more expensive.

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@smithinjapan Japan has third-party health insurance. Haven't you seen the commercials with that duck for Aflac? Japan is one of their biggest profit points.

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They should be exempt when they open up their own markets.

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America first means everybody else last. The US supports Japan as long as it can take advantage of it.

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Let's see this Trump's strategy will be successful when everything made of steel and aluminum will be much expensive market to Americans.

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