What is the main way you get your news?

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here and youtube. I get Japanese news here and international news from youtube.

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BBC, CNN, FOX, Here (Japan Today), Asahi..... all have News sites on the Internet. Second source is over TV.

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Human beings are mainly of audio-visually influenced type, about 80% of sensual and brain input is coming from eyesight alone, so of course first or general overview is on TV, then the details and other news not covered by TV I get on several internet sites which surely have now replaced the newspapers, if I need even more details on specific news I go for university research papers or by a good book on the topic if it’s potentially interesting for a longer time.

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Can't vote because of all of the above.

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SmartNews (for those of you that don’t know the app, that would be my number one recommendation) and Twitter…, these two send me notifications of breaking news and others news and/or articles based on my reading history/what I’m following and I have access to literally everything with just these two apps; YouTube is another favorite especially when I’m using my computer at home; for Japanese news, Japan Today (JT does a great job covering a little bit of everything that’s happening in Japan and around the world) and TV… when I have the time (but I’m not a big fan of Japanese TV…).

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One source that I use more and more is podcasts of specific sites and subjects.

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JapanToday, BBC text news service on TV ('Teletext' as it used to be called - short textual summaries of news), 'Private Eye', local weekly newspaper for local news. 'Have I Got News For You' TV programme. Facebook is good for entertainment news and following specific groups/kdrama. I actively avoid TV news programmes and UK national newspapers.

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None of the above, so voted "Other". I despise the very concept of "news" - it's just someone telling you something because they want you to react in a certain way. Pure manipulation.

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BBC radio.


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@Ego Sum: Surely if you dislike 'someone' telling you 'something' then you would not react to anything and not have such ridiculous views on the world. I always imagined people with that view to be happily living off the grid quite contently. Surely you view this very website as manipulation then as most of the articles you comment on are sourced from AP , Kyodo and the like. Quite hypocritical of you in my opinion.

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I have well optimized sources of online news, thanks to aggregators I have in one single site two main outlets I think have low amount of bias, another one with many in-deep analysis and another two strongly biased to opposite sides of the political spectrum so I can get enough different opinions to form my own.

It would be impossible to get this much variety on TV or the radio, and it would take too much money to buy enough newspapers to replace it.

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I usually get updates about world events and/or medical issues by visiting the following online: The Duran, The New Atlas, TrialSite News, Garland Nixon, MedCram, Dr John Campbell, Peak Prosperity, IHU Méditerranée-Infection, Redacted (Natali & Clayton Morris), The Jimmy Dore Show, Viva Frei, Kim Iversen, CBCニュース...

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Mmm @Raw Beer. Not sure you get any valid updates at all then, events or otherwise.

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getting very fresh important and verified informations at pages of JT,especially abt covid/daily reports/from Ukraine/plenty of experts in discussion under article/ and enviroment aka global warming agenda.like kind of university for me :) very big enrichment abt knowledge for me.and its for free.

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For those of you that like sports, the ESPN app is the best; I’ve been using ESPN for years and it never disappoints; dozens of notifications / news from my teams, favorite sports and leagues, scores, stats, videos, you name it.

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Twitter - you get all the major news items posted. A tonne of non-MSM and the unfiltered views of the people who create and report on the news. Plus, it is far less biased now that Musk has booted out the left-filtering sycophants who used to run it.

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different sources.


use own common sense and language skills.

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Oh Yes @Eastman. Read Pravda : Check RT : Compare the two: Consider that the truth.

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Online news can be a useful and fastest way to get the news. However, due to the convenience, we are facing a sea of information. Therefore, lots of data overload our brain, and it sometimes inhibit us from judging for something. On the other hand, newspapers usually release news twice a day, so we can get well-arranged information. That's why I prefer the source of newspaper to online news.

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I was confused by this.

I subscribe to the digital version of the NY Times, Washington Post, Japan Times and other newspapers.

Should I have entered "Newspaper" or "Online News Site" ?

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None of the above, so voted "Other". I despise the very concept of "news" - it's just someone telling you something because they want you to react in a certain way. Pure manipulation.

Your reaction is hereby noted.


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Gee, quite a few: Stratfor and other prominent conservative and libertarian sites.

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I chose newspapers, but my local paper is the only one I march out to the end of the driveway for in the morning. I have digital subscriptions to the NYTimes and Washington Post, so technically 'online' I suppose...

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Great! Most people get their news from unregulated online sites. No wonder there's so much misinformation out there.

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