What is the main way you get your news?

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do they still sell newspapers? why get your hands black with ink in the modern era?

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Definitely not TV!

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Debucho, in Japan most people still get their news by newspaper--hence the high circulation totals for Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun.

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Online RSS Feeds, TV, Podcasts. Radio, just about every way except buying a newspaper which I haven't done for many years?

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Radio, through my mobile phone (primarily via BBC World)....

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Online sources and sometimes listen to LBC radio in the motor.

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Mobile should not be an option given that you any news you get from them IS online.

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BBC app on my iPhone, BBC News site on PC and BBC News channel on TV. I don't even read newspapers anymore - they are at least half a day out of date, frequently longer.

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a) Tweepi, the replacement for Google Reader b) when I'm on the iPad, usually Flipboard.

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I use the town crier anytime over Online. it's much more fun.I also get additional news by pneumatic tube mail.

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BBC and the Independent online for serious news and listening to my coworkers for inane shite news.

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I see I'm in the 79% who get their news mainly on-line.

But I also get news from the little bird.

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Online. Specifically...

Google news


People's tweets

Sometimes YouTube's news network.

and reading books.

I never read the newspaper or watch TV.

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Think of how hard it would be just to even do this poll via anything else. Yep, online.

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I prefer by smoke signals but it's hard to when it rains.

Usually online, and not from the mainstream news outlets.

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Also I get important news by homing pigeons. But when I want to read biased news tailored for biased gaijin in Japan then I visit JT.

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CGB: "But when I want to read biased news tailored for biased gaijin in Japan then I visit JT."

And there's certainly nothing biased in that statement at all, nor hypocritical (given you are here, posting). Zing!

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Town crier? Where can I find myself one of those?

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@smithinjapan fortunately I'm a lesser JT reader and commenter compared to you.

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Online is very vague. I prefer established journalistic organizations as BBC News, different online newspapers, Russian news, Chinese news, it doesn't matter as long as you know the source and can see the bias. CNN used to be good and forget FOX or SKY. If I want propaganda, Russian and Chinese news some to be very similar to FOX and SKY. Look at the supid coverage of MH370. No facts, all speculation. Nothing much has changed since the day the plane took off. What ever happened to reporting the facts?

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Gossiping online.

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But when I want to read biased news tailored for biased gaijin in Japan then I visit JT.

I'd rate JT as 5/10. It often misses out on mainstream news and rehashes the same old themes again and again. While it might be nice to get thumbs up, or thumb down others, it's elementary school level infancy. So please thumb me down if it makes you feel you've somehow made the world a better place. Some of the photos are not bad. The mobile site is not good.

Rocket News isn't bad for a light-hearted source of news.

But much better news about Japan available elsewhere. Bilingual news at 7PM and 9PM on NHK. Or take your pick if you speak read and read Japanese.

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checked printed papers cuz I read them everyday at work, but it is equally online, papers, tv. Should be able to check multiple-ly on a ? like this...

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The Daily Show

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I stay way from mostly anything online since a lot of it can't be verified and as Journalist and who worked for a few major news organizations, I can say without a doubt there is a lot of gossip and trash floating around out there, I do a lot of leg work, talk to various colleagues and coworkers present and past, sources and some print to come up with a more accurate and verified viewpoint. It's NOT always easy.

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I take each and every one of my crystal balls out three times per day to polish, rub thoroughly to keep them to giving me up to date on the news of the day :D

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Daily Show! Colbert Report. Democracy Online.

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Opps, "DemocracyNow!"

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