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What should be done about the debacle of the new Toyosu fish market which is supposed to replace the 80-year-old Tsukiji fish market, but which has been held up due to contamination issues?

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Tough one. I put the third option -- relocate to another place -- but only IF it is necessary to keep the market (I don't think it is, because all of the history leaves with the first place), but at cost to those responsible for the fiasco (meaning charge them all directly). I don't want additional government funds paid for it outside of whatever they might get from selling the new site. If that's impossible, then I say keep it where it is. Definitely do NOT relocate even if more decontamination work is done because they are finding new chemical leftovers (like mercury vapor, which is the worst kind of mercury you can have in terms of poisoning potential), and it will lead to a lack of consumer confidence just by being there.

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hard to say what should be done when there has been no study on the costs / feasibility of any of the options. although personally i think option 1 as the original has some tourist value, i would vote for whatever gives the most bang for the buck.

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Considering the amount of time and money spent in this project, not using the new Toyosu installations are going to be a big waste.

Additional works and environmental cleaning is going to be needed though, but the second option is the only real option.

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I love the atmosphere of the old one. The new one can be used to store Tepco waste.

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Tokyo station was renovated in place and remained operational throughout the process. Same can be done with the irreplaceable Tsukiji Market.

Stage the Olympic canoe and rowing events in Toyosu. Then store contaminated waste in the facilities...or just turn it into a parking lot...but tearing apart Tsukiji for the enrichment of Ishihara and his lot is just wrong.

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It's not possibly to keep the market at Tsukiji due to the transport congestion. This was the main reason for choosing the new site because there would be a new road built for Olympics and ease the transport problems of Tsukiji. However, the way it's looking now, they'll be lucky if they get the road built before the Olympics, which makes the move of the fish market a pointless exercise. The site needs to be properly cleaned and sealed asap and somebody needs to go to jail for falsifying the documents.

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Other: Follow the money; all of it. How much was spent, on what and make the entire money trail public. None of the above hold those responsible for the whole thing accountable. In all likelihood the above options just make a "Shoganai, gotta spend more money on it!" situation so the fat cats must be loving it- they win regardless!

I say let Tokyo's people know everything, and let them immediately decide what to do about it. Aka tar and featherings, all around.

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As far as most of us are concerned, Tsukiji as a visitor-friendly market died a long time ago.

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The current Tsukiji market is in the direct path of a roadway that is being built for access to the Olympics. Leaving it in place would cause even more problems for the Olympic planners.

Tear the place down, it's old and needs replacing. Fix the new location, if feasible, and safe, if not, find a different location and take part of the money for the construction costs out of the retirement pay of those idiots that allowed this to happen in the first place.

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Ask Mr Abe, he has magical arrows.

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might as well update Tsukiji. With the wiping out of all tuna and other fish species in the near future they won't need a larger facility. When it's mothballed they can make it a museum to the global fish moratorium.

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Langley Esquire did an episode on this subject and supposedly there were some legitimate reasons for the move that actually benefited the fisherman not the shops.

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There' no reason why a city the size of Tokyo can't have three or even more fish markets. Decentralize them by putting the markets closer to customers.

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I'm sure Miyagi Prefecture would be willing hosts.

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