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When big companies in Japan get caught up in scandals, their presidents always bow and apologize at press conferences. In general, do you think top executives should stay and fix the problem or resign?

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None of the above!

They should face a criminal or at the least a civil action for professional negligence.....

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In many cases they Are the problem or at least they encourage the problem or by their silence instigate the problem. Plus, if the problem is criminal, they should be fined and jailed as the case warrants,

Bowing to show their bald spots and then “resigning” to a comfortable “advisory” position is bogus BS.

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Press conference is a joke, since decades Japan companies with government help are blowing.

All executives should fix the first problem, all be kicked and then facing trial.

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Agree with all the above

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Why stay on and fix the problem, the problem they caused? He could have cost other employees their jobs, why should he have one?

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How can anyone possibly answer this. The best way to deal with the problem totally depends on the situation.

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Should we prosecute every single individual for every single offense, crime or involvement with the exact same punishment or treatment?

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If they got rich by illegal means why not punish them all? Of course we might run out of politicians.....

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Fix the problem? THEY are the problem.

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Where’s the, “They should go to prison” Option? TIJ

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You actually didn't give us the choice most of us would go for; that is that fraudulent Japanese executives should face serious prison years for their dishonesty and downright moral turpitude. Takata, the air bag manufacturer, for example, was bankrupted after US courts took action after several deaths caused by their products — but, in Japan, a deep bow and a couple of go-menasais was enough.

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None of the above!

just what I was going to say, Resign , be arrested , go to court and prison if necessary

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Agree with the above, senior management must be answerable for the failings of the company under their control, that is what they get the extortionate pay packets for!

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Where's the fourth choice? Send them to jail for being the criminals they really are!

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By and large, those at the top ARE the problem, so there is no point in having them stay around to fix the issue - all they will do is use the opportunity to cover their tracks.

Invariably when you have these scandals, the problems go right to the very top and they are cultural problems specific to that organisation as much as anything. The tone from the top allows a culture to flourish in which this type of dishonesty is allowed to spread unhindered.

Japan tends to be unwilling to admit fault and likes to brush things under the carpet with the minimum of fuss. Even those who have been defrauded (i.e. shareholders) tend not to kick up a fuss.

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