Which actor’s portrayal of James Bond is your favorite?

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Sean Connery without a doubt and I may get downvoted for this but second place would be Daniel Craig.

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Sean and Pierce are great actors!

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Like Haaa, I favor Sean Connery but have Daniel Craig in second place. Craig is the first Bond since Connery I've believed actually could win in one of those movie fights and do the suave thing well enough. The rest were heavy on the suave, not enough on the physical although Dalton and then Brosnan really brought some strong acting chops. Brosnan was especially was hamstrung by inhabiting some of the silliest entries in the series when it had to compete with brawnier, more timely action franchises like "Die Hard" and anything starring Ahnuld. And that's saying a lot when you consider "Moonraker."

And speaking of-- Roger Moore was tonally fine in the early going as the series strayed into deliberate camp, but he stayed too long. The age gap between the increasingly creaky Moore and his female costars and the too-obvious reliance on stunt doubles-- and also the weak stories/scripts in his later entries-- make many of his appearances somnolent. Just showing up, smirking through the quips and stepping back to let his stunt double do the heavy lifting. The flat, dull directing of that era minus any of the mod stylings of classic Connery certainly don't help a leading man who isn't interested or engaged. "For Your Eyes Only" should have been a return to form, but it looks like a TV movie and Moore barely registers.

This is one of the few properties where I'm actually happy they rebooted. Craig is a somewhat mopey Bond, but the book Bond was kind of downbeat at times, too. They've added a level of complexity to his personality and everything looks first class again without ridiculous set pieces like Bond windsurfing on a melting glacier.

PS-- I will say the Connery-starring "Diamonds Are Forever" is atrocious. It's the one Connery 007 I don't own on Blu-Ray and never will.

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Lazenby and Dalton were too bland. Moore was too prissy. Craig and Connery had the right edge.

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Craig by far. He brings the cold edge needed for a 00. Connery a distant 2nd.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Connery was cool but businesslike, too. Moore was passable in the blaxploitation Live and Let Die, but is definitely (with apologies to Michael Caine) Austin Powers' kitschy biological father.

Brosnan was suave but given naff plots, scripts, sfx and cars (BMW? For Bond?), and Robbie Coltrone. Craig's arrival on the big screen was hard-boiled yet elegant. Mendes has peeled the characters onion to reveal vulnerability and self-doubt, and I look forward to seeing more in December.

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Connery and Craig are fine actors but I liked Roger Moore. The whole Bond thing is a bit of a panto and I liked his tongue-in-cheek style. The funniest Bond moment had to be the following scene:

Girl in bed in the cabin: "But James, I need you!"

Roger Moore in an absolutely preposterous orange ski suit: "So does England".

How it should be.

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Skyfall was boring and disjointed. Haven't seen other Craig films.

-5 ( +4 / -9 )

Connery was perfect for the role during that time period and I think Craig is the Bond this generation needed. Can't compare the two. Connery's Bond today wouldn't work and vice versa.

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Connery will always win, not only because he fit the roll perfectly, but also because he did so and was the first Bond, and so will be the model on which everything is measured. I liked Moore, as well, but he was unfortunately trapped in the 80s, and the styles reflect that. Brosnan was a great Bond, but he didn't have the physique and hardcore punishment that Craig brings to it. I think Craig would have to be my second favourite.

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Sean Connery, hands down.

I think Timothy Dalton could have made a great Bond too, but I did not like the direction the writers took with his films. Way too serious and moralistic.

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Have to go with Connery who said 'Bond, James Bond' the best.

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Connery and Craig have the ruthlessness which is appealing and more true to the original character. However, Craig broods too much and doesn't have enough fun and that is why I couldn't vote him number one. If I were bedding hot chicks all day long, cruising in a souped up Aston Martin, gambling with other peoples money, and quaffing a martini....that would more than offset the daily whacking of some low-level thug in a staircase, hotel room, or winding road near the French Riviera.

Dalton, Brosnan, and Moore were too gentile, in my opinion, especially the latter two.

Connery gets my vote.

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Think people's sentimentality is affecting their judgement. Wonder who'd be top dog if Moore had been able to play the role before Connery?

Anyhoo; Craig, Dalton, Connery (upto Thunderball), Lazenby, Moore (upto TSWLM), and lastly Brosnan. But only because of Connery's last two and Moore's last four, otherwise he'd be rock bottom.

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I can't pick just one. Sean 1st, Craig 2nd, Moore 3rd as my favorite Bonds.

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I only remember watching Dalton when my parents forced me to see License To Kill and Living Daylights with them as a kid. Other Bond movies I have only seen bits and pieces.

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There is ONLY Sean Connnery. All the others are mere imitators.

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Sean Connery followed by Pierce Brosnan.... Daniel Craig... he is no bond he does not show the "class" a Bond should have.

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Don't worry turbotsat, I too thought Skyfall was pretty rubbish. For me it's Roger Moore, cheesilly suave with the ladies.

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Connery, of course, set the mold.

Moore was of the Saint than a Bond, but still a lot of fun.

Dalton was very convincing as a killer. I liked that emphasis after the final campy Moore films (which are a lot of fun)

Brosnan played it too wooden. Which is a shame, because he is really has more range than that. For me, a let down.

Craig is great.

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Skyfall was boring and disjointed. Haven't seen other Craig films.

Now there's an opinion you won't see too often...

Lazenby and Dalton were too bland. Moore was too prissy. Craig and Connery had the right edge.

Just about right, though I don't think Lazenby was as bad as many say. Dalton was simply awful...

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Sean Connery, absolutely definitely. Two of the best Bond movies are "From Russia with Love," and "Gold Finger."

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If you read the books (and discount the abomination of Lazenby's destruction of both the best of Fleming's novels and by far the best Blofeld), the Roger Moore is by some considerable distance the least Bond-like Bond. Nonetheless, he remains my favourite for the charm and self-deprecation he brought to the role.

Just watch Live and Let Die - there is a man very clearly enjoying his work. I had a lot of time for Craig until he recently said he'd sooner slash his wrists than make another Bond film. What a tool. I defy anyone to think of a better job for a man than pretending to be 007 and getting paid 20 million a pop for doing so. Ungrateful sod.

Sir Roger quite demonstrably had the time of his life and made that glee palpable for a generation of young lads. Then he spent the rest of his life raising money for UNICEF. Where's the harm there?

Sir Roger I salute you. Nobody does it better.

And The Wild Geese was magnificent, too.

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Craig just looks dumb as heck to me.

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A shame about Lazenby. He wasn't horrible. In fact, I think Timothy Dalton was at least as bad a miscast. The one film he made (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) is one of the better 007 movies, once you get over the awkwardness of seeing Lazenby as Bond.

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Connery had no equal. He was utterly believable in that he was big and strong enough to actually beat up the bad guys yet cool and super handsome at the same time. His deadpan line deliveries with his amazing accent were the best. No doubt in my mind.... Connery wins hands down.

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Agreed Danalawton....Connery was awesome, after him I liked Pierce Brosnan. I never really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond. However there is one constant about Bond series and that is women......yummo.

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Sean Connery, no doubt about it.

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James Bond, as written by Ian Fleming, was a cold-blooded killer. He was the government's hit man. He didn't have to be clever, or a genius, but he had to get the job done by any means necessary.

Connery fit that form almost perfectly. Initially, Fleming didn't like the idea of Connery as Bond. He changed his mind after seeing him in Dr. No. As a result, he made Bond Scottish from Glencoe in You Only Live Twice.

What's good enough for Ian Fleming, is good enough for me.

I'd like to think he'd approve of Daniel Craig as well, as opposed to the poncy sexual acrobat that Moore played.

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If you are a James Bond purist "Lazenby" is the only choice here.

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Anyone for David Niven?

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Maria ... P-p-precisely. P-put me d-down for Niven.

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Connery, Dalton, and Craig are my favorites. Brosnan would have been one of my favorites if it hadn't been for how weak the movies are, Goldeneye is really the only one worth watching and the orgasmic Russian assassin chick almost ruined that movie for me.

As for Lazenby......I just don't like his voice or how he looks.

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