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Which issue do you think will be the most important in the Dec 16 lower house election?

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WoW! Did not expect to be the first person to vote on this ideas section!

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I think there should be one more option above other; All of the above!

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Actually I voted the economy coz in my opinion it "should be" the most important issue. Not sure it will though. Knowing these Japs, they'd probably be focusing on silly minor issues like the island disputes or "bullying" like an except of the news edition I watched yesterday portrayed Abe talking about. Blah!

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I voted the disputes because at this moment China is Japan's largest long term market which has huge impact on their economy.

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It's the economy, stupid!

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In America it might be the economy, but have you asked everyday Japanese people? I have. Most of them tell me they are voting for Shinzo Abe and the LDP because

1) they are tired of seeing Japan pushed around with seemingly no backbone by China and Korea 2) the education standards are horrible and needs to be more strict

2 housewives and 2 salarymen. Granted the sample size is small but they all said the same thing. Here come the "beautiful Japan" fascists!

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What Japan doesn't need is the TPP.

At least it doesn't until the U.S.A. loses some of its arrogance and bluster and learns the art of two way communication in politics and diplomacy.

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Territory Talk: Japan really needs China consumers... not to mention they will have to relocate a few factories... this obviously cots loads of time and money. Who knows what will happen with SK.. but I would prefer Japan to have good relations with their neighbors. This also goes hand in hand with relocating the US bases... they need the US now because of this mess.

Japan's reliance on nuclear power for its energy needs: This has been on the back burner for a long time now and not much will change. It will be all talk no action, but shoganai.

The Economy: Tell Abe to shut his trap and quit bugging the BOJ to start the hyperinflation process... Let these guys do their job please!

TPP... Just make a decision already...

Child abduction: This needs to be nailed.... 30 years ago...
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It has to be nuclear power. Too many people have been inconvenienced by what happened in Fukushima and people want to make sure it doesn't happen again

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Americans don't want Japan in the TPP. Thus, obviously Japan should join.

Of course, there is no TPP yet. It is just a negotiation. If Japan gets good rules, we join. If not, we don't participate. There is nothing wrong with participating in the talks.

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I think the second from the top choice might get more votes if you actually show the complete question on the front page — " Japan's reliance on nuclear power for its energy needs" not just " Japan's reliance on "

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